yuki & friends

from B's-LOG 2012-2013

This is a series of character introduction stories published in B's-LOG magazine over the course of sixteen months! All of these came out before the game's release, so they don't give away too much about each character. They do a nice job of establishing their basic personalities, though. :)

Yuki and Friends no.1 (B's-LOG 2012 January)

Yuki: Hello. I'm BL School student council president, Asahina Yuki. For the next while, as I answer questions from the B's-LOG Editorial Department, I thought I'd introduce everyone at BL School.

Yuki: Well then, the first question. "To everyone in the student council."

Kuya: Ask anything!

Yuki: "What has happened to the student council recently?"

Kuya: Nothing has happened. Earlier, I was just washing and drying the entry mat that was dirty from last night's rain!

Yuki: And I was helping, wiping the soccer balls that got covered in mud.

Kuya: The usual operations.

Takato: And, thus we have been reduced to the school's gofers.

Kuya: What's reduced? It's clearly more helpful than ordering someone around.

Yuki: I also got donuts as thanks.

Kuya: See! It's raising our reputation with everyone at the school!

Takato: You could also say they're condescending.

Kuya: That's fine! We should leave the domineering and self-importance to Joker.

Yuki: I agree with Kuya-san. I don't want to be self-important.

Takato: Did you know that people who shoulder responsibilities without any rights are typically criticized as fools?

Yuki: But, Takato-san. If there's something you can do, don't you want to do it? Cleaning, replacing broken light bulbs, someone has to do it, so it might as well be me.

Kuya: That's the spirit! You're so cool! That's our student council president.

Takato: Geez.... Well, it's true that you could also say that the Ace's mental attitude is a valuable aspect.

Kuya: Why, Masatsugu! If you want to praise me, you should praise me honestly!

Takato: I wasn't praising you.

Yuki: By the way, Takato-san. I was told that the student council way back used to be amazing. What was it like?

Takato: That's right. First of all, it was the student council who had full rights to establish or abolish all extracurricular activities. Moreover, we enacted school regulations, managed dorm life, supervised all the events such as the culture festival... out of all that, the budgeting authority for the clubs was the only one that was split with the group that was called the accounting organization, but nearly everything to do with school life outside of classes was decided at the student council's discretion.

Yuki: Wow, it would be interesting to do everything like that.

Takato: That's probably what Joker thought as well. When he left, he even said that he was restoring the old rights of the student council, which included the budgeting authority.

Yuki: But, then, wouldn't it have been better if Joker-san had been student council president?

Kuya: That's right!

Takato: I agree.

Yuki: Then why did he purposely create the group called Durak or whatever?

Takato: Who knows? Maybe he simply found it interesting. Well, as for that, you should ask Joker himself.

Kuya: I'm not interested!

Takato: I wasn't talking to you.

Yuki: That's right. Then, next, I'll go see Joker-san.

Yuki and Friends no.2 (B's-LOG 2012 February)

Yuki: Hello, I'm Asahina Yuki! This month, I want to ask questions of everyone in Durak, the group that controls the school in place of the current student council. I'm kind of nervous. Hello...

Yuki: Huh, there's only Chiba-san. Where are Joker-san and Sonoda-san?

Chiba: They stepped out.

Yuki: I see. Then, I'll ask you, Chiba-san. What kind of group was Durak originally?

Chiba: Joker-sama was originally the disciplinary committee, but when Joker-sama rolled up the discipline with the accounting being done by Sonoda, it became the group it is now. Apart from chores, tasks related to the self-government of the school, from dorm life to club activities, they are all managed by Durak.

Yuki: I see, then all that's left for us in the student council is the chores. Nevertheless, it's amazing that it's all done by three people.

Chiba: Joker-sama is exceptional. Myself is in charge of the disciplinary part, doing nothing more than eliminating rabble-rousers and adversaries.

Yuki: Wow, that's amazing. So Joker-san originally created the group Durak separate from the student council? Normally, I'd get the feeling that he should be student council president.

Chiba: Well...

Joker: There. That's enough.

Yuki: Oh, Joker-san and Sonoda-san.

Sonoda: What were you two doing?

Yuki: I got a request from B's-LOG-san to please introduce the current BL School to everyone that doesn't know us yet, so I came for an interview.

Chiba: He asked questions about Durak, so I answered.

Sonoda: Hayato, you idiot. As the Ace, somehow, he's pretty much our enemy, so you shouldn't talk to him so frankly.

Joker: Well, whatever. That honesty is what's cute about Hayato.

Chiba: I'm sorry, Joker-sama.

Sonoda: You're never going to apologize to me...

Joker: Nevertheless, being B's-LOG's gofer, just as I'd expect from the odd job student council.

Yuki: Hahaha...

(I see, so this is a chore.... I didn't realize this sort of thing would become routine...)

Joker: Well, in that case, I don't mind answering. Only, you have to judge what the real information is.

Yuki: You mean you're going to mix in lies!?

Joker: I'm the type who ends up wanting to tell lies when asked directly. Incidentally, about what you were trying to ask before, the reason I created Durak, well... it's simply that it was more interesting that way.

Yuki: Um... should I believe this?

Sonoda: It's best not to take what Kiyo says seriously. If you want to know the truth, ask me.

Yuki: So instead, you'll tell me.

Sonoda: Of course, then, here.

Yuki: Uh... what is it you're holding out to me?

Sonoda: My information fee.

Yuki: ... You're charging a fee?

Sonoda: Were you thinking something selfish, like that I would tell you for free?

Joker: Stop right there. If you listen to Eiji, he'll snatch all your money.

Sonoda: That's mean. I wouldn't really take any more money than I need.

Yuki: Um... I think I'll be leaving now... (It doesn't seem like they're going to give me back decent answers...)

Joker: You've had enough?

Yuki: I'll come back to ask another time.

Joker: Nevertheless, I'm glad you're just a gofer. If you had come to spy for us, pretending to be innocent, I couldn't really let you leave here.

Yuki: Huh...

Joker: Then, I seriously would...... crush you.

Yuki: (gulp...)

Joker: Ahaha, you took it seriously? It was a joke. Well, I don't mind either way.

Yuki: R, right.... Then, excuse me.

Joker: Come back anytime.


Yuki: ... Phew, I panicked. Before, Joker-sama's smile didn't reach his eyes. I feel like I didn't hear many details about Durak. Umm, maybe I should ask other students...

Yuki and Friends no.3 (B's-LOG 2012 March)

Yuki: Hello, I'm Asahina Yuki! In order to let all you readers of B's-LOG know about how the school is now, this month, I'm going to try asking the regular students. Umm, first is the average representative...

Tomo: I'm the average representative, Kasahara Tomo. ... Hey, can I go now?

Yuki: You're so unmotivated! You haven't even done anything yet. Stay a little longer.

Tomo: Is there a point to this? I'm just a first year. I can't explain much about the school. Shouldn't you ask the student council or the Durak guys this sort of thing?

Yuki: I already did that. But I feel like it's not very easy to explain, or I don't have enough of an explanation. So I wanted to hear the viewpoint of the regular students.

Tomo: I see. So what did you want to ask?

Yuki: That's surprisingly compliant.

Tomo: Because it would be annoying to think of a reason to refuse.

