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Yuki/Yagami story from Cool-B (November 2013)

This is a short but cute story about Yuki and Yagami that was published over half a year before the game came out! Unfortunately, I think this is the only magazine story featuring Yagami. It sucks to like unpopular characters. :(

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Lunchtime. The hard concrete floor of the roof soaking up the sun was nice and warm. I gave a great big stretch.

White clouds floated lazily in the blue sky. The weather was nice and the breeze felt good.

"Hey, Asahina. You're heavy!"

At the complaint from behind me, I went back to my original posture and asked, "Yagami, what are you reading?"

After finishing lunch, Yagami had turned around with a "don't bother me" and started reading something. There was still time left. I had nothing to do, and with my back against his, I had spent a few minutes sitting absently. I'd soon gotten bored.


When I looked over my shoulder, Yagami was also looking over his shoulder and glaring at me sourly. Well, he was always like that.

"You've been quiet, reading the whole time. That's an awful lot of concentration."

"What are you talking about, it's a magazine. Can't you tell by looking?"

The cover of what he held out had a picture of a foreign man flashily strumming a guitar.

"About bands?"

"Yeah. It's a metal magazine. Now stop bothering me."

I didn't have the slightest desire to bother him, but I was a little interested in the magazine Yagami was reading. "It's all foreigners."

"Of course. It's the home of metal after all."

"Hmm. Metal guys all have long wavy hair or crew cuts."

"Huh? Who cares about that? If you're going to notice something, look at the guitar."

"But I don't know about guitars like you. Wait, this is all in English!? That's a really long interview. Yagami, can you actually read this?"

"Listen, you..."

I had drawn the magazine towards me with one hand, and he took it back like he was snatching it away. But I wanted to look at it with him.

Yagami drew his face close as he shut the magazine. He screwed his face up aggressively, making like he was glaring. "Are you making fun of me?"

"I'm not making fun of you. Why?"

"Don't ask every little stupid thing. If you don't know, shut up."

"It's true it's all stuff I don't know yet, but I'm asking because I'm interested in what you like."

"You saying that seriously?"

"Seriously, seriously. That CD you lent me the other day, I listened to the whole thing!"

"Really? ...... What was the best?"

"Umm, the '4 BULLETS of the death' one was cool. Hey, you said it was a relatively young band from England."

"Yeah! You have a pretty good ear! Even though they're following traditional metal, you can feel the unpolished originality, I mean. The very first song starts with a storm of picking then goes into an arpeggio! The heavy but sharp riffs are awesome!"

"Yeah, it was cool!"

"...... Wait, don't you have any other praise besides it's cool?"

"Huh? But cool is important, isn't it?"

"Well...... that's true......"

He had gotten sullen just as the conversation had turned to music and he was getting excited.... Yagami's face, whose expressions fluctuated up and down wildly, slightly relaxed.

"...... Hmph."

Still, he turned away from me so that I couldn't see him.

"Lend me another one of the CDs you like."

"Yeah, fine."

With that, Yagami turned completely away from me. He went back to the way he was sitting, and I went back to the way I was sitting. With my back against Yagami's, I leaned against him slightly and made myself comfortable.

Yagami's shoulders were more relaxed than they had been before. I could tell even his breathing was softer and I felt something like a tickling sensation in my chest.

I gradually felt Yagami's warmth through the uniform. It felt really nice, so I didn't want to move away from the back I was pressed against.

Yagami squirmed. The bones of his back rubbed against me through the uniform, and it hurt a little, but also felt good.

"Asahina, you dumbass... I said you're heavy."

I glanced over and looked at Yagami's face. When I did that, I just ended up smiling.

Ah, this guy. It was so easy to tell when he was embarrassed.

"Then, can you lean on my back too?" As I said that, I purposefully put my weight on Yagami. I made like I was having a great big stretch, enough to lean over him.

"Dumbass. Don't do it on purpose." My back was forced back hard. I guess he hated getting beaten. Yagami pushed with his back too.

"Uwah, Yagami, that hurts."

This, this. For Yagami and me, this was good. If one did something, the other did it back. With Yagami, this was like a continuous see-saw. It was fun and comfortable.

Did Yagami realize that doing this brought us a lot closer?

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