Valentine's Day

mini can badge stories

These are incredibly short stories that were packaged with the Stellaworth can badges that were sold for Valentine's Day 2015. There were ten in all, one for each of the GH guys, and all are with Keita, of course!

Gold Ribbon (Kazuki)

"It's 11:45pm. I wanted to give it to him today...."

Once it became tomorrow, this chocolate wouldn't have any meaning, it would be just a sweet lump of chocolate. I happened to glance out the window and there was Kuma-chan.


Unconsciously bursting into laughter, I hurriedly opened the window.

"What are you doing, Kazuki? Using that ventriloquist voice."

"I thought it would be bad if you were asleep. Here, for Valentine's."

"Wait, but this is a plush. Oh, there's chocolates inside."

"Once you ate the chocolates, there wouldn't be anything left. Then, I thought it might be better if there was something left over."

"I wish I had made it so something would be left too."

"Then, let's do this."

Kazuki removed the gold ribbon that was on my chocolate and wrapped it around the bear's neck.

"Now, you'll be left with a memory from the both of us. Happy Valentine's, Keita.

"Happy Valentine's, Kazuki."

As the clock struck midnight, we kissed.

present for you (Niwa)

I went into the student council room and the King was munching on a giant chocolate the size of a seat cushion.

"Oh, Keita. Do you want to eat this with me?"

"Where did you get that...?"

"Yeah, it was given to me. But after all, even I can't finish one this size."

"Oh man... I lose..."

"Hm, what are you talking about?"

"I had a chocolate I wanted to give to you. But you got such a big one as a present first...."

"Wait a minute, Keita. I got this by winning a lottery at the school store."

"Huh, really? I was sure it was from someone who liked you."

"Don't be ridiculous. I don't know of anyone other than you who would say they like me."


"Sorry for the misunderstanding. Then, why don't we exchange my chocolate with your chocolate?"


Sweet Chocolate (Nakajima)

"Nakajima-san, please accept this!"

Nakajima-san remained silent before the box I was holding up and offering. After all, Nakajima-san, who hated sweets, probably didn't want chocolate.

"Keita, raise your face."

"Ok... mmgh!?"

Suddenly something sweet was put in my mouth. Was it one of the chocolates I was giving him?

"Is it good?"

"Yes. Um... what are you doing?"

"You must have chosen it because you thought it would be delicious, right? Therefore, I wanted to try feeding it to you."

"But, I wanted you to eat it, Nakajima-san...."

"I don't eat sweets. But I don't mind tasting you after you've eaten chocolate."

So saying, Nakajima-san dropped a very sweet kiss on me.

Happy Birthday! (Saionji)

February 14th was Saionji-san's birthday. I heard from Shichijo-san that he would get sent presents on that day from those who knew about it. But that there would be so many.... Saionji-san's private room was completely crammed with expensive looking boxes and bouquets. But not a single one had been opened.

"Why don't you open them?"

"I'll start with the present from someone special."

I blinked in surprise at Saionji-san who looked displeased. Did that mean... he was waiting for a present from me?

I hurriedly took out the present from my bag. I hadn't found a chance to give it to him and had kept the box hidden all day, so its edges were slightly crushed.

"Happy Birthday!"

It looked especially shabby compared to the other presents, but Saionji-san accepted it happily. At his smile, I determined that next year, I would celebrate his birthday the moment the day changed, before anybody else.

That Love Tastes Like Chocolate (Omi)

"Shichijo-san, would you look at my homework a bit... hey, what's that cardboard box?"

"Oh, you saw it."

"Are those all chocolates...?"

"Well it's almost Valentine's. I prepared some chocolates for you, so that you'd understand my love."

"L, love.... Anyway, it's impossible. There's no I way can eat this many!"

"It's fine. This amount will be gone in a jiffy, through eating, coating. Besides, if it comes down it, you could even bathe in melted chocolate."

"Just what are you intending to do on Valentine's!?"

"Oh, are you interested? Then, let's have a practice run right now."

"Huh!? Wai, Shichijo-san, don't take off my clothes... ah!"

Please Chocolate! (Shunsuke)

"Hey, Shunsuke. It's almost Valentine's, isn't it? I was thinking I'd like a chocolate from you...."


"R, really?"

"Yeah. We're lovers, aren't we? In return, of course you'll have to return it three-fold on White Day."

"Yeah. Look forward to it!"

"... Keita, are you ok with that?"

"Of course I am. It's been a dream of mine to get chocolate from the person I like. Hehe..."

"*sigh* You really are a sucker... or an idiot."

"Wh, what is it. Shunsuke. Hugging me all of a sudden."

"Hm? I'm not telling an idiot blockhead like you."

Genial (Iwai)

"Iwai-san, why are you sighing?"

"... Oh, it's these."

"Chocolates? You sure have a lot."

"I got them when I had the solo exhibition at the gallery last week."

"Iwai-san, you're pretty popular!"

"No... that's..."

"You don't like chocolate?"

"That's not it. I consider you my lover, Keita.... So, I thought you would feel hurt that I got these...."

"I don't mind it."


"Well, as for being popular, it's because everyone thought you're attractive. That someone like that would be my lover, of course I'm happy."

"You're very kind, Keita. I really like that about you."

"I also really like how kind you are, Iwai-san."

The Only One in the World (Naruse)

As Valentine's approached, I was getting depressed. Because a large amount of chocolates had been delivered to the dorm by various routes, addressed to Naruse-san.

"Honey! What kind of chocolate do you want to eat for Valentine's?"

"Any kind is fine. But, since you already got so many, you probably don't need any from me...."

"What are you saying, Honey? Of course the one I want the most on Valentine's, is the chocolate from my beloved Keita.

"... I'm sorry. I may have gotten a bit jealous because you got a lot of chocolates..."

"Listen, Honey. I may have gotten a lot of chocolates, but the one I want to give chocolates to to convey my love, and that I seriously want, Keita, you're the only one in the world."

"Naruse-san.... Please let me give you a chocolate with my love too!"

Instead of replying, Naruse-san embraced me.

Valentine's Gift of the Magi (Shinomiya)

Tomorrow would be our first Valentine's since going out. But, what kind of chocolate should I give him? After all, handmade? But although Shinomiya-san was good at cooking, I wondered if I could do it....

"... Worrying about it won't help anything!"

Even if I failed, Shinomiya-san would still smile so it would be ok. Thinking that, I headed to the dorm kitchen and Shinomiya- san was there.

"Wh, what are you doing here...?"

Shinomiya was flustered and hid something behind his back. But there was no mistaking the smell of chocolate that hung in the air. We'd had the same idea.

"I thought I'd give you a present too...."

I showed him the chocolate I'd brought and Shinomiya's face broke into a wide smile.

"Then, let's make them together."


Marshmallow Kiss (Umino)

"Ito-kun. Here, cocoa."

"Thank you. Huh? Today it has marshmallows in it. And these marshmallows... are heart shaped."

"Well, today is Valentine's Day, isn't it? Since Tonosama said even if I made chocolates, it would just be a disaster, I made it cocoa, which I'm good at making. The hearts are my feelings."


"How is it? Delicious?"

"It'd delicious. The cocoa is good, but these soft marshmallows are like your lips, Professor Umino...."

"Geez, don't say such embarrassing things! Besides, if it's like my lips, then forget the marshmallows, you should kiss my lips directly..."

"Professor Umino... Y, you're so cute!"

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