Yuki: Your attitude sure is ingrained deep.... This school is essentially controlled by Durak. Could you tell me how it seems to the regular students?

Tomo: I heard this from a certain guy who likes rumors, but there's a rumor about settling the budgets with games, and that you'll be shut down if you ruin Joker's mood, but since I'm not properly in a club, I don't know the truth.

Yuki: Come to think of it, you're a phantom member, aren't you.

Tomo: That's right. Besides, I have my doubts about the source of the rumor.

Yuki: Who?

Tomo: You'll know soon enough. If you want to know the truth, you should probably ask someone who's in a club. As for people in our year...

Yuki: Oh, Yagami. Hey! YAGAMIII!!!

Yagami: Shuttup! Don't shout in my ear!

Yuki: Oh, sorry. I thought you couldn't hear me because you're wearing headphones.

Yagami: Idiot. I can hear you. Anyway, don't talk to me so casually.

Yuki: Yagami, you're in light music, right? There's something I'd like to ask you.

Yagami: ... If you're asking about the band, ask away. What is it?

Yuki: I wanted to ask about the impact Durak is having on clubs.

Yagami: Durak? How should I know. That has nothing to do with me. We're an association so we don't have a budget. I'm just not going to be stupid and act like I'm on the student council's side when Sonoda controls the cafeteria.

Yuki: I guess that's very true...

Yagami: Though I'm not really doing anything. If you wanna know about clubs, shouldn't you ask him?

Yuki: Oh, that's right, Arata-saaan.

Arata: Hm? Ace-kun, you called? Oh, Reo-Reo and Tomomo too!

Yagami: I told you to stop calling me that...

Tomo: Right, right, let's keep this to length, so hurry and get back to the main point.

Yuki: (Length.... That Tomo, he just wants to end it faster...)

Yuki: Since you're properly in a club, Arata-san, could you tell me about the relationship between Durak and the students? After all, does it feel like, since Durak controls the budgets, they're forcing you to follow them?

Arata: What is that, isn't it kind of an "evil organization" image?

Yuki: No! That's not what I meant.

Arata: As long as clubs have a good showing in contests, you get your proper budget, and they're not that bad. Although they look bad at first glance! Hyahaha! Besides, they're surprisingly fun-loving, holding events for us, aren't they?

Yagami: Well, they're always having mystery events. I hardly ever go though.

Tomo: Because of that, it seems there are upperclassmen who say that Durak is better than the student council.

Yuki: Wow, so that's it.

Arata: Hehe, besides, such as when having a match with the student council, most of the students attend and it's really exciting.

Yuki: ... Wait, you mean that they're going to challenge me to a match soon too?

Yagami: Ha! Don't sound so pathetic. You have to at least prepare yourself for the showdown. Joker's bullying of the student council is pretty nasty.

Yuki: Seriously!?

Tomo: I don't think so.

Yuki: Why?

Tomo: There's nothing left in the student council that Durak would want. They didn't steal all of the student council's work just because it's convenient to foist off the chores.

Yuki: I see. Chores, huh.... Although to me, those are worth doing.

Arata: I'm glad. Then from now on, I'll be owing you lots.

Yagami: Oh, there's a broken amp in the room you need to throw away.

Yuki: Right, right. Somehow, I don't know if I'm happy or not, it's a complicated feeling...

Tomo, Yagami, Arata: Well, do your best, student council president.

Yuki: And there it is, B's-LOG Editorial Department. Did you somehow understand the current state of BL School? Next, I'd like to answer all about everyone who appears, so please ask us lots of questions!

Yuki and Friends no.4 (B's-LOG 2012 April)

@ student council room

Yuki: This month's topic is to go ask everyone at BL School about Valentine's, huh...

Takato: So you received another troublesome topic.

Yuki: Come to think of it, basically, people from outside can't come in, so how do they deliver Valentine's chocolates?

Takato: Most of them come through a delivery service. Aside from that, they're given during away matches or when one is outside the school. According to staff members and drivers, it also seems that the people on the bus that stops in front of the gate are asked to pass on chocolates. Of course, there are also students who go outside the school themselves to receive them.

Yuki: I see. So then, can I ask the two of you?

Kuya: Of course, ask anything! How about a Valentine's memory of mine? It's a tale of the past. I had just been asked by another school to attend a fencing practice match and was riding a train by myself. But, on the way, someone had an emergency in the car! I...

Yuki: So, Takato-san. Does Kuya-san get them? Chocolates.

Takato: Every year he gets many, it seems.

Yuki: I see. And you?

Takato: Enough.

Yuki: I knew it. How many do you get?

Takato: Enough.

Yuki: (Umm, I don't feel like he'll tell me any more details even if I ask...)

Yuki: Err, then I'll go ask the guys in Durak.

@ Durak

Yuki: Um, about everyone's Valentine's...

Sonoda: Hey. Do you want to preorder return sweets for White Day too? The price is matched to the amount, so just fill in the order here... payment in advance, please!

Yuki: No, that's not it! Today, I came to to ask how everyone's Valentine's Day was at B's-LOG-san's request.

Joker: Hmm, you're doing chores for that magazine again. Oh, Eiji, this is the list for my portion.

Yuki: Wow, this is the list of people who gave you chocolates?

Joker: Yeah.

Sonoda: It's a lot bigger than last year. They gave them to you insincerely this year too.

Joker: It seems like word about me is spreading outside the school somehow, and number of boys and girls who want to meet me has increased.

Sonoda: You're always doing it too. Going out past the bridge to receive them.

Joker: It's possible one of them may amuse me, or become a piece beneficial to me. My principle is to not limit my options.

Sonoda: In the end, you're just using them. And it was even useless for them to give it to someone so taste-deaf.

Joker: You're one to talk, using girls as a source of revenue.

Sonoda: That's legitimate compensation.

Yuki: What do you mean?

Joker: Oh, Eiji greedily makes money giving lectures on chocolate-making to girls outside the school and making special chocolates to sell. And during the lectures, he gets the chocolates he sold them given back to him by the girls. Although most are probably after the return sweets.

Sonoda: For White Day return gifts, it's just better not to leave it to others, but make it yourself. Leaving that aside, Hayato, what are you going to order?

Chiba: No, myself is...

Joker: You're so cute when you blush. Hayato, you must have gotten lots. As you could imagine, Hayato is really popular with the kendo girls at away matches.

Yuki: Wow, really?

Chiba: Such things are not necessary for mastering the way of the sword.

Joker: Even if you say so, you're such a good boy for accepting them without refusal.

Sonoda: Although he might just not know how to refuse a girl.

@ cafeteria

Yuki: ... So, it seems pretty much everyone got chocolates.

Tomo: Well, that's because the student council and Durak stand out.

Yuki: So, did you get chocolates, Tomo?

Tomo: Me, well... a normal amount. I split them with you, didn't I?

Yuki: Huh? Oh, come to think of it, I got some chocolate-flavored sweets.

Tomo: Now how did you get that?

Yuki: My mother sent me a chocolate horn. Since my house is a bakery, every year she always sends me and my father chocolate horns. On White Day, we give her back cream-filled buns.

Tomo: Come to think of it, you ate a huge amount of bread around the 14th. So, after all, it was just from your family?

