the lovers and the kotatsu

kuya's c87 story

This is one of the stories from the Comiket 87 book, Hot Hot Winter Heaven.
Kuya and Yuki are misbehaving in the student council room, and then...

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the lovers and the kotatsu

"I, I can't get in!!"

Kuya-san came back with a large square board strapped to his back with cords. On top of that, large plastic bags dangled from both arms, and he was even holding Wakasama carefully. He looked just like some sort of refugee.

Huh? He was supposed to have gone to the 100 yen shop, saying we needed more cleaning supplies.

"Kuya-san... what are you doing?"

"Yuki, it's a kotatsu! Before, you were saying you wanted a kotatsu in the student council room, didn't you!?"

Oh. It was true. Now that I took a good look, it was a kotatsu.

The kotatsu he was carrying on his back had gotten caught on the door of the student council room and he couldn't get in. I hurriedly ran over and untied the cords.

"You remembered."

"I remember everything you say!"

Passing Wakasama and the plastic bags he was carrying in his arms to Takato-san with a "Here," Kuya-san beamed and puffed out his chest.

Rearranging the tatami which had already been laid out, he placed the kotatsu in the student council room. Wakasama curled up on top. Next to him, he arranged some oranges. And exchanging his uniform for one the coats he had brought along, Kuya-san's preparations were complete.

"It's so warm."

Wriggling under the cover, I laid my cheek on the tabletop. I ended up unconsciously smiling at the gradual heat I felt.

"Since you said a kotatsu, and oranges, and a cat were classic in Japan in winter, I wanted to try it too." Next to me, burrowed under the kotatsu and eating an orange, Kuya-san looked delighted with himself.

When I asked him, it seemed he had gotten this kotatsu from a house nearby the school. On his way back from shopping, he had helped an old woman who was stranded with a broken shopping cart, and since he had carried her things to her house, she had given it to him in thanks. When he said he was a student at BL School, she was very welcoming and even gave him the kotatsu blanket and coats.

"She really was kind!" said Kuya-san, smiling.

"Didn't she just foist an unwanted item on you?"

"Even if she did, it doesn't matter as long as we're all happy!"

Yeah. He was right.

The feet on the small folding-style kotatsu wobbled, but it was very warm. With everyone in the student council around the kotatsu like this, it was just like being at home and relaxing. If only Hattori-san was here too, but he was currently on his fifth disappearance. I was sure he must have been cold. That's right. I'd send him an email that the student council had gotten a kotatsu. If I did that, maybe he would come back.

"But the way, Kuya-san. What's with that coat?"

"It seems it's called a dotera. The old woman gave them to me along with the kotatsu saying we should wear them."

"A dotera?"

"It's a tanzen[1]Note: A type of kimono. padded with cotton. Depending on the region, it's also called a cotton-padded hanten. My family often wore them at my home."

"Wow, so that's it. This is the first time I've worn one."

The dotera that Kuya-san was wearing had a bit of a grandma-like pattern, but it was light and warm. It was more comfortable than the uniform jacket.

"But why aren't you wearing it, Takato-san?"

"That's right. There's no reason to hold back."

"I'm fine. I'm anti-kotatsu." With that blunt reply, Takato-san didn't get under the kotatsu and remained sitting in his chair. He'd said he was strong against the cold before, so it must have been true.

"But it feels so nice, what a waste..."

After turning up the temperature setting, even the top of the table was toasty warm. Wakasama was curled up like a ball and we could hear his sleepy breathing.

"An orange hat!"

Putting an orange rind on his head, Kuya-san smiled. When he burst out laughing, 'he looks so ridiculous!,' Wakasama opened his eyes and glanced at him. But he made an expression like 'if it's Kuya, it can't be helped' and went back to sleep.

Yeah, that's the school's boss cat for you. He was more of a big-shot than us.

Kuya-san, who had finished an orange, rested his cheek on the tabletop like I had been doing and looked at me with great interest. At times like this, Kuya-san was a little bit cat-like. He was a fluffy, contented golden cat. Thinking that, it was kind of cute and I reached out to try rubbing his hair.

"What, Yuki? That tickles." Kuya-san smiled happily at being petted.

"Kuya-san, do you want to eat more oranges?"


I peeled an orange for Kuya-san, who seemed like a cat replying 'meow!' As I fed it to him, he smiled blissfully, melting into a limp puddle.

