new year's call

B's Log mini story (February 2014)

A tiny new year's story featuring Joker! :)

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happy new year

New Year's, the Asahina Home


Yuki: Yes, it's Asahina....

Joker: S Novym Godom, Yuki-kun! (note: Happy New Year in Russian)

Yuki: J, Joker-san!?

Joker: I'm in Russia right now. I was wondering what you were doing, so I called.

Yuki: R, Russia!?

Joker: I'm always here for the end of the year.

Yuki: Wow, really? What's New Year's like over there in Russia?

Joker: It's like Christmas the whole time from the end of the year. How did you spend it?

Yuki: Going to the first shrine visit, eating New Year's food, eating rice cakes...

Joker: Ahaha, you really are just about eating, aren't you? But Japanese-style New Year's is good too. Oh, right, maybe I'll wear a kimono for the New Year's party later.

Yuki: A kimono? Since you look like a model, if you wear it, you'll probably look really cool....

Joker: Alright, if I wear it, I'll send you a picture. So, look forward to it. Since this year is the year of the ox, maybe I'll wear a ponytail♪ And I should send a picture to Hayato and Eiji too.

Yuki: It sounds like you'll have fun this year too, Joker-san.

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