kazuki with keita

trading card set 2 bonus story

This is a sweet story that shows Keita's care for Kazuki, which is almost as strong as Kazuki's worrywart tendencies toward Keita. :3

Note: Each story in the card set has the same prologue. It's not an error if you see it over and over again. :)


Just what happened?

I transferred to BL School, and just when I had finally gotten used to school life, I suddenly received an expulsion notice. I participated in the School MVP Battle in order to repeal it, and not quite safely... since a lot of things happened, but I came out the victor. Now, I'm a full member of the school.

Every day is lively and fun. I don't have any particular special skill or talent but good luck, but I'm here despite that. I feel like I'll discover a new me, different from before, just by being here.

I really am lucky.

But it's because of everyone, and because of him.

He always helped me during the MVP Battle. There were things that were tough, but we overcame them because we were together.

At first he was a partner I could rely on, but now he's the most important person in the world to me. He makes my chest flutter just by being next to me, he makes me happy and embarrased, well... he gives me sweet feelings, the person I love.

I want to treasure him more than anyone. I absolutely don't want to hurt him. I don't want to make him look upset. I want him to always enjoy himself at this school the way he wants. If there's anything I can do to help, I want him to tell me.

Even though I love him so much... Just what happened to the person who's most important to me...?

Kazuki with Keita

The teacher's slow footsteps echoed in the silent classroom. This English teacher was famous for being harsh and everyone was tense. But Kazuki alone had his mind elsewhere, looking absent-minded and a little sleepy as he gazed out the window. The teacher spotted Kazuki. But Kazuki didn't notice. I flusteredly tried to warn him, poking his side, but I was just a hair late.

"Well then, Endo. Since you seem to be listening to me especially enthusiastically, why don't you continue reading?"

When he was called on sarcastically, Kazuki finally noticed the teacher was standing right next to him. "Huh!? Y, yes. Um... Keita. Where are we?" His chair scraped the floor as he stood up and asked me in a panicked whisper.

This was the exact opposite of usual. It was always me being absent-minded during class and getting warned by the teacher, but this time Kazuki was casually asking me for support. And today wasn't the only time this had happened. I didn't know how many days it had been that Kazuki had been constantly spaced out like this.

Class ended and it was after school. I was worried and asked Kazuki.

"Hey, Kazuki. Are you tired?"

"No, not at all."

Of course he denied it, but Kazuki's face... after all, he was tired. He smiled at me weakly and I felt a little bit like sighing. "Don't overwork yourself. After all, are you busy with work? Then shouldn't you take a break from classes?"

"I told you I'm not tired. Keita, you're such a worrywart."

"That's you, isn't it? I always want to be with you, but I know that you're busy with work, so I won't throw tantrums anymore."


"Don't go wow, it's only natural. I'm not a kid anymore either!" I spoke forcefully, but a soft fingertip caressed the tip of my nose and my words caught in my throat. "K, Kazuki..."

The classroom... there were still several students left, but Kazuki watched my face from close up with a mischievious look on his face. He peered at me with a smile in his eyes and I couldn't even look away.

"Not that, you saying you want to be with me right to my face, after, it makes me so happy."

"K, Kazuki!!" I raised my voice unconsciously. Several students who had stayed behind turned around toward us.

Instead of saying be quiet, Kazuki pressed the tip of his pointer finger to my lips. "It's fine. There's nothing you have to worry about."

"What's that supposed to mean...?"

"This is something I'm doing for my own sake. You don't have to worry about anything, Keita. Okay?" Kazuki's face with a smile full of confidence wasn't a classmates's face. It was an adult's face, with unwavering self-confidence... the face of the director of Bell Liberty School.

That's not fair, Kazuki. When you make a face like that, I... lose my ability to say anything...

I returned with Kazuki to the dorm. I went back to my room and Kazuki went back to his room. I flopped down on the bed without even taking off my uniform jacket.

"This is something I'm doing for my own sake, huh..."

He had just gone silent before, but...

Kazuki tried not to show how hard his work was in front of me and absolutely never whined to me. He always pretended to be fine, but he was working as director while being a student too, I was sure that wasn't easy. Kazuki was being both director and a student because he wanted to be with me... is what he told me, though.... I wondered if there wasn't anything I could offer him....

I flipped over on the bed and heaved a big sigh.


A little after midnight, I went to Kazuki's room. I knew it, even at such a late hour, Kazuki was awake and he greeted me with his usual bright... but slightly tired smile. So I began speaking first.

"Kazuki, sleep with me!!"

"Huh... Keita?" Kazuki blinked at my words. "Of course that's fine, but... what brought that on all of a sudden?"

Seeing Kazuki look flustered and smiling embarrassedly, I finally realized. Oh no... I had said that wrong big time... "Not that! 'Close your eyes' sleep!!"

"Sleep? You and me? In the same bed?"

"Right!!" I explained flusteredly, but Kazuki seemed to understand less and less. He stared at my face, looking confused. "But Kazuki, you've been busy recently and aren't getting enough sleep, right? You always try to hide your work from me, but even I can tell at least that you're tired!!"

"I told you, Keita. I said that you don't have to worry so much, I'm fine." Kazuki tried to soothe me with an awkward smile.

But I had no intention of backing down. "You've really done so much for me since I got to this school, right? So I want to do something for you too. I can't really help with your work, but I was wondering if there was still something I could do..."

"So that's sleeping with me?"


I got kind of embarrassed at his question. I probably really looked like a kid to Kazuki, saying stuff like this. But this was the only thing I could think of to do. "Kazuki, I'm sure that no matter how tired you are, if there's work to do, you end up staying up all night working hard by yourself, right? But I thought if I'm with you, you might take a break. So..."

"...I'm no match for you, Keita." He murmured gently and I gasped and looked up with surprise. Kazuki was watching me with a smile that was somehow relieved. "Honestly... when you say such cute things, I have to choice but to obey."

Kazuki's hands pulled my shoulders close. I was enveloped in a gentle hug and my body relaxed.

"I'm sorry for worrying you. Actually, last week I had to go on a business trip to London for about a month. But I couldn't really be gone from here for that long, so I sent a representative."

"That's because you're both director and a student, isn't it...?"

"That's not the only reason. It's also because there's other things I have to do from here. Only, there's a time difference between London and Japan, right? Thanks to that, calls and meetings have been on an opposite schedule the whole time and I haven't gotten much sleep this week."

So that was it. That's why Kazuki was tired. I wish I had realized it earlier...

Kazuki's arms released me from the hug and he turned off his cellphone and computer that were on the desk.

"Actually, I might get a call later, but for now, I'll take you up on that." With that said, Kazuki once again embraced me. He slowly leaned his weight on me and pushed me down on the bed.

"Wait a minute, Kazuki. I said I didn't mean it like that..." I flusteredly tried to wriggle away, but Kazuki's body stayed still, not even a twitch. After a moment, the sound of quiet sleepy breathing reached my ears.

Huh? Was Kazuki... already asleep?

It was kind of anticlimactic, or maybe a little disappointing... But as I watched Kazuki's relaxed sleeping face, even I felt kind of relieved.

Good night, Kazuki. Get a good sleep tonight at least, and tomorrow give me a cheerful smile.

~ the end ~

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