Yuki: The rest was several other chocolates that were packed in with the bread that was sent. Since I eat chocolate so happily, my friends from my club in middle school and the neighborhood ladies gave me obligatory chocolates.

Tomo: Wow. Nevertheless, you're doing something pretty challenging. Valentine's Day at a boys' boarding school is nothing but despair for all but a chosen few. If you don't talk about it tactfully, you could stir up a hornet's nest.

Yuki: Really!?

Tomo: For instance, Arata-san and Yagami with him, over there.

Yuki: (Although, since Yagami is in a band, I imagine he got some...)

Yuki: Hey, Yagami.

Yagami: What?

Yuki: I want to ask you about Valentine's.

Yagami: I don't give a damn about stuff like that.

Arata: Reo-Reo got a huge heart-shaped chocolate from his sisters. And he already ate it all...

Yagami: You stop butting in!!

Arata: Waaah, Reo-Reo, that hurt.

Yuki: And you, Arata-san?

Arata: Mm, I got some when I was at the qualifying match for the swim club.

Yuki: Just what I'd expect of BL School. After all, lots of the people in the athletic clubs are famous and got them.

Arata: But since it would be bad if Maro ate them by mistake, I didn't accept them.

Yuki: Wha! That's such a waste! Yagami, didn't you get any during a live show or anything?

Arata: Oh, Reo-Reo has the setting of "hates sweet things."

Yagami: Shuddup! I'm not into shallow things like Valentine's!

Yuki: Wah, I get it. Arata-san and Yagami, thanks for answering me.

Yuki: (Phew, it was a hornet's nest, just like Tomo said...)

@ hallway

Yuki: Oh, Professor Sakaki. Did the teachers get Valentine's chocolates?

Sakaki: I'm very popular on Valentine's Day (monotone). I got them from guys wanting to get a little extra added to their test grade. Geez, those guys...

Yuki: After all, bribery is bad.

Sakaki: They didn't do enough research or observation into what to give me. If they want to butter me up, they should at least give me sake I like...

Yuki: Huh, they should give you sake!?

Sakaki: I'm joking. Don't think about ridiculous things and concentrate on your studies. If you look like you have too much free time, I'll increase your homework.

Yuki: N, no, I'm fine!

Yuki: (This was even more of a hornet's nest...)

Yuki: And so, it looks like everyone I asked got chocolates. That's it for the report! Going around asking about chocolate has made me hungry. I better hurry back to the dorm.

Yuki and Friends no.5 (B's-LOG 2012 May)

@ under a cherry tree

Yuki: So it's spring. The cherry trees are so pretty.

Takato: They really are splendid cherry trees.

Arata: You're right. Oh, Maro, don't eat the petals.

Tomo: It's true the flowers are pretty. If only the side of the garbage area were swept up, it would be awesome.

Takato: It can't be helped. The other favorable spots have been taken by other clubs. Since the current student council doesn't have the right to choose, we should make do with a flower viewing under the cherry tree.

Yuki: Anyway, why are were having a flower viewing here?

Takato: The first day of the game is the day you came to school. At that point, the cherry blossoms had ended, so there was no opportunity for all of us to have a flower viewing. Therefore, why not try to have a flower viewing, taking advantage of B's-LOG magazine?

Yuki: That's a rather ridiculous explanation...

Tomo: Well, don't think it about it too deeply. Anyway, this doesn't happen in the game. If it causes a problem, blame it on B's-LOG.

Arata: Yeah, yeah, I'd like to have a flower viewing.

Yuki: Well, that's true. I'd like to eat a flower viewing feast too.

Tomo: As usual, you're so simple.

Yuki: Come to think of it, I wasn't in the BL School entrance ceremony. What was it like?

Tomo: Ordinary.

Takato: Apart from the small number of people here, it shouldn't be that different from other schools.

Arata: The student representatives, enrolled student representatives, and high-ups give greetings. Then, school orientation, and solicitation time for clubs and associations.

Yuki: Solicitation time?

Takato: Since every club wants talented new students, they have performances and make appeals up on stage. Since the enrolled students are circulating the new student's specs beforehand, they tend to scout them individually after.

Arata: The swim club worked hard. If we increase our good members, we increase the club budget. Clubs who lost their strong upperclassmen were even more serious about it, it seems.

Tomo: Oh, come to think of it, that day was horrifically annoying. Upperclassmen exaggeratedly chasing me around, exaggeratedly being friendly...

Yuki: So you were popular too.

Takato: At this school, you don't have to always keep up the skill you were recognized for. For a fast athlete like him, since there was a high possibility he could be successful in other sports, every club wanted him.

Tomo: Geez, it's such a pain. And I hadn't wanted to do anything after entering this school.

Yuki: Then, why did you join the track club?

Tomo: Ah, well, that... the invitation was a nuisance, so I randomly pretended to choose the club, and before I knew it, the club had signed me up.

Yuki: (I feel like it's a bit of reaping what he sowed...)

Sonoda: Um, is this the order for five special flower viewing box lunches?

Arata: Here we are, Sono-Sono.

Yuki: Uwah, Sonoda-san's bentos! You ordered them, Arata-san?

Arata: Hehe. Well, they seemed so delicious. Everyone who's having flowering viewings is requesting them from Sono-Sono.

Sonoda: Wait, the student council members are here. Umm, originally that would be no good, but Minase is the one who made the order. As long you pay properly, I guess it's okay.

Arata: Right, here's the money. Oh, we're all going Dutch on the bento fee.

Sonoda: Come again.

Takato: As usual, you're a shrewd businessman.

Sonoda: It's productive economic activity. It's better than loitering around here like the odd-job student council.

Takato: I don't deny it.

Sonoda: Then, next time, order without the student council.

Arata: Thank you.

Yuki: Come to think of it, what happened to Kuya-san?

Tomo: Before, I saw him chasing around a butterfly.

Takato: Left to himself, he'll be back soon. Let's start without him.

Yuki: And Yagami?

Tomo: I pretty much invited him, but he refused saying he can't stand flower viewings.

Yuki: Let's eat! Uwah, it's really delicious! It's been so long since I've eaten proper food outside the dorm.

Takato: It's true that considering the taste and ingredients, he may have set a fair price.

Tomo: Come to think of it, Yuki, you suddenly became the student council president, but wasn't there any other club you wanted to join?

Yuki: I hadn't thought about it.... I haven't received any special invitations.

Takato: Even while you're in the student council, we don't mind if you do club activities. Currently, Kuya is in the fencing club, and if he has a good showing in the club, he can even get credits.

Yuki: But there's nothing I stand out in enough to get credits.

Arata: What did you do at your previous school?

Yuki: I was in the basketball club. But I was always just a reserve. Besides, I'm probably not good enough to be at the level of the athletic clubs at this school.

Arata: Then, what if you focus on individual matches? There's also ones that are okay for beginners since they're supported by excellent members.

Tomo: And you could also join an association. There's even nonsense ones that call themselves an association with only one person.

Yuki: Umm, for now, I guess I'm fine with just the student council. It's hard being busy with all the chores, but also fun. Apart from meals.

Arata: Oh, how about the cooking club?

Yuki: So I could eat delicious cooking. That might be nice...

Takato: You can eat it as long as it’s edible, but it's complicated.

Yuki: What do you mean?

