fall festival

Kuya/Yuki story from Cool-B (November 2014)

This is a sweet and sexy story featuring the student council (including Ninosuke, haha) attending a local festival in Yuki's neighborhood. When some of Yuki's female friends from middle school show up, things get tense... :3

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fall festival

It was one month after the start of the second trimester.

The school was preparing for the upcoming culture festival, and everyone was stirred up and restless. Of course even the student council was really busy every day. This was in the midst of that.

"Yuki! I got yukatas from the craft club!" Kuya-san said, beaming, as he spread the yukatas on the student council's desk.

The four of us in the student council had worked as models at the request of the craft club, which held a yukata fashion show over summer break called the MALE X YUKATA X Collection. Since that had received good feedback, it seemed they had given them to us while asking for help in the culture festival too.

"This means we can't refuse to model at the culture festival, doesn't it?"

"But we would have agreed without them having to do that."

"Yeah, that's what I said too, but it was a thank-you gift."

We had been given four yukatas. For me and Kuya-san and Takato-san. And one for Hattori-san.

"Then, since we have them, let's all wear them and go to a festival."

"A festival! That would be nice!"

A festival, with all our members wearing yukatas. It really seemed like fun. Besides, if we went to a festival, that meant food stalls! Yakisoba, hotdogs, chicken steak... I also wanted to eat takoyaki. Just imagining it made me salivate.

"But, Asahina. October is out of season for yukatas."

"Then you don't have to wear one, Hattori-san."

"I, I wasn't saying that!"

Hattori-san snatched a yukata and pulled it closer to him. As usual, I couldn't see his face because the mask was in the way, but he was really eager.

"Besides, where are they having a festival?"

"Aren't they everywhere?"

"Masatsugu, isn't there a shrine just outside the school island? How about there?"

"Their festival should have been last month."

Hm? Wait. Recently, I thought someone was talking about a festival...

"I know! There's a fall festival in my neighborhood!"

I was sure my father had told me something like that in an email. When I looked it up on the internet, it was being held this weekend.

"Did we have any plans on Saturday?"

"No, if it's after school, it should be fine..."

As we confirmed our plans, Takato-san looked hard at me and Kuya-san.

"Is it okay, not just the two of you?"

At him saying that, I unconsciously looked at Kuya-san's face.

Going out, just the two of us. That would be a date. No, since we were going out, dates were a given, and over summer break the two of us had gone out together several times, so it shouldn't have been a big deal.

"...I'm sorry, Asahina. That was none of my business."

Ah... was I getting red just at Takato-san apologizing? That was embarrassing in its own way...

"That's right. It's none of your business, Masatsugu! If I'm with Yuki, no matter who else is there, it's an excellent date to me! Don't worry, we'll make out whether you're there or not!"

"Aren't you the one who's most not minding his business, Kuya-san!?"

And so, the four of us went to the fall festival on the weekend.

The festival in my neighborhood wasn't just at the shrine, but also encompassed the shopping district. It was a really large-scale festival so it was pretty famous around there. It was a shrine to Inari, so fox masks were being sold in various places. [info]

During the day, we could hear the high-spirited voices of people carrying portable shrines here and there. At night, the portable shrines would all be gathered on the shrine grounds and it was really impressive, so much so that people came from far away to see it.

Of course, even the food stalls were amazing. They weren't just on the shrine grounds, but the various stalls stretched out endlessly from the path leading to the shrine to the outside road. From traditional crafts like candy sculpture, to popular local foods, they all looked so delicious I couldn't choose.

"Umm, after all, first the yakisoba maybe... What about you, Kuya-san?"

"I want to try that thing called jelly fries! Fried jelly sounds interesting." [info]

"Kuya. Jelly fries are not the same thing as the confection jelly."

Okonomiyaki and obanyaki. Chicken steak, and meat skewers, and grilled squid. The smell of the scorched sauce and the scent of fragrant soy sauce. Ah, festivals were the best!

"By the way, I'm good at goldfish scooping," Hattori-san suddenly declared, even though no one had asked him, and began scooping goldfish. But he really was amazing. In the end, when he scooped up all the goldfish with a single flick, he was surrounded by huge cheers from everyone around the stall.

But still...

"I'm surprised you can eat like that."

Even coming here, Hattori-san still wasn't showing his bare face. In general festival style, we had all changed into the matching fox masks we bought, but he wasn't taking his off and was still eating all sorts of things normally.