"You're so nice! A kotatsu angel!"

"That's a rather humble angel."

"It's a wonderful being who brings happiness to everyone."

"That's true, kotatsus are like that."

"Aren't they!?" Kuya-san lifted his face, eyes narrowing with a giggle. "Now I'll give some to you!" he said and held out an orange, beautifully peeled even of white pith, to my lips. With a munch, it entered my mouth and his fingers stayed, tracing my lips.

I gave them a lick with the tip of my tongue.

"Yeah. It tastes like orange."

"Delicious, isn't it!?"

Kuya-san smiled happily, withdrawing his fingers. He touched his slightly wet fingertips carefully to his own lips. His red tongue peeked out from his slightly opened lips and licked them...

"... If you continue, I'm going to unplug the kotatsu."

At Takato-san's cold voice, both of us sat up straight like dolls with springs. Pushing up his glasses with a look that seemed to say 'that's the proper attitude,' Takato-san piled a sheaf of papers in front of us. Placing his laptop on top of the table, he sat formally, across from Kuya-san.

"Now, let's begin. The deadline is tomorrow."

The papers were all documents related to the accounts for the culture festival. The student council's job was to check the papers that were gathered from each of the clubs for errors and submit them all together to Durak.

"I've already input the data from them and made a printout. Please check it, vice president."


"After the check is finished, the president will do a final validation and stamp it."


"Be sure not to overlook any mistakes so that Durak does not disrespect us. Alright?"

"R, right..."

With most of the data entry done, all that was left was the stuff that was handed in late. Leaving that to Takato-san, Kuya-san and I checked the numbers for errors. The relaxed mood of before was gone and we student council members began our work in silence.

For a while, we were focused on our work. Comparing the detailed numbers was simple, but it was mentally exhausting work. Getting a bit tired, I sighed deeply, and something hit my leg.

Was that Kuya-san's foot just now? Was I in his way? I shifted the position of my legs under the kotatsu, but... hm? He hit me again. And this time on my shin, he kept poking me with his toe.

Was he doing it on purpose?

I looked up from the papers and Kuya-san was looking at me. He had the papers in his hand. With his face lowered, he was glancing up with a mischievous smile.

Kuya-san often touched me like this.

In the student council room, in the classroom, in each other's rooms. It was casual, but very meaningful. Our physical contact was a bit sexy, but not to the point of being erotic.

At first I had been reluctant, but those feelings crumbled in a flash. Well, of course I'd be happy to be touched by the person I loved, wouldn't I? Besides, when doing this, sometimes Kuya-san would get a wild, feverish look. He immediately hid it with a smile, but I loved that momentary animalistic light.

I felt like that was the real Kuya-san.

-- Since starting to date Kuya-san, I realized that he hid everything far more than I thought. I didn't mean in the sense of lying or being manipulative. Nor was it in the sense that he was scheming. Kuya-san held himself back to the limit of his control. I felt like he was always stepping on something like a brake whenever he did anything. I thought it probably came from Kuya-san's kindness. He was vigilant so that his actions didn't unintentionally hurt someone. I was sure he was like that towards me too.

'A cage of kindness,' Takato-san had called it at one point. He said that Kuya-san had locked himself away in it by choice.

With all that, sometimes, Kuya-san looked scary. For instance, after kissing over and over feverishly. When he turned me around, stopping me as I tried to go back to my room. When we pressed our bodies together and felt each other's desire so keenly it was painful. By the eyes shining intently, by the knit brow, I could tell Kuya-san was at his limit and I couldn't stand it. At times like those, I ended up really excited with a mix of fear and anticipation.

-- Before I knew it, the tips of Kuya-san toes had slipped under the hem of my pants. I guessed it was because he realized I wasn't objecting. Like that, he bent his toes and tried to take off my socks.

His movements tickled and I was bent over, my shoulders shaking. I shot him a sidelong glare and Kuya-san smiled apologetically.

Alright, time for revenge.

I tried stretching out my bent leg and immediately it hit Kuya-san's leg. But I passed it by and I poked with my toes I didn't know where, but a little closer to the base of his leg. It was soft, so maybe it was his thigh?

This time, Kuya-san's leg hit my knee. Smoothly stretching his leg, he wrapped it around my own.

I gave a little shudder. My body shook with a twitch, but I didn't find it funny. With my heart pounding, I glanced toward Takato-san.

