summer-tinged bare skin

Yuki/Arata story from Cool-B (July 2015)

This is one of the sexier GH2 stories, which is surprising because the magazine short stories tend to be very tame or just cute. I guess it's because seme Yuki is a total pervert. :p

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summer-tinged bare skin

"Time to dig in!"

I clapped my hands together, gave a bow to the breakfast from which wafted the fragrance of spicy curry, and began to eat. The completely familiar flavor was delicious today too.

"Good morning. You're pretty cheerful for a Monday morning."

I glanced up at Arata-san's voice. What jumped into view was not the usual black and blue-green track suit, but a dazzlingly white shirt. "Huh? A uniform?"

It was rare to see Arata-san in a uniform. Or rather, this was the first time since I'd met him. "Why are you wearing that outfit?"

"Mm, just cuz, I guess." Waving it away with this hand, Arata-san sat in the seat across from me.

The laid-back attitude was usual for Arata-san. But wearing a necktie and being dressed properly was kind of refreshing. Maybe it was the necktie fastened neatly around his throat, but even his features looked more sharp. It somehow reminded me of the way he looked when he was standing on the diving board. Seeing his face from so much closer than when I looked up at the diving board made me a little excited. Arata-san was always keenly aware that when he toned down the silliness, he was really beautiful. ... Well, Arata-san was always beautiful.

"What's the matter, Yuki?" he asked, looking mystified.

Maybe I was staring too much. But if I told him 'you're beautiful,' he'd definitely get embarrassed and leave, so I swallowed my words. "It's nothing. Um, it's rare seeing you here in the morning."

"That's because I always have morning practice."

That was right. There was a pool inspection, so it seemed the club was off for the entire day today. Last night, when I heard that, I took the opportunity and invited him to my room. Even though we lived in the same dorm, it was surprisingly hard to take time to spend alone as lovers. Time like last night, when we could press our bodies close, was especially precious.


Crap. I hurriedly looked away from Arata-san.

"... Phew." Arata-san looked a little tired and sighed a little while rolling his neck slightly.


I flew out of the classroom right as the dismissal bell rang. I was headed for the second year classroom, where Arata-san was waiting for me.

During the day, Yagami and Tomo were with us too, but Arata-san seemed off. There were times when we were alone that he was silent too, but even though he participated in somewhat casual conversations in front of others, he hadn't opened his mouth much today. Arata-san said he just had a bit of a headache and he was fine, but I was worried. Concerned all through afternoon classes, I sent him an email that I would go meet him in his classroom, but I wondered if he was okay.

Thinking of Arata-san being sick, I rushed up the stairs. I flew into the second year classroom and saw Arata-san sitting in the very first seat by the window, looking out.

Thank goodness, he waited for me. Everyone else must have already left for their clubs and stuff. Arata-san was all alone in the classroom. I thought of immediately calling out to him, but I lost my words.

Arata-san's hair was being swayed by the air blowing, lit by the glittering light of the evening. Arata-san was just quiet, squinting a little as he gazed out the window, and he slowly petted up and down Maro's back, who was curled up on the desk. Maybe his head still hurt, but there was a tinge of anxiety in his expression which made it really sexy, and even though I was worried, my heart ended up pounding.



Arata-san turned around at my hoarse call and he smiled, looking a little relieved. His unguarded smile made him look young and my heart beat even faster.

"Oh... I'm sorry. I kept you waiting... Is your headache better?" It wasn't the time to be entranced, and I quickly crossed the classroom that was lit by the setting sun pouring in.

"Yeah. I'm fine," he said lightly and stood up. "Ah!"

Watch out! The moment Arata-san stood up, he staggered, and I hurriedly supported him with a hand. Arata-san's body shivered with a start. I felt like his back was really stiff.


I guess he moved away quickly because he didn't feel well after all. Even his frown looked a little bit pained.

"Arata-san, you don't have your club today, do you? Let's go rest at the dorm. I'll walk you."

"It's fine. You have the student council..."

"It's okay! I already emailed Kuya-san! I'll lend you my shoulder. If you fall, I'll carry you piggyback."

At my breathless words, Arata-san eyes widened in surprise and he shook his head. "You don't have to do that. My shoulders are just stiff, don't exaggerate."

Stiff shoulders? That was kind of weird for Arata-san, who had backed away. But his body was so limber. Even though Arata-san never missed a day of stretching, he had stiff shoulders? Reflexively, I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Wow. It's all hard."

Arata-san jerked his shoulder away with a start, my hand still on it. Even bearing in mind the feel of the crisp shirt that was different from his usual track jacket, Arata-san's body felt hard beneath my fingertips.

"Could it be your shoulders are stiff because you're not used to the uniform?"


Arata-san looked away. It looked like I'd hit the bulls-eye. "Come to think of it, why are you in a uniform today?"

Arata-san didn't answer. He just stayed silent, not meeting my eyes. Maybe he had something to do where he had to wear a uniform... no. Besides, it was time to go home for today.

"Arata-san, if you have your track jacket to spare, let's get you changed into it now." I moved my hand from his shoulder to his necktie.

"No!" Arata-san, who had been frozen with surprise, slapped my hand away in refusal. It was light, so it didn't really hurt, and even though I was surprised, it didn't bother me.

Only, instead, I felt something like a chill, or like I was turned on...


Unthinkingly, I pulled on Arata-san's necktie and pressed our lips together. His lips were closed tight. He was stiff, just like we were having our first kiss after confessing.

"No!" He pounded on my chest and, startled, I released his lips.