"You were eating a candy apple just before. How did you do it?

"Fwahahaha. That's a ninja secret."

What kind of secret was that?

Something was thrust at me and a sweet flavor spread in my mouth. Oh, it was cotton candy.

"This cotton candy is really fluffy! It melts as soon as I put it in my mouth!"

Just as Kuya-san said, the large ball of cotton candy melted sweetly over my tongue. Kuya-san had a big smile even sweeter than the cotton candy.

"Kuya-san, is the first time you've been to a festival like this?"

"I've been a few times, but this is the first time it's been so fun!"

With the dark yukata and the fox mask on his head, Kuya-san seemed a little mysterious somehow. Of course, it suited him, but how should I put it...

"I think you're pretty handsome dressed like this, Kuya-san."

"R, really...?"

I also thought it when he wore a suit, but Kuya-san in his regular outfit seemed out of place. Maybe it was that his face was too beautiful. Even though Kuya-san was cute wearing the frilly shirt or unfashionable track jacket, Kuya-san now seemed like 'Sagimori-sempai,' and somehow... just looking at him made me embarrassed.

I unconsciously averted my gaze and saw some girls looking our way. Oh, they were...

"Oooh. I knew it, it's Asahina. Hey, hey, Yamada, and Fuji."

The girls, who were looking at a stall, turned around. I was right. They were all my classmates from middle school.

"Oh, Taguchi. It's been a while."

"It's been a while! So you came to visit too."

"Yeah. With my high school sempais..."

"Huh? So then all of you are from BL School?"

Suddenly, Taguchi's voice rose sharply. And not just Taguchi's. The girls also crowded around Kuya-san and the others behind me.

"Oh, Kuya-san. These are my friends from middle school. Taguchi and Yamada and Fuji and Miyabe and Nagano."

"I see. Pleased to meet you."

I introduced them and Kuya-san smiled cheerfully. After a moment of silence, the girls began to speak all at once, like a surging wave.

"We were in the same year as Asahina."

"Since you're sempais, are you third-years?"

"Um, my name is Miyabe."

... Even Kuya-san must have been bothered by being spoken to all at once like that. But he smiled and skillfully listened to the girls' talk. Well, it was just as I'd expect.

I felt a tug on the sleeve of my yukata and when I turned around, Taguchi was beckoning me with a finger.


"Asahina, it's amazing. They're both so cool."

"Aren't they?"

It made me happy that she said it clearly. That everyone who saw Kuya-san and Takato-san thought they were cool.

While I was doing that, the girls had surrounded Kuya-san and the others.

At Kuya-san's words, Yamada and the rest cried out in surprise at every little thing, with things like 'the student council?' and 'Asahina is student council president?'

But it was kind of different. Those weren't the girls' voices that I knew. The tone was higher than I remembered, and it seemed like it had gotten a bit cuter.

Taguchi immediately went back to the others and asked Kuya-san what dorm life was like.

That's right. She asked Kuya-san.

At first it was Kuya-san and Takato-san. And I thought they had even been speaking to Hattori-san. But between Hattori-san who wasn't taking off his fox mask, Takato-san who was aloof, and Kuya-san who was cheerful and easy to talk to, it was obvious which one they would speak to.

Since there were five girls, every once in while two would talk softly to each other.

"Sagimori-san looks like a prince, doesn't he?" I heard and was shocked.

Kuya-san was a prince.

I knew how they felt. Even I thought so. Gentle and handsome, and a little refined, he kind of didn't seem real, so naturally my classmates would nickname him prince.

But what was this feeling? It felt kind of oppressive in my chest. My jaw clenched by itself and my mouth became a frown.

The girls. They hadn't all been like that, had they? Fuji totally talked like a guy, not all cute like that. It had hardly been half a year since graduating middle school; had they changed that much?

Nagano had been watching Kuya-san the whole time, and Miyabe was casually stuck to his side.

And Kuya-san... He was a person who always smiled, but the smile he was making now seemed a bit artificial. Probably, he was being courteous because they were girls he didn't know. That's the kind of person he was. But, that seemed to fit the 'Prince of BL School' even more perfectly.

That probably made the girls find him even cooler. Well, Kuya-san was cool. I'd never said it to Kuya-san himself, but I truly thought that he was really cool.