Takato-san was intent on typing, his gaze straight ahead on the laptop monitor.

Yeah, it was okay. He hadn't noticed.

Turning back, I met Kuya-san's eyes, who was watching me intently. I grinned and his eyes narrowed in pleasure.

"Yuki, this entry, does it go with this?"

"Um, that part... I'll check it against another club's."

While he handed me the papers, Kuya-san softly stroked the back of my hand with his little finger. In return, I wrapped my leg around tighter and lightly kicked his thigh with the bottom of my foot.

"That tickles," I mouthed at him, stifling a laugh.

Pretending to look down at the papers, I clenched my toes and kicked even harder. Actually, I wasn't really seeing the papers. My awareness was unconsciously just on the movements under the kotatsu.

Takato-san was there, so doing this was risky. Our entwined legs hidden under the kotatsu had probably gotten pretty suggestive. Because of the heat from the kotatsu, the parts where we overlapped had gradually gotten sweaty. That warmth gathered heavily around my hips.

We should stop now. Even as I thought it, I ended up wrapping my leg even more closely.

"So now, Yuki. About these papers..."

Since before, little by little, Kuya-san's toes had been stealing towards a dangerous place. His legs were a little longer than mine. And so even though my toes only reached his thigh, it wasn't so for Kuya-san.

I tried to look at the papers he was holding out, and the moment I leaned forward a little, Kuya-san's toes suddenly pressed between my legs. Even though it was through clothing, at that definite stimulation, a sweet pleasure ran through me.

"Mph. Ungh..."

The voice that escaped me unconsciously was so erotic it even shocked me. "Oh no!" I pulled away, and at that moment...

With a terrible bang!, Kuya-san who had turned red flung himself down head-first on the tabletop.

"Bunyaa!?"[2]Note: This is the same meow that Tonosama makes in the original game. Wakasama is Tonosama's son, so it makes sense that they would meow in the same way. Wakasama generally meows in a more 'normal' way (nyaa, nyan), so this rougher meow is meant to show that he was surprised.

Wakasama, who had been sleeping in the middle of the table the whole time, jumped up, startled by the sound. He kicked the neatly arranged papers and they fluttered everywhere. In the midst of wildly dancing square papers, I saw that Wakasama's foot had gotten caught in the power cord of the laptop. The plug was pulled from the outlet at the impact and it flew in an arc.


Takato-san and I made the exact same mouth shape, and the exact same cry.


The papers fluttered down in front of Kuya-san who raised his head at our voices.

"... There's a battery, so it's okay, right?"

"... It was the worst timing. At the moment I was just saving, so... ah. The data is corrupt."

... It really was the worst.

In the chilled mood, Takato-san lightly adjusted his glasses which had slipped down his nose a little.

"... There is something I need to tell you two."

We were found out.

Takato-san had figured all of it out. He knew and had pretended not to notice on purpose. Probably, even his lecture would be annoying....

"I'm sorry, Masatsugu...."

"I'm not forgiving you today. I'm going to have you reflect on what you've done, properly, from the bottom of your hearts. There, sit properly."


... After that, Takato-san severely scolded us about behaving without bearing in mind the time, place, and occasion. To begin with, the student council president and vice president enjoying indecent touching in the student council room, which was a place to work, was outrageous. On top of all that, how could we take a kotatsu, which is the embodiment of relaxation, and use it for sex play?

"Sex play, but Takato-san..."

"Am I wrong? Wrapping your legs around each other obscenely and stimulating each other's privates isn't sex play?"

"W, we didn't go that far! It was an accident!"

"You have an erection; what part of that was an accident?"

Uuuuurgh..... Takato-san was too blunt!

But it was hard to deny the truth, and all Kuya-san and I could do was deeply hang our heads, blushing.

Anyway, the kotatsu was confiscated. It was given the person it would make the happiest, so that it could never be returned to the student council room. Now, the kotatsu was in Dora-chan's room. Since he was born in India and was sensitive to cold, it seemed he was joyously snug under the kotatsu.


Translator's notes:
1 A type of kimono.
2 This is the same meow that Tonosama makes in the original game. Wakasama is Tonosama's son, so it makes sense that they would meow in the same way. Wakasama generally meows in a more 'normal' way (nyaa, nyan), so this rougher meow is meant to show that he was surprised.

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