hide in a shower

Yuki/Arata short story (B's Log September 2014)

Arata's stories always seem to be a bit spicier than the rest, and this one is no exception! Not that Yuki is innocent... :3

This story is #4 of the "coupling short story" series from B's Log.

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hide in a shower

Our bodies were getting soaked by the downpour of the shower above our heads. Even the far off voices of all the swim club members were drowned out by the loud rush of water.

I was suddenly pushed against the wall and before I knew it, Yuki's face was right in front of me. We were suddenly eye to eye, and before I had time to say anything, Yuki pounced, his lips sealing mine.

Ah, Yuki was kissing me. That's what I thought, but maybe I was the one who'd closed my eyes as if waiting for a kiss first.


Hearing the sound I made through my nose, Yuki changed the angle of his lips. I also changed the angle of my face a little, to accept Yuki's kiss more deeply.

His tongue licked my lips, tracing them, and slipped into my mouth. Our tongues, rubbing against each other... felt good. If I caught hold of it and sucked, his tongue could trace around the inside of my mouth.


That strangely sweet sound that just slipped out made me feel embarrassed as if it hadn't come from me. Yuki... was getting a lot better at kissing. That's the feeling I got. Yuki's hand grasping my wrist and his bare arm that was rolling up my shirt, seemed far more masculine than before.

When I first met him, he was the new student council president who still had some traces of a boyish face, but now, he'd gotten reasonably used to his work and become dependable.

I opened my eyes slightly and saw Yuki's jacket hanging on the door of the shower booth. That's right, with the armband fitting right on his sleeve, he was a fine student council president. That someone like Yuki and I were....

What on earth was I doing?

"...! ... Stop, Yuki."

Coming back to reality, I thrust away Yuki's body, forcefully pushing him aside.

"Oh, right..."

Yuki said, and quickly moved away, and looked up at the showerhead that was still streaming hot water.

"Anyway, let's stop the shower."

That Yuki had come to the pool shower room today was the result of a malfunctioning shower. When I'd talked to the student council about asking for repairs, Yuki had immediately come over.

The work of the student council had increased from before so Yuki didn't come to the pool much anymore, and it had been a long time since I'd met him during club time. We were alone in a space that was almost like being behind closed doors. Maybe it was just me, but from the beginning, the atmosphere had been vaguely awkward.

Up until the broken shower had suddenly sprayed hot water just before.

"This shower comes off and on, it really is in bad shape. I'll ask the contractor to fix it." Yuki said, looking as if nothing had happened, as he turned the shower faucet off and on. It seemed as if he didn't care at all that he was soaked, or that I had pushed him away.

My body that had been hot just a while ago suddenly chilled.

"What... stupid thing'm I doin'?"

Kissing in a place like this, what if someone saw us...? I shuddered at my own careless actions. I absolutely didn't want to make Yuki feel like that.

"Then I'll go back now." Acting as if he didn't notice my mutter, Yuki took his jacket.

"Oh... Yuki."

I had to tell him. The reason I pushed him away before wasn't because I didn't want to kiss him. That I didn't say that because I didn't like him. I always failed, not having enough words.

"Arata-san, I'm sorry about suddenly kissing you before."

"...! Why're you apologizing?" The petulant complaint just slipped out of my mouth. Ah, I'd done it again. I should have just honestly said you don't have to apologize.

"No, since you're here seriously working at your club, I was thinking I have to suppress my nasty feelings." Yuki stammered, looking pathetic. "But, well... your outfit is too stimulating."

Yuki gave me a questioning glance, but I wasn't wearing anything especially weird. "Huh? What's stimulatin' about it? It's the usual swimsuit 'n track jacket."

Right before Yuki arrived, I was in my swimsuit and for some reason, I just put the jacket on over it. I should have been used to being in a swimsuit by now, but I felt just a little bit embarrassed.

"Well, that's true. ... Phew. It's okay if you don't understand."

That Yuki, when did he become able to smile like that?

"I thought it was okay to get carried away like that. It was thrilling that we might be caught. But if it doesn't make you feel good, Arata-san, I have to control myself."

He had understood my worries even without saying them. For years, no one else could understand my feelings. That's what I thought. But Yuki was trying to understand me.

"It's kind've annoying." Even though I was happy, it was a little lonely. My heart fluttered at Yuki's relaxed smile, but I wanted him to be a little more like his usual hungry and dumb self. When I spoke without hiding my sulky feeling, he immediately replied back.

"Am I such a handsome guy it annoys you?"

"Don' make me laugh."

Contrary to my words, his mischievous eyes drew a smile from me. Geez, Yuki, I'm no match for you.

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