can't take my eyes off you

Joker/Yuki short story (B's Log July 2014)

In case you weren't sure that Joker is annoying as hell, here's more proof. He's such an asshole, but a really cute one. XD

This story is #2 of the "coupling short story" series from B's Log.

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can't take my eyes off you

... It absolutely bothered me.

I was in the middle of student council work, here in the student council room. Although it was just folding printouts for delivery tomorrow. It was the same scene as usual.

But the one thing that was different was that Joker-san was sitting across the table from me and watching me.

Kuya-san and Takato-san weren't here so right now, it was just Joker-san and me alone in the student council room. I was simply silently doing my work, and Joker-san was watching without saying anything. He wasn't really interfering, but since I was being stared at so much, I stopped folding the printouts and tried asking.

"Um, just what is it?"


"I was wondering... why have you been looking at me for a while?"

"Because I think you're cute."


I thought it was just like Joker-san to say something like that with no hesitation and an unabashed, serious look.

After the affair at the school, we started... what you might call a romantic relationship. I didn't know how I should respond at times like this. I immediately ducked my head, and with a vague "oh, I see," I returned to my simple work.

Don't pay attention. Don't pay attention, I chanted in my mind, but after all, I did end up paying attention. When I thought about how that gaze was coming from Joker-san, it was even more.

Since I didn't think I had an appearance that was worthy of praise, being called cute didn't seem to click. Rather, Joker-san was the one who anyone could see was beautiful, I thought. With his handsome face like a model's, and lovely pale colored eyes unlike a Japanese person's, just thinking about how he always looked only at me made my face and ears red.

After all, I couldn't not pay attention, so I tried asking again.

"I'm just folding printouts. Is it interesting to watch?"

"Yes. Very."

"But you'll get tired of watching me all the time...."

"Not at all. I want to watch you forever."

So saying, Joker-san's handsome face broke into a cheerful smile. I thought anyone would be bowled over when he made a face like that. Just like I already had been.

But I couldn't concentrate on my work like this at all. I made up my mind and tried making a request.

"Um, Joker-san! Please stop looking at me! Or rather, being watched so much is distracting me... um...."



Joker-san looked surprised for an instant, but immediately went back to smiling. "So I shouldn't look at you, huh. Then, I'll set up a tiny camera and appreciate you from afar."

"How did you get to that!? I would worry about that even more!"

"Really? Then, I'll ask Hayato to take secret photos of you."

"You're missing the point! You can't! Absolutely no secret photos!!"

"If Hayato tails you, you'll never notice it."

"Whether I would notice or not isn't the point.... I'm telling you to please stop staring at me."

Oh, geez.... My body felt exhausted and I leaned on the table with both arms.

Joker-san peered at my downturned face. "Alright. If you don't like it, from now on I'll never ever look at you again."

"Wha!? No... I didn't say that to mean forever or anything...."

"Then, how long is okay?"

"... Well... every once in a while."

"Sometimes... huh. Is that once a month?"

That really would be a bit lonely. "No, well, a little more often...."

"Once a week? Once a day? Once an hour?" Joker-san had a mischievous smile as he asked, amused. "Or, once a minute?"

"That's... too often."

As I said it, I was drawn into a smile too, since I realized that I was really happy being swayed by Joker-san's words and actions. Even if I didn't know if they were lies or truth, I was sure that I loved this man, including his troublesome points.

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