His face was so incredibly beautiful that he wouldn't lose compared to an idol or actor on TV. He was the student council vice president of BL School, and could speak languages from all over the world, and he was an expert at fencing.

But, Kuya-san's coolness wasn't just that. The coolest part was his personality. It was the inside that wasn't like anyone else. That's why Yamada and the rest... when they looked at Kuya-san with such shining eyes, they could tell there was more to him...

I was kind of getting into a bad mood. Just then, Fuji thumped my shoulder from beside me.

"Asahina, don't feel down. Well, I can understand that you'd feel depressed comparing yourself to such high level sempais, though."

"I'm not depressed."

I wasn't really comparing myself to Kuya-san. What I was comparing was rather...

"Now, now. Look, I'll give you this."

She thrust a chocolate covered banana in front of me. The slightly glossy dark chocolate had a scattering of sprinkles in various colors.

"Here, say ah."


She held it at my lips and I opened my mouth wide. I worried it could be misunderstood, but deliciousness was righteousness. But the moment I tried to bite into the banana, a large hand blocked my view.


Suddenly my mouth was covered from behind. It was so sudden that I slightly bit the fingers. Like that, my body was forcefully pulled back, and I was embraced by a large body from behind.

K, Kuya-san...?

With my mouth covered and being held from behind, I stiffened.

It wasn't just me. The girls all had their mouths wide open. I couldn't tell on Ninosuke with the fox mask on, but he was probably the same as the girls.

In the midst of that, only Takato-san pushed the frame of his glasses up while shaking his head in exasperation.

"I'm sorry! I remembered I have some business with Yuki! Masatsugu, I'll see you later!"

"Understood. I'll contact you later."


He caught my wrist with a tug, and pulled along by Kuya-san who ran off, I started to run too. As we ran, weaving through the crowd, question marks kept flying through my head.

... We didn't have any plans, right?

I didn't get it, but I just ran with Kuya-san. We didn't look back at Takato-san and Hattori-san who had been left behind, or the girls from class I hadn't seen in so long.

"W, wait, Kuya-san? My feet hurt...," I said, out of breath after running and running over halfway down the long path that led to the shrine. Kuya-san stopped with a gasp.

"I'm sorry, Yuki!"

Still holding my wrist, Kuya-san lowered his head, looking embarrassed.

"I was rude to your friends...."

"It's fine. No one will mind."

"I see..."

Kuya-san had a complicated look, like he wasn't quite relieved, and his gaze darted about unusually.

"Hey... did it bother you? What Fuji did..."

"Of course it bothered me!"

I was taken aback at Kuya-san's loud voice.

"... I'm sorry. I was jealous of you getting along with your friends, that was really petty of me..."


Kuya-san was?

When I thought about it, suddenly my heart started pounding. It bothered him. My being friendly with a girl had bothered him enough to run away from there, even though he knew he'd surprised everyone.

Even though she was just my friend.

Kuya-san was looking really serious. I could tell he was truly sorry.

"I'm sorry... let's go back..."

"It's fine."

As if pressured by an irresistible emotion, I gently touched the back of Kuya's hand, who was still holding my wrist.

"Hey... let's wander around a little more."

If we went back now, the girls might still be there. Rather than that, I wanted to stay like this.

Like this, just the two of us.

I took the plunge and grasped Kuya-san's hand. It was embarrassing; I could feel the heat slowly radiating from our linked hands. But when I saw Kuya-san's happy smile, even I automatically smiled.

"I guess. Just a little."

"Yeah. Since we're at a festival. Well..."

Shouldn't we be lover-like, just a bit? I said that and Kuya-san nodded deeply, really, really happy.

We walked hand-in-hand into the crowd. It was crowded along the path that led to the shrine, so no one noticed that we were holding hands. Probably.

"Hey, Yuki? What kind of things do lovers do at festivals?"

"Umm, there's goldfish scooping, the shooting gallery... oh. How about a fortune?"

"Aren't fortunes for the first shrine visit of New Year?"

"Oh, right. Then..."

What was this? I felt kind of antsy. Even though we'd already gone to the stalls, this time it felt completely different. Buying a ramune soda and sharing it, splitting the candied strawberries I won at a rock-paper-scissors booth... [note]Note: You pay to start playing, and you get more candy with each consecutive win.

Whatever we did, I was happy, having fun, and practically floating.

