BL School Song

official school song

This is the official school song of Bell Liberty, as it appears on one of the vocal albums for the series.

BL School Song BL School Song
清き朝の 陽ざし
うけて 輝く 道
集う者を 招くよ
希望の鐘が 鳴る
麗しい 横顔が
学びの 庭に
誇り高き 夢なら
On a clear morning with the sunlight
Shining down the glittering path
The bell of hope rings
Beckoning those assembled
There are beautiful faces in profile
In the garden of learning
If you have proud dreams
Set them free here
空は青く 澄みて
彼方へと 開ける
心深く 鍛えん
健やかな 愛へと
気高い 誠 抱き
学びの 明日へ
胸躍らす 誓いは
友との 約束よ
友との 約束よ
The sky is blue and clear
Opening up to yonder
With a healthy love
Sincerely forged
Embracing a noble sincerity
The exciting vow
For a future of learning
Is a promise made with friends
Is a promise made with friends

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