lucky accident!?

chiba's c87 story

This is one of the stories from the Comiket 87 book, Hot Hot Winter Heaven.
It's... you know what? Just read it. It's amazing, in various ways, as Yuki would say. XD

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Lucky Accident!?

Even in the cabin, we could hear the howling of the wind. On the other side of the white frosted windowpane was a pounding blizzard. Chiba-san and I were leaning against each other and shivering in the completely chilled mountain cabin, with nothing at all for heating.

It was dim inside the cabin. The lantern-shaped flashlight on the floor of the room, which was about the width of outstretched arms, threw off a weak light, so it couldn't be helped.

Oh, geez... why did this happen?

The day before yesterday, we had been invited by Joker-san to all come on a ski trip. Since it was my first time skiing, Joker-san had taught me to ski, along with Chiba-san who was also a beginner. It had gone well at first. Since Joker-san taught well, in half a day, I had come to be able to stop smoothly. Chiba-san was sliding down slopes at bullet-like speed, and yesterday, even I was somehow able to to ski down an intermediate slope without falling.

And so, we'd gotten carried away.

Today, the third day, at Joker-san's invitation, we tried to take on the challenge of a forest course that was okay for beginners. Unlike the well-maintained slopes, the course, with its trees and narrow trails, was difficult, but interesting. But while we were skiing, a blizzard had suddenly blown in. Since it was dangerous, we tried to hurry back to the lodge and followed Joker-san, who was leading us by the shortest distance off the course. It should have been the three of us skiing, but at some point we were separated and it was just the beginner combo of me and Chiba-san who got left behind.

The snow came down harder. It even grew dark. Since visibility was bad, we didn't know which direction we should go. At that moment, luckily, we spotted this cabin. It was truly a gift from heaven. Entering the cabin, we practically leaped with joy, but....


"Asahina, if you sleep, you'll die."

"I'm fine...."

Chiba-san warned me, maybe because I had fallen silent. Or maybe I was falling asleep without even realizing it.

I was cold. And hungry.

We had left our cell phones in the lodge, since Joker-san had said if we fell, they might break. I never thought back then that we would be in this situation... What would happen if this blizzard continued for a long time?

Even though we called it a mountain cabin, it was a small building about the size of a dorm room. It had a wood stove, but we didn't have any tools to start a fire. Chiba-san had tried rubbing two pieces of wood together, thinking maybe he could start a fire, but had just tired himself out.

The sun had completely gone down and the temperature had dropped even more.

"Chiba-san, what should we do?"

"Anyway, let's wait for help. Joker-sama will definitely do something."

"... Yeah, that's right."

Once he noticed we were gone, I was sure that Joker-san would immediately look for us. Rather than wandering clumsily around outside, it was definitely better to stay in the cabin which was easy to find. But...

"It really is a bad blizzard..."


"Are we really going to be rescued?"

"Joker-sama is strong," Chiba-san asserted, looking very serious.

... No, it didn't have anything to do with being strong or not, did it? But that way of talking was so very Chiba-san-like that my tense face relaxed into a smile.

"Right. Then we'll be fine."

"Yeah. We'll be fine."

It was kind of calming, being with Chiba-san who was so unflappable. Well, it was true. We'd only veered a little off the course that was okay for beginners. If we sat back and waited, we'd be rescued soon....


"... Are you cold?"

"A bit...."

Actually, I was really cold. Since before, I couldn't stop shivering. Because I'd fallen several times, my skiwear had unfortunately gotten soaked. The cold seeped into me to the core of my body.

"We should dry our wet skiwear...."

"Alright, take it off."


Chiba-san nodded once, watching my face intently.

"At times like this, you warm up by hugging each other naked."

Huh? Naked?

Certainly, I had heard about hugging each other naked when stranded on a mountain, but wasn't that a story out of dramas and such? But Chiba-san was full of confidence. It was true that while wearing wet clothes, my body temperature would go down a lot...

As I thought about that, I neglected to make a reply. Just what did Chiba-san think of my silence? Suddenly, boom, his face turned red. Really, it turned red so suddenly it nearly made a sound. It was infectious and I ended up turning red too.

Now that I thought about it, naked. Hugging each other naked? S, since more or less... no, not more or less, since honest-to-goodness we were lovers, hugging naked meant, well, that it raised the possibility of going beyond kissing, doing this and that and stuff, well...

No. No, no, no, no, no, no.

I was overthinking it. It was an overactive imagination! Even though he had said n, n, naked hugging, there wasn't anything really wrong about it. Chiba-san must not have meant it that way to begin with. He must have really, seriously proposed it in order to protect each other.

But it was impossible to not imagine it!

Red-faced, we both looked away from each other and fidgeted, then Chiba-san suddenly stood up.

"... Alright!"

"Huh? Chiba-san?"

He was undressing. He was undressing! Stripping off the skiwear and the shirt he was wearing underneath, he clasped both of my shoulders.

"Here I go!"

Chiba-san embraced my dumbfounded body. The chest that pressed against me was warm on my chilled-through cheek. Slowly but steadily, another person's warmth melted my frozen stiff body.

"So warm...."

Chiba-san sighed in relief at the unconscious murmur that revealed my feelings. But this, just warming me, wasn't Chiba-san really cold? I looked and from arm to shoulder, he was covered in goosebumps. With my soaked skiwear, chilled as if there had still been snow left on it, pressed against his naked body, there was no way he couldn't have been cold.

"Chiba-san, um... please let go. Aren't you cold?

"It's no problem."

I wriggled to get away but the muscular arms pulled me tight and I couldn't move. I was happy being held to his warm chest, but.... Chiba-san! All your body hair is standing up!