Takato: On top of needing the money for ingredients in order to make high class food, it's a club that refuses beginners. And, it seems they work in the cafeteria, and as assistants for outside club's cooking courses.

Tomo: That's a club that goes all out just like Sonoda-san...

Takato: So, if all the club members agree, there's no problem. That's right... if there's no club you want to join, why don't you create your own association?

Arata: Right, make it. Is there something you're proud of, or good at?

Yuki: I have good luck, and my stomach gets empty fast. I know! How about a full stomach association?

Tomo: ... What kind of activities would you do?

Yuki: The activities would be that everyone thinks of how to keep their stomach full, and if they get hungry from thinking, they eat a meal to fill their stomach!!

Takato: It might be best if you just were the student council president as you are now.

Tomo, Arata: Really.

Yuki and Friends no.6 (B's-LOG 2012 June)

Yuki: Hello, I'm Asahina Yuki! Did everyone have a fun Golden Week? As for me... umm, lots of stuff happened, but that's discussed in the main story, so this month, I think I'll try asking how everyone else spent Golden Week! I'll start with the third years. Kuya-san, how did you spend it?

Kuya: I'm glad you asked! As soon as Golden Week started, I flew off to Serbia. And once I finished with a touching reunion with my parents who are stationed there, I immediately went to the Adriatic Sea. It was my first solo trip! It was wonderful, Dubrovnik in May! While I was there, I...

Yuki: (This is going to take a while...) Um, Takato-san, how did you spend yours?

Takato: I went back home to Sendai.

Yuki: ......

Yuki: ... Is that all?

Takato: Yes, that's all.

Kuya: ... And so, after all, it was an awesome trip! Of course I brought souvenirs. This is a lucky charm, a morcic strap.

Yuki: (Mor...? I'm glad I got one, but just what is this... oh, well.)

Yuki: Thank you, I'll treasure it! Then, next I'll ask everyone in second year! Sonoda-san, what did you do over Golden Week?

Sonoda: I did catering for an acquaintance's mini party, and I attended the party a bit. I was really busy. Only, since I was able to eat a lot of different foods, I was able to enrich my memory of flavors.

Yuki: You got to eat delicious food, I'm so jealous!!

Sonoda: In that case, I'll give you a demonstration in the cafeteria soon... wait, that's right. I can't serve you while you're in the student council.

Yuki: Ah, that's right.... Then, how about you, Joker-san?

Joker: I guess I was hunting the whole time.

Yuki: Hunting, you don't mean hunting monsters in a game or something, do you?

Joker: Uh-uh, real hunting, since I went to my grandfather's place in Moscow. Over there, hunting is a surprisingly major sport, on the order of golf. I'll leave what I hunted to your imagination.

Yuki: Wow. I can't really believe it, it's kind of wild.

Joker: If you're interested, I'll bring you with me any time. As long as you don't mind criticism from the animal rights side.

Yuki: ... I'll pass. Chiba-san, how was yours?

Chiba: Myself stayed at the dorm and did voluntary training. Since there was no Durak business, I was glad I could focus on kendo from morning to evening.

Yuki: Arata-san, did you go back home?

Arata: I was at the dorm the whole time. My parents both work, so even if I went back home, there would be no one there. When I wasn't doing swim training, I snuggled with Maro.

Yuki: That's very like you. How about you, Yagami?

Yagami: It was the same as usual for me.

Arata: Reo-Reo was running away from his mother and sisters.

Yagami: Shuddup, I was not running away or anything. They were annoying me about coming to see them on the break, but I had live shows, and was in the studio. It's such a short break, I ignore it.

Yuki: (That does seem like running away...)

Yuki: And last, how about you, Tomo?

Tomo: Huh? It was Golden Week?

Yuki: What are you saying!? It was a proper break, wasn't it? Don't you remember doing anything?

Tomo: Nothing in particular.

Yuki: You didn't do anything?

Tomo: Oh, come to think of it, I feel like I took a lot more naps than usual.... But that's the same as always.

Yuki: ... Every day of the year is Golden Week to you, regardless of the calendar.

Yuki and Friends no.7 (B's-LOG 2012 July)

Yuki: Bamboo shoots, strawberries, mountain vegetables, sakuramochiii *music note*

Kuya: Hey, Yuki. You're in a good mood.

Yuki: All the spring foods are delicious, when I think that I want to eat all of them, I get happy somehow.

Kuya: It's good to have a lot of foods you like! By the way, which is your favorite?

Yuki: After all, yakisoba bread, I guess. It fills me up.

Kuya: I like it too. Carbs are really good for loading up.

Yuki: So what do you like, Kuya-san?

Kuya: Shrimp gratin. And I don't like yam khai maeng da talay.

Yuki: I'm familiar with shrimp gratin, but what is this maeng da something or other?

Kuya: It's a Thai salad of horseshoe crab.

Yuki: Wow, I've never eaten it, but just hearing the name horseshoe crab, I get the feeling it's delicious...

Kuya: Don't you? I was also really looking forward to it. Only, unfortunately, the taste was too evolved for me... it was a delicacy from ancient times!

Yuki: A delicacy from ancient times... when you put it that way, it makes me even more interested....

Kuya: You should try it next time. If you ask Sonoda-kun in the cafeteria, he might let you eat it.

Joker: Sagimori-sempai. Would you not order things that are too weird at the cafeteria? Our cook is likely to go on strike. Well, in any case, Eiji wouldn't make anything for the student council.

Kuya: Hey, it's Joker and Chiba-sempai. Just in time. What are the foods you like and dislike?

Chiba: I don't need to tell you.

Yuki: Oh, please calm down, Chiba-san.

Joker: Hayato, you don't have to snap this time. We're running short this time.

Chiba: ... Understood. I like freshwater eel, I dislike oysters.

Joker: Huh, Hayato, I thought you couldn't deal with marine foods?

Chiba: No, oysters gave me food poisoning a long time ago... I need more training...

Yuki: Even with training, food poisoning is food poisoning.

Joker: It's because Hayato has bad luck.

Yuki: What do you like, Joker-san?

Joker: Me? I like blintzes. The Russian version of a thin pancake. Especially the blintzes that Eiji makes covered in smetana and with salmon and caviar are the best!

Kuya: Oh, so blintzes! They're good even sweet, or as a side-dish. They're a pretty profound food.

Yuki: Uwah, just hearing about them they sound delicious. I want to try eating them someday.

Joker: If there's an opportunity soon, I'll treat you. I dislike things with no flavor. Tofu depends on the seasoning, but I doubt the point of the existence of things like hanpen and chikuwabu.

Yuki: I don't think I dislike anything that much though.... I know, Yagami, how about you?

Yagami: Huh!? What is this all of a sudden?

Yuki: Since you were right nearby, I thought I'd ask you too.

Yagami: Suddenly leading me over, asking me too. Are you making fun of me!?

Yuki: Now, now, it's that this month's space is short. I want to conserve as much space as possible in the explanation and situation.

Yagami: Geez. Alright. My favorite food is all meats. Anyway, you can't go wrong eating meat.

Yuki: Yeah, that's right. I think you can't go wrong with meat too!

Joker: You shouldn't distort your characters.

Yagami: And I don't like melons.

