electrostatic kiss

Kuya/Yuki story from Animate Girls' Festival 2014

This short story was available only as a gift with purchase of GH2 keychains at the 2014 Animate Girls' Festival event. I was lucky enough to find someone who was attending the event and who was willing to do pickups, so we were able to get all three of the stories! This one is for Kuya and goes with the cute keychain of Kuya stuck in a giant flan. The story has nothing to do with the keychain but hey, it's cute. :D

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electrostatic kiss

There was the sound of the window opening softly, and light footsteps approached along with a little bit of cold air.

"Good morning, Yuki."

A gentle voice roused me. It was sweet and tender, and just hearing it made me happy: it was Kuya-san's voice.

Wanting to hear it more, I kept my eyes closed on purpose.

Kuya-san's room was directly above my room.

By climbing down a rope from there, Kuya-san could come wake me up. Even though it would be better if he came through the door normally, 'dramatic, isn't it?' he'd laugh, and wouldn't stop coming in through the window. And so every night, I slept with the window unlocked. So that Kuya-san could come in whenever.

"Yuki, if you don't wake up, I'll kiss you."

"You're awake, aren't you?"

"Of course!"

At my answer with my eyes still closed, Kuya-san chuckled. I could feel him quietly approaching me. A nice scent tickled my nose, and then....


I unconsciously cried out at the electric current that suddenly ran through my lips. What was that just now?

"I'm sorry, it's my static electricity! ... Besides, this numbness. It really was an electrifying kiss!

"An electrifying kiss.... Only you would end up putting it into words like that, Kuya-san."

With a strained smile, I energetically jumped up from the bed.

The sweet feelings had been completely blown away by the pain just now. My stomach was rather empty and I wanted to hurry and change and go eat.

But when I put my hands on my shirt to take it off, I realized there was a heated gaze watching me. I glanced over and met Kuya-san's eyes, who was looking at me excitedly.

"... Um, Kuya-san? It's hard to change with you staring at me like that...."

"Are you self-conscious with me here?"

"Of course I am. ... It's embarrassing."

"I see!" he laughed loudly, and Kuya-san turned around. "Yuki, we're steadily advancing levels!" he said happily, but I didn't quite understand what level not watching your lover change was.

More importantly, there was something I was concerned about.

"Hey, hey, Kuya-san."

"What is it?"

"The static electricity before, it was tremendous. Is that usual?"

I asked as I finished dressing and Kuya-san gave a deep nod.

"I get like this when the air is dry. When I get changed, my hair stands on end, and when I touch something, there's a shock. Even the cats run away."

"That's terrible."

"But it's not all bad. By feeling static electricity like this, I can tell the seasons are changing. Besides, when there's a static discharge in the dark, there's a pretty blue light! Don't you think it's amazing that one's own body can set off fireworks?"

Kuya-san was smiling happily, without bravado or being a sore loser. I was sure he really believed that. It was Kuya's strong point that he tried to find the good in everything. But.

"But, it hurts, doesn't it?"

".......................................... Actually, it hurts a lot."

"I knew it."

I remembered the kiss before. It was just an instant, but it really was like an electric current running through me. If that was usual, I felt sorry for him.

"But Yuki. Today I was careless, but from now on, I'll be sure to discharge it by touching metal before I kiss you, so it will be okay. I don't want to hurt you."

"But then, won't you be the one hurting, Kuya-san?"

I didn't want that. Mostly, because Kuya-san was always concerned about how I was doing, he would often set aside his own pain or sadness. I knew that was so that I wouldn't worry, but I was a little bit dissatisfied. I wanted to help the person I loved. And I wanted a smile of thanks.

Besides, static electricity. There had to be some good way....

"Oh, I know! How about some static electricity eliminator items. Have you ever tried any?"

"What is that?"

"You don't know? Then..."

Which meant that on Sunday, Kuya-san and I were going out shopping.


"Amazing, Yuki! Just as I'd expect from Japan. I can't believe there's such convenient things!"

We were standing in front of the display of various static electricity removal items at the sales counter, and Kuya-san's eyes were shining.

There were anti-static sprays, silicone bracelets, and keychains in various shapes. Kuya-san was taking each one and looking at it, unable to resist how interesting they were, it seemed.

"Student council president! We should put this sticker in the student council room."

"As long as Takato-san doesn't get mad."

"Alright, I'll persuade Masatsugu!"

Kuya-san put several of the stickers that claimed to remove static electricity into the basket. He probably intended to stick them in the student council room, his own room... and probably even my room. Well, Kuya-san came to hang out in my room as often as he was in his own room.

"Even at my house, the car keys are on this sort of static discharge keychain. But, can you not buy these abroad?"

"At least, I've never seen the keychains in any of the countries I've been in. ... Oh, this is kind of cute, isn't it?"

Kuya-san was holding some cat-shaped keychains. There were two, black and tabby. He smiled cheerfully, dangling them next to each other in front of me.

"Black or tabby, which one do you like?"

"Umm, tabby, I guess."

I thought he was wondering which one to buy, so I pointed out the one I thought he would like. Kuya-san nodded, putting both in the basket and turned toward the register.

Huh? Wasn't he asking me to pick one?

When he finished paying, we left the store. Because it was Sunday, the shopping mall was bustling with crowds of people.

"Hold out your hand."


I held out my hand reflexively, and he plopped a small wrapped bag on it.

"It's a present for you. It matches mine!"

As he said that, Kuya-san waved the black cat keychain. I see. So that's why he was asking me which one I liked.

Nevertheless, having matching cute keychains like this was girly, and honestly, it was really embarrassing.

But... when I thought it was was something Kuya-san had given me, it made me happy. It made my heart pound so much even I thought it was weird.

"Thank you. ... I'll treasure it."

At my small thanks, Kuya-san gave me a very tender look, and he reached out his hand to pet my head....


But, the moment his fingertips touched my hair, I was hit by static electricity.

Since the zap was so loud it could even be heard amid the throng, it must have been extremely painful.

Kuya-san's was face a bit tight with the effort to bear it.

"Static electricity removal would be useful here."

"That's right!"

Moving to a corner of the walkway so as not to be in the way, he pulled out the newly bought keychain with a rustle.

"So you touch metal while holding this keychain."

Reading the explanation on the back of the package, Kuya-san touched the cat's tail to a guardrail, and the small lightbulbs that it had in place of eyes lit up. It seemed it was discharged.

"Alright, let's test the result!"


How? I tried to ask but my breath caught in my throat. Kuya-san's face was tilted slightly and his lips were drawing close.

In a place like this, and everyone can see, those words crossed my mind for a moment, but I shut my eyes tightly to all of it. Since static electricity had interrupted everything before, just a little bit was okay, wasn't it? Our lips grazingly pressed together. The slightly dry kiss was sweet and felt good, and didn't hurt anywhere.

"That was hugely effective. Thank you, Yuki."

Kuya-san smiled mischieviously, still close.

"You're welcome."

Smiling happily, I returned the kiss and Kuya-san looked surprised for a moment, then with a brilliant smile, he embraced me.

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