"I'm sorry..." Why was I acting so gutsy...? I ended up smiling a bit in embarrassment.

"You... what are you doing, all of a sudden...?" Arata-san made as if to wipe his lips with his fist, to hide them, and glared at me. But it only made me shiver more.

"What am I doing all of a sudden, well, I'm kissing you, aren't I? Or did you mean about trying to undress you?"

"Idiot. Both of them." He turned away in a huff. His pouting lips made the desire to still be stuck fast to them well up within me.

"Um... I didn't mean trying to take off your clothes in a dirty way. I just thought that taking off your necktie and undoing the buttons would make your stiff shoulders feel better."

"I can do that myself." As he said that, Arata-san quickly loosened his necktie. Even that was pretty nice.

"And, well, kissing you and, um, taking off your clothes feels really naughty, and I mean, I just got turned on..."


In the blink of an eye, even Arata-san's ears had turned bright red. The hand undoing his buttons froze, but he had ended up unbuttoning far lower than he had to. From the opening of his shirt, smooth skin and faintly darker points peeked out.


Even though I had been connected deep within his body just yesterday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted to feel him more and more, and I wrapped my arms around Arata-san's hips and pulled him close with a tug.

"Wai, Yuki, what...?"

My fingertips touched the hard belt. At the different from usual sensation, heat spread suddenly inside my body.

"This is kind of getting me fired up..."


"Arata-san, your belt and stuff aren't the usual. So, I mean, the frustration is arousing me instead..."

"You idiot!!"


Ugh. A chop to the forehead. It was just a surprise, but effective...

"You... why are you saying stuff like that?"

Huh? Was he angry? Arata-san was looking really serious. "You said it yesterday. 'When you wear the jacket, it's easy to take off, so when we hold each other, I can touch you immediately, Arata-san. And when I think about that, I get excited,' and stuff... And so, when someone wears a uniform they don't usually wear, next time..."

I blinked at Arata-san's voice, which had gotten very soft.

Huh? I'd said that? Lines that sounded like something from a dirty old man? ...... I said it... I guess...?

Right then, my hand was covering Arata-san's hip. I had felt the same sensation with this hand last night...

Not sure if the door to the room was shut or not, kissing while standing, holding him close. Pulling Arata-san's hips to me, slipping fingers into his jacket. Sliding easily and immediately reaching his smooth skin. Those slender hips with efficient, limber muscle for twisting and spinning during diving. Gradually moving my fingers down and... although I wouldn't have imagined it from the coolness of his skin, there was the place that enveloped me with heat.

I'd wanted to be one with him right then. Arata-san's body, his sweat-dampened skin, accepted my feelings.

That's how I had felt, happy, as I'd stroked Arata-san's butt....

That's right, I had ended up saying that.

"Haha. Come to think of it, I did say that." Remembering it now made me kind of embarrassed. But. "Could it be, Arata-san... that you thought if you wore a jacket, I would suddenly attack you? I really wasn't trying to be so much of a beast..."

"N, no, no! That's not it!"

I felt dejected, and at Arata-san's voice, who was unconsciously gripping my shirt tightly, I lifted my lowered head. Arata-san's face was bright red and he looked very flustered. "I know you wouldn't do something like that. But still, with you saying that, if I still wore the jacket, I... might seem like I was always wanting it..."

Arata-san's forcefulness was gone in an instant. Even though his face remained as red as before, he dropped his gaze, and his tone became a stammered murmur. "If you think I'm dirty, it's embarrassing, and besides, I... get self-conscious about it, and I can't wear a jacket in front of you..."

"Is that why you were wearing a uniform!?"

Arata-san didn't answer. His lips were pressed tightly together, but he seemed to nod a little. It was too cute. Just seeing Arata-san like that was enough to make my head spin.

"Well, after yesterday..."

I embraced Arata-san. His body squirmed and I tightened instinctively.

"I, idiot! The curtain is open! You can see everything from outside!"

Since Arata-san was trying to run away, I closed the curtain behind me. Calmed down a little now that no one could look in, Arata-san spoke in a small voice. "... The jacket was embarrassing, so I put up with wearing the uniform I wasn't used to, but you... said weird stuff again... Now I can't wear the uniform either."

Arata-san, muttering, looked just like he was pouting. That was even cuter and my arms squeezed tighter. Arata-san's body relaxed just a little more than before, and pleased, I gently stroked his back.

"But, it can't be helped."

"What can't?"

"Well, a delicious croquette, whether it's arranged on a beautiful plate, or just wrapped in coarse paper, it's still delicious both ways."

"Huh?" Arata-san tilted his head at the sudden mention of croquettes.

"So please accept it. No matter what you wear, Arata-san, your fate is to be eaten up and savored by me."

Arata-san heaved a huge sigh and I held him even tighter. Through the shirt, I could tell that the strength was draining from his body. "What's that supposed to be? I'm a croquette?"

"Oh, maybe not. In your case... maybe a jelly, or fruit... a peach, or a pear, or something." I imagined the texture, melting in my mouth when I ate it, sweet and cool.

"Geez, Yuki..." Arata-san chuckled. The anxiety was gone and he had a gentle smile.

"Can I have all of you, Arata-san...?"

The curtain billowed with the breeze blowing in from the open window. The early summer air tickled our slightly sweaty bare skin.

"... Mm."

I kissed Arata-san, hidden in the shadow of the lightly swaying cloth. I pressed my lips softly to his, and Arata-san's slightly open lips gently accepted me.

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