Yuki: Whaaa! You don't like melons!? It's the king of fruit!! I don't get to eat it much, so when I want to eat it, I bear it with melon bread, you ingrate!!

Yagami: Everyone has different tastes. It's cloying and scratchy in my mouth so I don't like them much.

Yuki: Such a waste...

Chiba: And you, Asahina, do you have any foods you dislike?

Yuki: Foods I don't like? ... Umm, now that you mention it, maybe not. If I can eat it, I love them all!!

Joker: Doesn't that just mean you haven't met the food you don't like?

Yuki: Oh, then, in order to find the food I don't like, I'll eat all the world's cuisines!!

Yagami: Yeah, well, do your best....

Yuki and Friends no.8 (B's-LOG 2012 August)

Yuki: Phew, since student council work is at a pause, I guess I'll take a break in the courtyard. Oh, come to think of it, I have that custard bun I brought as a snack!

*rustle rustle*

Yuki: Time to ea... huh? What are these spots, vanilla beans...? No... wait, this has mold on it!!

Sonoda: In this coming season, leaving buns in your bag is strictly prohibited.

Yuki: Sonoda-san...! Please save my bun!!

Sonoda: Impossible. Give it up.

Yuki: *sob*... Farewell, my bun...

Sonoda: You have to be careful in the June rainy season. I also take the utmost care with managing the ingredients in the cafeteria.

Yuki: That's a heavy responsibility, since all the stomachs in the school are in your hands.

Sonoda: If you stash food in the student council room the way you did your bun, you'll be in trouble if you don't take proper measures against mold. Well, I think you'll be okay since Takato-san is there.

Yuki: Oh, yes, I'll be careful.

Kuya: Hey, Yuki! What are you doing here?

Yuki: Oh, Kuya-san... wait, what happened to your head!?

Kuya: Hm? It's just that my hair exploded a bit from the humidity!

Yuki: You look kind of like a poodle, it's cute!

Kuya: Yeah. Don't hold back, admire me more!

Sonoda: Kuya-san, it's that you have naturally curly hair. Why don't you try tying or braiding your hair like me, even if it's just during the rainy season?

Kuya: Alright. I'll try it next time.

Yuki: Still, my bun got moldy, Kuya-san turned into a poodle, the rainy season is just one problem after another.

Sonoda: There's nothing you can do about it...

Kuya: More importantly, both of you! It seems it's going to rain today, so we should hurry indoors...

*hiss of rain*...

Yuki: ... I guess we're a little late.

Kuya: After all, today's forecast was accurate!

Sonoda: Don't talk so carefree and let's hurry inside.


Yuki: *pant pant* ... I'm soaked...

Kuya: We should take off our wet clothes.

Sonoda: Uwah, this sucks.... My shirt is clinging and feels gross.

Yuki: Can we borrow a place somewhere? This is the club wing so... Oh, Yagami! Can we come in your club room for a bit?

Yagami: You're not coming into the club room all wet!


Yuki: Oof!

Kuya: What a splendid kick!

Sonoda: Yagami's right, if we go into the Light Music Appreciation Group's room dripping wet like this, we'll get electrocuted. Can't be helped, let's find somewhere else.

Yuki: R, right...

Arata: Huh? Are you all pretending you're drowned rats?

Yuki: I've never heard of pretending that.

Kuya: Wet clothes feel gross so that doesn't seem like fun!

Sonoda: That's not the issue.

Yuki: It really has gotten muggy, and it feels like the humidity has gone up...

Arata: Then you should take them off.

Yuki: Here!?

Arata: If you go into the pool, the humidity and the rain won't matter.

Yuki: I see! We could do that!

Kuya: And if we can use the shower room after, we'll kill two birds with one stone!

Sonoda: Although I think we don't need to swim, just borrow the shower.

Arata: Huh, but swimming feels so good.

Kuya: How can I not get in with the pool right in front of me!

Yuki: I love pools too!

Kuya: Alright, Yuki, let's race to see who can swim the fastest!!

Yuki: I won't lose!

Yuki and Friends no.9 (B's-LOG 2012 September)

Yuki: It's hot today. The air conditioning isn't running at all?

Tomo: It can't be helped. It seems today is an AC maintenance day so it's off.

Yuki: Umm, in that case, let's eat lunch in the courtyard. If there's a breeze in the shade of the trees, it might be a bit refreshing.

Tomo: That's right. It's hotter than usual and I don't feel like doing anything, so maybe I'll take a nap in the afternoon under the trees.

Yuki: Although I feel like that's not any different than usual for you...

Tomo: I can't deal with heat.

Yuki: Well, it's not my strong point either. Ah, maybe I'll buy an ice cream at the school store. I feel like, if I'm lucky, I'll buy the one that wins an extra, and just by picking winners, I can eat a whole bunch....

Tomo: There's no way.

Yuki: Alright! I'm going to get through summer this year with ice cream!!

Takato: Eating too many cold things just because it's hot makes the capillaries in your stomach contract, interferes with nutritional absorption, lowers your ability to balance water, and thus is the reason for summer lethargy.

Yuki: Takato-san! You sure are well-informed.

Takato: I understand that it's hot, but as the student council president, it would cause us trouble if you don't take care of your body.

Yuki: Yes.... I understand.

Takato: Then, here....

Yuki: Yay! A sports drink! Thank you... Mm!? L, lukewarm!! And sweet!!

Takato: Room temperature liquid is best for rehydration, but I thought you preferred sweet things, didn't you? Therefore, I left the sports drink at room temperature.

Yuki: *pant pant*... Thank you.... Takato-san, aren't you hot?

Takato: No. I'm strong against heat.

Yuki: It's true, I can't imagine you undressed because you're hot.

Tomo: For example, like that?

Chiba: Huff! Huff! I'll cut down anything in Joker-sama's way!

Yuki: Wah, wah, wah, Chiba-san!? Why are you doing practice swings naked!?

Joker: Because Hayato is the kind of boy who should undress when it's hot. It's just his upper body, so let it pass.

Tomo: But if he's doing practice swings, that would make him hotter instead.

Joker: Hayato, that's enough practice swings, fan and send a refreshing breeze my way.

Chiba: Understood.

Yuki: Joker-san, you're bad with the heat?

Joker: I was raised in Russia, you know. I honestly can't stand it hot and humid like Japan in the summer.

Tomo: You're not sweating that much.

Yuki: It's true. If you have some secret, please tell us!

Joker: Actually, I was born without sweat glands, and I maintain my body temperature by releasing heat from my hair.

Yuki: Whaaa!! Is that possible!? So that's why you have long hair.

Chiba: Just as I'd expect from Joker-sama.

Takato: Since there are trusting boys here, please don't tell jokes with a straight face.

Tomo: It goes without saying it's one of Joker-san's usual jokes. Of course.

Joker: Yeah, it's a lie of course.

Yuki: Whaaat.

Chiba: ... I failed.

Joker: Hayato, you should doubt others a little more. I know! If you all are hot, I have a trump card method...


Yuki: No way, that's a g, gun...!?

Joker: I guarantee this will cool you in an instant.

Yuki, Tomo: W, we'll pass!!

Yuki and Friends no.10 (B's-LOG 2012 October)

@ cafeteria

Yuki: It's going to be summer break soon.