"You'll freeze like this, Chiba-san!! Please let go of me. I can't stay quiet, worried like this!"

"Then you undress too!"

"Oh, right!"

At the sternly commanding voice, I quickly took off my own skiwear. The moment I tossed off my wet jacket, I was pulled close. After all, Chiba-san's chest was cold where it touched my exposed body, and wanting to share my body heat even if just a little, I pressed our chests tightly together.


Feeling Chiba-san's body heat like this felt really good. Our skin, which started out with a difference in temperature, transferred heat between us, which intimately mingled until we reached the same temperature.

My heart pounded wildly. Even though we were in such a crisis, I was so over-excited, I felt like I'd go crazy. Chiba-san's body. Chiba-san's bare skin. The hardness of his muscles, honed so there wasn't a single bit of wasted flesh. The scent of another person's body. The breath that hit the back of my neck. The hair that tickled the tip of my nose. I felt it all so vividly, it made my head spin.

Our heartbeats reverberated from our bare chests pressed tight. Chiba-san's heart was pounding like mine. Chiba-san was also excited, holding me. When I realized that, a sweet tingle went down my spine. I didn't feel the cold anymore, not even a little. Chiba-san and I, our bodies were burning hot.


The voice behind my ear was husky. With just that, I trembled with a shudder that went to my core. I clung to him, unable to bear it, and Chiba-san gulped hard.


That hot voice made it hard to breathe. Chiba-san's body leaned over me. Without any resistance, I yielded everything to the body before me.

He pushed me down, face-up, and when I unconsciously closed my eyes, I was kissed passionately. His tongue forcefully pushed inside my slightly open lips. Like that, he roughly licked around inside my mouth and ran out of breath.

"Asahina... Asahina..."

Breathing heavily, Chiba-san called my name, hot and nearly incoherent. I wanted to answer, but my mouth was full with Chiba-san and all I could do was let out a sweet sound through my nose. Nevertheless, I wanted to accept all of it, and I held Chiba-san tight. I reached out my tongue and licked Chiba-san's upper jaw. After a momentary shiver, he sucked hard on my entwined tongue. Even though it hurt like it was going to be torn off, even that was arousing.

We continued to kiss, now on top, now on bottom, rolling around in the room. Through the thick ski pants, something hard pressed against me. That raw sensation aroused me so much I got dizzy.

"I love you... Asahina, I love you...."

Chiba-san's kisses fell on my neck. He sucked hard and I couldn't stand the tingle of heat. I couldn't stay still, unconsciously I moved my hand....


My hand hit something. There was the sound of something sliding, then the sound of metal colliding with metal rang out shrilly.


I opened my eyes with a start and the ski pole that was standing against the wall fell down. It hit the other one that had been rolling on the floor and flung it up to the ceiling. The flying pole hit the ceiling, flipped, and flew in a completely different direction. In return, something small fell down on Chiba-san's back.


Chiba-san, who had been absorbed in kissing, leapt up startled. Quickly looking back over his shoulder, he investigated the fallen object and his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"What is this...?"

"A camera...?"

The thing that Chiba-san picked up was a very small camera. I'd seen it said on TV that this sort of thing was used for secret filming. I thought this sort of thing wouldn't normally be in a mountain cabin. Probably.

"Why is something like this here?" Chiba-san groaned morosely, and with a very savage look, he tried to crush it.

But something was nagging at me. "Why is something like this here?" ... why...?

"Wait, Chiba-san!"

It had suddenly occurred to me. I could have been wrong. But I felt that person was capable of anything. I snatched the camera right before he crushed it and peered into the small lens.

"Hello, hello."

I thought it probably had a mic. It would be more interesting to hear the conversation. Wouldn't it?




"Too bad. You found me out."

Ah... I knew it.

What we heard from the speaker attached to the camera was Joker-san's voice, in very high spirits.

"Why would you do something like this...?"

"You weren't progressing very much, so I thought I would create an opportunity for you. It was pretty successful, being stranded on a snowy mountain."

An opportunity... Both Chiba-san and I were gaping like idiots, and we ended up frozen in front of the camera. No, it was true we had been about to make progress, but. But!

"No way, you were... watching us?"

"Yeah. Well, it would have been bad if you'd really frozen to death."

"How long...?"

"Since the beginning, of course."

Hearing those words, Chiba-san turned red and collapsed to his knees. Uaaaaaagh, or some other meaningless moan came from his lips.

Yeah. I understood those feelings. If Chiba-san hadn't done it, I would have. But it was true that when another person was upset, instead you got more calm.

"So it was just a misunderstanding that we thought we lost sight of you, Joker-san."

"I guess, or rather, that's what I made you think. But, I never thought you would find the camera. Just as I'd expect, Ace-kun. You at least have very good luck."

Joker-san heaved a big sigh, sounding amused. Chiba-san was still overwhelmed with shame and seemed at death's door.

"Um, in that case, we're hungry and want to go back to the lodge."

"When the blizzard stops, I'll come pick you up, so sit tight and wait. There's still some time, so you might want to enjoy the continuation. I won't watch anymore. See you later," said Joker-san's voice as he cut off. Maybe it was being controlled remotely, but the power light turned off too.

......................... The continuation...?

From the floor, Chiba-san lifted just his face and glanced at me. Still holding the camera in both hands, I gave Chiba-san a sidelong look. Silent, we were enveloped in a delicately tense mood.

Would the bomb that Joker-san had thrown in at the end explode or not?

Outside the window, we couldn't see any sign that the blizzard would stop soon.

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