Shichijo Omi

expert hacker

Ahhh, Omi! He's very interested in the ring of bad luck, so this route has plenty of lulz. It also contains a bit of danger and has a super-sweet resolution, making it a worthy continuation of his excellent route in GH. :)

Omi has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
ありがとうございます → 会計室 → (do all three in turn) → 手を伸ばす → それでもダメです

Regular ending:
choose the opposite of everything you did the first time (previous choices are highlighted yellow for convenience)

character route

Omi is really interested in this ring of bad luck and takes a lot of time to research methods to get it off Keita's finger. (Or does he, haha) So the first day is full of tales of minor misfortune while Omi is busy doing his research, but in the evening, he comes to Keita's room armed with a bunch of random stuff and three different traditional methods to break the curse.

You have to do all three of them (Japanese, Chinese, and western) so you never miss out on the ridiculous crap in each. For the Japanese method, Keita has a lit cone of incense on his hand while Omi chants, but they have to give up once Keita's hand starts to get burned. For the Chinese method, he sticks a seal on Keita's head and chants some more - Sailor Moon fans may recognize the same chant that Mars uses with her seals, haha. And the western method involves writing stuff on Keita's chest and attempting to summon Old Testament demons... Keita shuts that down because it's too creepy. :p

this seems totally legit

Finally, Omi tells Keita that because he got the ring from Tonosama, he should try wearing cat ears. So he plops cat ears on Keita's head, draws whiskers on his face, and makes him say MEOW. Then he cracks up (fourth pic) and Keita gets REALLY pissed. He kind of suspected that Omi has been teasing him, but now he's sure, and he gets so angry that he kicks Omi out of his room.

Omi tries to get back in, but Keita won't forgive him, so he picks the lock on the door (ahaha), surprising Keita. Omi tries to apologize, but Keita won't listen and stomps off down the hallway. Unfortunately... earlier Shunsuke cleaned and waxed the floor and stairs as punishment for bringing his muddy bike into the dorm. Keita slips and begins to fall, but grabs for Omi's hand, and they both fall down the stairs. Keita isn't hurt, but Omi ends up hurting his back (and if you don't get the best ending, he actually passes out for a while).

it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt :(

The fuss alerts Shinomiya and he helps everyone back to Omi's room, and he even tries to call a doctor or get Omi to go to the hospital, but he refuses. Keita ends up staying in the room to watch over him, just in case his condition gets worse.

Keita feels incredibly guilty for what happened - if he hadn't gotten so mad and stomped off, they wouldn't have fallen down the stairs. Omi tells him that he's glad he was able to do something for him, and that getting hurt in Keita's place made him happy. Omi actually admits to being glad that Keita has the ring and has lost his luck, because it gives him a chance to protect Keita. Even if he ended up dying at that very moment, he'd be happy because he did it to protect his lover.

Keita is NOT okay with this and scolds him for thinking that way - not because he isn't flattered, but because he can't stand the idea of Omi being hurt or even killed because of him. They kiss, and their feelings for each other end up breaking the spell.

mmm, bedside kisses!

Later... Omi has the ring on a chain attached to his schoolbag. He's thinking of giving it to someone, maybe... and Keita literally thinks, yeah, like Nakajima... or Nakajima... or Nakajima. Ahahaha! He tells Omi he'd be upset if he gave a ring to someone else, even a cursed one, and Omi reluctantly agrees not to do it. Hee hee. :p

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