Arata: Summer break, yeah.

Yuki: Arata-san, do you plan on going anywhere?

Arata: Umm, I guess I'll be doing club activities. Ace-kun, are you going somewhere?

Yuki: No, not especially yet. But, since it's summer break, I definitely want to have fun!!

Arata: The stuff of youth.

Sonoda: Here, the sweets you ordered.

Arata: Yay, Sono-Sono, thanks.

Yuki: Uwah, what's that!? It looks really delicious!

Sonoda: My special sweets for today, a "gorgonzola sorbet parfait, with seasonal fruits." It's full of cheese to temper the sweetness.

Arata: Since I love cheese, I bid on it. Mmm. It's cold and delicious.

Yuki: Come to think of it, your special dishes are sold auction-style. It looks so nice... I want to eat it someday too.

Sonoda: It can't be helped, since today is so hot, I'll give you some special...

Yuki: Yay! Wait, there's just ice with nothing on it in this parfait cup!!

Arata: If you put on a syrup from the condiments corner, you can make it into a snowcone.

Yuki: Oh, then it'll be free!

Sonoda: Don't worry, I'll at least put on the leftover syrup from the fruit salad on it for you.

Yuki: Wow, it's really fruity even though there's no fruit in it! It makes me a little sad, but it's really delicious!

Sonoda: You're welcome.

Yuki: Ah, that was so good! Cold things are good, but it's summer, and even in the heat, a barbeque would be nice.

Sonoda: If you want to have barbeque, I seem to remember there's a campground that BL students use in the mountains about two hours away by bus.

Arata: I second camping. It would be cooler in the mountains. I want to take a nap in a hammock.

Yuki: Arata-san, since you can swim, I thought you'd prefer the ocean over mountains.

Arata: I prefer a pool over the ocean. It's easier to swim and the smell of chlorine is irresistible. Sono-Sono, are you going to the ocean this year too?

Sonoda: I guess. Summer is the busy season.

Arata: Hyahya. Just as I thought, you're always on the job.

Yuki: Sonoda-san, you plan to go to the ocean?

Sonoda: An acquaintance of mine runs a beach house, you know, and asked me to work part time last year and this year. It's only natural though, having me there attracts customers.

Yuki: Wow.

Sonoda: The standard dishes are cheap per unit so they have a high profit margin, and just by putting out the kinds of foods girls like, like tacos, loco moco, and sweets, the beach house gets customers.

Arata: And since Sono-Sono is good-looking, he's pretty popular. Woohoo.

Sonoda: Well, if I put my abilities to good use, naturally.

Yuki: The things Sonoda-san would make, grilled squid... yakisoba... grilled corn... tacos and sweets... since the ice with just syrup before was so delicious... *drool*

Sonoda: I know! If you like, you come too. You can have your fill of my cooking and girls in bikinis.

Yuki: Yes, I'll go! Please take me with you!

Sonoda: Good. One part-time job reservation made.

Yuki: Huh? Part-time job? You weren't inviting me to the beach house?

Arata: You fell into Sono-Sono's trap. Do your best, youth.

Sonoda: Hehehe, I'm going to work you into the ground.

Yuki and Friends no.11 (B's-LOG 2012 November)

Yuki: Urgh, what'll I do, Yagami...

Yagami: Huhn? Just put whatever on there.

Kuya: What are you worrying about, gentlemen first years. Is there a problem?

Yagami: It's no biggie. He's just stuck on the topic for a book report.

Yuki: It is a biggie! Well the deadline is tomorrow, and I haven't even started reading!

Kuya: Yuki, you don't like reading?

Yuki: Umm, it's kind of annoying. Kuya-san, is there a book you recommend?

Kuya: There's "Where's Wally?"

Yagami: That doesn't have text. How is he supposed to write a report?

Kuya: Then how about "My Father's Dragon"?

Yuki: I've read that! After I read it, I said, "I'm going on an adventure!" and started stuffing a backpack with all sorts of things.

Kuya: Me too! Like a compass, a knife, and a lighter.

Yuki: Rope and chocolate.

Yagami: You're just talking about kid's stories. Are you going to write a report on a picture book?

Yuki: I guess it can't be a picture book. If only it could be a comic...

Kuya: Then why don't you read a comic and write about that?

Yagami: That would never work. Wouldn't it just end with having to rewrite it?

Kuya: No! You can challenge the source novel after you read the comic. For getting the outline of it into your head, it's quicker to understand than reading the novel!

Yuki: I see! What would be good?

Kuya: Yeah. After all, when you're talking about a famous work that's been turned into a comic... it's Romance of the Three Kingdoms!

Yuki: I couldn't finish that by tomorrow!

Yagami: That's why it's bad to leave it until the last minute.

Yuki: Then have you finished it, Yagami?

Yagami: Yeah. It's in this music player. Want to hear it?

Yuki: Huh? Hear it??

Yagami: Honestly, there's parts I don't get, but the hunger, the thirst, and the desire resonate with my soul. The guitar devoted to Goethe's Faust... Sign with the Devil!!

*rapid notes*

Yuki: Uwah, what's with this noise!

Yagami: Heh, you're entranced by my all-out book report performance, aren't you? The part you're listening to is speed picking at the part where he makes a contract with Mephisto.

Kuya: How novel!

Yuki: No, no, it can't be a performance. The professor said we had to write a ten page manuscript.

Yagami: Don't be so picky about every little thing. When you can't explain it in words, that's what music is there for.

Kuya: Yuki, how about you choreograph a dance to this? It can be a book report dance!

Yuki: I'm not dancing!!

-The next day-

Yuki: *sigh* Somehow I finished writing it.... I have to hurry and hand it in at the staff room!

Sakaki: Asahina, what are you flapping around about?

Yuki: Oh, Professor Sakaki. I'm on my way to hand in my book report.

Sakaki: Let me see it.

Yuki: Oh, here. Although it's kind of embarrassing having it read in front of me.

Sakaki: Eggplant Shigiyaki: I've never eaten it, but I think it would be really delicious... Omelet Rice with Fluffy-Melty Eggs and Demi-glace Sauce: I love it! Demi-glace or ketchup are good, but my favorite is the white rice. ...Hey, what book did you read?

Yuki: It's "300 Recipes for Everyday Luxury Meals"!

Sakaki: Rejected. Rewrite it.

Yuki: Whaaa!?

Yuki and Friends no.12 (B's-LOG 2012 December)

@ courtyard

Yuki: The weather is so nice today! It would feel so nice to take a nap...

Tomo: ZZZZZZ...

Yuki: Wait, you're already asleep! Even though you were just sleeping in class before, you're still sleepy? Since this is our lunch break, let's move our bodies playing volleyball together!

Tomo: I'll pass.

Yuki: Hey, you're a member of the track club, aren't you? Move your body more.

Tomo: Just because I'm in an athletic club doesn't mean I have to exercise even during lunch.

*tmp tmp tmp tmp tmp....*

Yuki: Oh, isn't that Chiba-san running over there? He's wearing a track jacket and I guess he's doing free practice.

Tomo: Chiba-san is always running around the school island like that.

Yuki: Wow, that's sports-oriented for you. He's incredibly enthusiastic about training. I know, I'll invite Chiba-san too. Chiba-saaan!

*tmp tmp...*

Chiba: What do you need?

Yuki: Wow, that was fast!! I thought you were pretty far away.

Tomo: Chiba-san, are you doing free practice for the kendo club?

Chiba: It's not really for the club. It's one of my daily personal drills.

Yuki: Daily? That's amazing. Maybe you're even faster than Kasahara who is in the track club?

Tomo: I'm no match in a long distance race. I'm a sprinter. If I remember correctly, Chiba-san's time was under 30 minutes for the 10k....

Yuki: Is that incredible?

Tomo: It's at the level where he was scouted by the track club.

Chiba: Really?

Tomo: Chiba-san, what are you doing being impressed?

Yuki: Wow, it would be everything I had just to run 10k...

Chiba: So, was that all you wanted?

Yuki: Oh, that's right. Chiba-san, will you play volleyball with us?

Chiba: Yeah, I don't mind.

Tomo: (In the end, I guess I get stuck doing it too...)

Yuki: Then, here I go. Here, Tomo.


Tomo: Here, Chiba-san.


Chiba: Hah!


Yuki: Y, you split the ball!?

Chiba: It was a critical hit.

Tomo: Uwah, you cut it clean in half. Just where did you pull out that wooden sword from?

Chiba: I always wear a sword so that I can defend against attacks at any time.

Yuki: Are you a samurai!?

Chiba: Heh.

Yuki: (No, that wasn't really praise...)

Chiba: See you later.

*tmp tmp tmp tmp tmp....*

Yuki: He left. What'll we do now that the ball is split?

Tomo: We could take a nap?

Yuki: Agreed.

Yuki and Friends no.13 (B's-LOG 2013 January)

@ hallway

Yuki: Umm, this is expired, so I'll take it off...

Joker: Hey, Ace-kun. Would you hang out with me now?

Yuki: Oh, Joker-san. I'm in the middle of student council work, so I can't really....

Joker: Too bad, I thought you would hang out with me.

Yuki: Come to think of it, what are Chiba-san and Sonoda-san doing today?

Joker: It seems they each have some business so they're not around. Besides, you student council guys really like simple chores, don't you?

Yuki: They may be simple, but it still important work.

Joker: Then, since you love chores so much, I'll add some new work! And that work is to put this up.

Yuki: A poster for beautification week?

Joker: Yeah, that's right. Bye, thanks.

Yuki: He left.... If he was bored, he could have helped me. Oh well. Taking bulletins down or putting them up is all the same to me.

Yuki: Alright, there, it's done. At any rate, I guess the poster I was putting up is already having an effect.

Student: Oh, there it is, there it is!

Yuki: (This person is looking really seriously at the poster I just put up. Is he that interested in beautifying the school?)

Student: Whoa, I get it. Alright, I'll do it!

Yuki: ???

Takato: Here you are. Did you finish your work?

Yuki: Takato-san! Yes, I finished checking the bulletins and putting up a poster.

Takato: Oh, who did you get this poster from?

Yuki: From Joker-san. He wanted me to hang out, but I refused, saying I was in the middle of student council work, and he told me to put this up.

Takato: I see. Asahina, he played you.

Yuki: What do you mean?

Takato: Look at this part of the poster.

Yuki: Oh, there's some text hidden in the illustration. "D N O P E H T E G D E R D", is it some sort of code?

Takato: What does it become when you read it backwards?

Yuki: It's "DREDGE THE POND"! By pond, does it mean the pond with the fountain near the school gate? Takato-san, let's go!

@ in front of fountain

Yuki: Uwah, there's a lot of people. And they're all cleaning the pond!

Takato: Probably, since it's Joker's doing, that poster is part of some game.

Joker: Good guess. I announced on Durak's SNS to find the coin with the secret password in the place that was in the message on the poster. Although I'm not going to tell you student council what we're doing on the SNS.

Yuki: Did you make me put up a pointless poster for your game?

Joker: It's not pointless. Thanks to this game, the pond is clean. It's fun and the school is beautified, killing two birds with one stone.

Yuki: Well, it's true the pond was pretty dirty.

Yuki: (Maybe Joker-san really is considerate of the school.)

Joker: Ah, that was fun. Let's hang out again some time *music note*

Yuki: (Umm, after all, maybe he was just playing....)

Yuki and Friends no.14 (B's-LOG 2013 February)

@ student council room

Yuki: Kuya-san, Takato-san, I know this is sudden, but what do you want as a Christmas present?

Kuya: A reindeer! Preferably with a red nose!

Yuki: What would you do with it if you got one? You can't have a pet that big inside the school.

Takato: I want new glasses.

Yuki: Glasses, huh. Maybe just the frames would work....

Takato: What do you mean?

Yuki: I was asked to pick the prizes for the Christmas party bingo game, but I couldn't decide what would be good.

Takato: In that case, why don't you try asking the other students too?

Yagami: What I want for Christmas? For me it's definitely meat! A blue-rare steak, dripping with blood!

Arata: A big Christmas stocking would be nice. I could make it a toy for Maro.

Yuki: Ferrets do like to burrow, don't they?

Arata: And if we put it on the tree like that, it would be a moving stocking.

Yuki: I want to eat a steak too. So, steak and a stocking.

Yagami: What, are you going to give me a present?

Yuki: No, that's not what I...

Arata: Yay, I'm looking forward to it.

Yagami: I'll be expecting it.

Yuki: Oh, they left. But if we're lucky, it may end up that way indirectly, so oh well. Alright, next I'll go ask Durak.

Sonoda: Christmas? Oh, I'm already full up on pre-orders.

Yuki: No, Sonoda-san, I'm not asking anything from you, I'm asking what you would like to get....

Sonoda: What I want for Christmas? It goes without saying. Some party food made by someone other than me. Sometimes, I want to try being served too! I like earning money, but it's too busy every year.

Yuki: It seems like it would be hard to make some food that would satisfy you, Sonoda-san.... What about you, Chiba-san?

Chiba: I want strength.

Yuki: I think that's a bit hard to give as a present....

Chiba: That's not true. Santa Claus can do anything. Or do you not believe in Santa Claus?

Yuki: (Chiba-san's eyes look kind of serious...)

Joker: It's because Hayato is so pure. So, what is it, what is it? Are you going to give me a Christmas present?

Yuki: If we're lucky, maybe.

Joker: Can I really say? This magazine isn't all-ages, right?

Yuki: Wha!? No, no, you can't!! Please don't even go there!

Joker: Ahahaha, I'm kidding, kidding. As long as you entertain me, that's enough.

Yuki: I feel like that would be the most difficult....

Tomo: What I want? Sleep.

Yuki: I thought you would say that. You really have no dreams. Isn't there any actual thing?

Tomo: Then, an eyemask. If I had that, I could sleep during the party.

Yuki: You want to sleep even at the party!? Oh well, then, an eyemask it is.

Tomo: Speaking of, what do you want? Since it's you, would it be a meal or something?

Yuki: Uh-uh, the real Santa Claus! Then everyone could have their wish granted!

Tomo: That's the most impossible.

Yuki and Friends no.15 (B's-LOG 2013 March)

Yuki: Happy New Year! I say that, but New Year's season is already over. But I still want to bask in the New Year's mood a little longer. Which means the student council is holding a kakizome contest!
more info: Kakizome (Wikipedia)

Arata: That sounds like fun. Although I haven't done much calligraphy.

Takato: This school doesn't have a calligraphy class, so only people with an interest do it.

Yuki: Takato-san, what did you write?

Takato: It's "Choseidenri ni shunju tomu, furomonzen nichigetsu ososhi." It's like a standard for kakizome.
more info: A Chinese poem celebrating the everlastingness of the emperor and singing about his perpetual youth and longevity from Japanese and Chinese Poems to Sing (Wakan Rōeishū)

Yuki: Just what I'd expect from you, Takato-san. The characters are so beautiful. Although I don't understand the meaning of the text at all.

Takato: In that case, I'll explain carefully from the beginning.

Yuki: N, no, that can wait another time. Arata-san, what did you write? It looks like a character, but kind of sloppy.

Arata: It's "ferret!" Here is the head, and here is the tail.
more info: This is the character Arata drew. It kind of looks like a ferret/weasel:

Yagami: Hey, that's just a drawing. I wrote these characters on rock!

Yuki: "A weighty metal?" What does that mean?

Yagami: Don't you get it? It's read heavy metal.

Yuki: Oh, I see. (Yagami's characters are surprisingly pretty. I'd say it, but he'd get mad, so I won't.) Rather, you two didn't write your aspirations, just what you liked.

Yagami: So what did you write? "Full stomach," "sated," "fortune".... Are you a starving kid in a developing country!?

Yuki: Ahahahaha.... I, I know, Tomo, what did you write? "Dreams," huh. That's a pretty good word for kakizome.

Tomo: ZZZZZ...

Yuki: Wait, it wasn't future dreams, but these dreams!? What did everyone in Durak write?

Chiba: It's "strongest."

Yuki: Uwah, that's very direct. And the characters look forceful too.

Sonoda: It looks like he was worrying about his training, or diligence, but after all, he wrote it full of confidence that he'd become it.

Yuki: Ah, I see. Come to think of it, your characters are really pretty too, Sonoda-san.

Sonoda: I have to write at least that well. It's necessary for the menu for Japanese food.

Yuki: That's true. But what you wrote... "enormous wealth," "rich," "billionaire." These are all lottery slogans....

Joker: Ace-kuuun. I wrote a kakizome too.

Yuki: Joker-san's is, umm, this is... "gambling."

Joker: For kakizome, you should write the characters for the things you like, right?

Yuki: Well, that's true, but the nuance is slightly off.... And the characters are very distinctive, written horizontally.

Joker: I see. Although I think it's preferable to that sempai's, isn't it?

Yuki: Kuya-san?

Kuya: Urggghhhh... done!

Yuki: I can't read it at all. To begin with, the way you're holding the brush is really weird. What did you write?

Kuya: It's "Krungthepmahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathaniburirom Udomratchaniwetmahasathan Amonphimanawatansathit Sakkathattiyawitsanukamprasit!"

Yuki: That long!? And I have no clue what it means!

Kuya: It's the full ceremonial name of Bangkok!
(City of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate, erected by Vishvakarman at Indra's behest. Wikipedia)

Yuki: But that has nothing to do with kakizome!?

Sakaki: What are you guys doing? You're still in a New Year's mood?

Yuki: Professor Sakaki. Everyone was just writing kakizome.

Sakaki: Hmm. Alright, I'll write the word most suitable for you students. Here.

Yuki: "Diligence"....

Sakaki: Students should devote themselves to their studies. And, I'll give you this.

Yuki: Urgh, math handouts....

Sakaki: There's enough for everyone here, do them.

Yuki: The New Year's mood is completely gone....

Yuki and Friends no.16 (B's-LOG 2013 April)

Yuki: Wah! Kuya-san, look out the window! The snow is really piling up!

Kuya: Oh!! It's enough to have a snowball fight!

Yuki: That's nostalgic, a snowball fight. I used to do that a lot as a kid.

Kuya: Alright, Yuki! Right now, snowball fights are really hot as a sports contest. There's even national contests!

Yuki: Wow, I didn't know that. What kind of rules do they have?

Kuya: You separate into two teams and throw snowballs at each other. If a snowball hits you, you're out, and you win by knocking down the enemy's flag with a snowball. Simple, isn't it? And I have 90 snowballs already prepared!

Yuki: 90!? Wasn't hard to make all those?

Kuya: No worries! I got hold of a snowball maker for this day!

Yuki: A, amazing...! It looks like a takoyaki pan!

Kuya: Alright, now for some high speed snowball making!

Joker: Hey, that looks like fun.

Yuki: Joker-san! Oh, would you have a snowball fight with us? Please be our opposing team!

Joker: Okay. Only, games using snow are my specialty, so I'm not going to go easy on you.

Yuki: Come to think of it, Joker-san, you've been to Russia, haven't you?

Joker: Yeah, compared to there, winter in Japan is mild and nice. Even if I go out lightly dressed, I won't die.

Yuki: Just how cold is Russia...!

Kuya: So you're used to dealing with snow. You'll be a strong opponent!

Yuki: It'll be a student council vs. Durak snowball fight!

Joker: Okay. Which means Eiji and Hayato are participating too.

Chiba: Myself is at Joker-sama's command.

Sonoda: Wai, don't just go and involve me. Hayato swims in the middle of winter every year, so this much cold might be nothing for him, but I'll pass.

Yuki: Sonoda-san, you're not going to participate?

Sonoda: I'd rather be preparing beef stew in the cafeteria than freezing out here. I'm hoping my sales go up thanks to the chill.

Yuki: B, beef stew...! *gulp*...

Sonoda: So, do your best, you two.

Kuya: Which means it's 3 against 2. That's unbalanced. Alright, let's invite someone!

Yuki: Right... Oh, Tomooo! Won't you have a snowball fight with us?

Tomo: Huh? I decided I'm not doing anything in the winter but curl up at a kotatsu. Bye... *yaaawn*

Yuki: ... No good. He's even more unenthusiastic than usual....

Joker: 3 against 2 isn't particularly bad, is it? It wouldn't be fun without at least that much of a handicap.

Yuki: Then, let's all go outside!

Takato: Wait. Everyone, there's something more important to do.

Kuya: Oh? What is it, Masatsugu? You're holding a lot of shovels.

Yuki: Takato-san, are you the kind who'd rather build a snowman than have a snowball fight?

Takato: What are you saying? First, we have to shovel the snow. When there's snow, you have to shovel it. Is there something besides that?

Yuki: T, Takato-san, you're so stony-eyed....

Joker: If we're not having a snowball fight, I'm leaving, okay?

Takato: Of course, everyone in Durak too. The more people, the better.

Joker: Wha.

Takato: Don't "wha" me. Here, a shovel. Here, a shovel.

Chiba: Nngh.... It's extraordinary, this force of spirit...!

Yuki: Wh, what's gotten into you, Takato-san...

Takato: You too. Here, a shovel. Here, a shovel.

Yuki: But the snowball fight...

Takato: We're shoveling snow.

Kuya: ... Yuki, on snowy days, absolutely don't go against Takato who was raised in snow country.

Yuki: Right...

Yuki: (Even Joker-san is obeying.... Takato-san is formidable on snowy days!)

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