I wondered if it was the same for Kuya-san. I looked up at his face, a little above mine as he walked beside me, and his face in profile looked like he was enjoying himself so much he would burst into song.

"This is fun!" He turned towards me and grinned.

Yeah. It was fun. It was so, so fun and a weird laugh slipped out, hehehe.

Anyway, we decided we ought to worship at the shrine, and we headed towards it, joining the flow of people. The grounds, with all the portable shrines out, was deserted and quiet. But after a while, the portable shrines that were out in the town would be brought back. When that happened, this place would be bustling with a crowd of people.

Hearing the sound of far-off traditional music, we went into the empty main shrine. A wish... since it wasn't the first visit of the New Year, maybe it would be better to not make one? Or should I make one normally anyway? I didn't know, so anyway, I prayed that everyone would be happy. I was sure that, like that, even god wouldn't complain.

And when we finished our worship, suddenly Kuya-san spoke up.

"Is your foot hurt?"

Following his look, blood was seeping from under the thong of the geta on my right foot. It seemed like it had ended up happening when I was running with Kuya-san before. It had hurt, but I hadn't thought it was bleeding.

"It looks painful... Anyway, let's go somewhere we can sit."

Looking for a place to sit down, we headed to the back of the main shrine. We sat in a place that seemed to serve as a veranda and Kuya-san ran off, saying to wait a bit.

There were moss covered stones scattered around and not a sign of people. Only, there were lots of bright red flowers blooming. What were those flowers again? They bloomed a lot at Inari shrines... that's right, they were spider lilies. As I thought about that, Kuya-san came running back. His hand gripped a plastic water bottle.

"I'm glad I brought bandages. The skin is peeled, it looks really painful."

"I'm fine, it doesn't hurt as bad as it looks."

Since we noticed it quickly and walked carefully, the wound hadn't gotten that deep. Despite that, Kuya-san kneeled in front of me worriedly. After taking off my sandal, placing my foot on his own lap, and checking the injury carefully, he washed the wound with the water he had bought. The sensation of the cool water felt good. And so did Kuya-san's fingers touching me.

He gently removed the dirt, careful not to touch the wound. His cautious movements treating it like something breakable made me kind of excited. He didn't have to be so careful with my foot. Watching him intently, I started to feel strange and I unconsciously averted my gaze.

Before I knew it, the sun had gone down and signs of night suffused the sky. In the evening light, the red of the spider lilies blurred. The crowds on the path to the shrine and the festival music seemed far off and it felt very quiet here. It was just like we had been cut off from the world and Kuya-san and I were alone together here.

When I looked again, Kuya-san was sticking a bandage with kind of an overly-cute design on my wound with a serious gaze. The mismatch between the tense expression and the bandage was just so Kuya-san.

"... What the matter? Is something funny?"

At my sudden laughter, Kuya-san, who was stroking the bandage as if to check that it was stuck, gave me a mystified look.

This Kuya-san was mine alone. Only I got to see him. I didn't want to let anyone else see. Suddenly those feelings arose and I got flustered. "Yeah.... Well, I was thinking how nice it is to be alone with you."


"Hey..." I pushed my the sole of my foot slightly against Kuya-san's hand. The smooth feel of the back of his hand felt good. "Before... it bothered me too. Because you were so popular."

I was embarrassed at saying something so girly, and I tried pushing jerkily on Kuya-san with my sole a just a little. Maybe I was like the girls who had gotten really girly in front of Kuya-san. I felt it was kind of gross, but those feelings vanished when I saw Kuya-san's face.

"You're the one I love."

Kuya-san looked straight at me. There's wasn't a bit of deception, hesitation, or misplaced kindness. He looked like he was trying to properly express his feelings.

"Yeah, I know..."

And so I nodded honestly. It really didn't matter if it was girly. Only, I loved Kuya-san. That was all. It was only natural, but I was able to recognize the most important thing to me.

"I love you too, Kuya-san."

It was embarrassing and my voice was a little soft, but Kuya-san smiled happily at my saying it clearly.

"It's kind of... amazing."

"What is?"

"When I talk to you, my bad feelings completely disappear."

"I'm glad!"

... This was kind of... my heart ached just now...

I really loved that about Kuya-san. He was cheerful, and beautiful, and generous, and straightforward. My precious person. The person I felt I wanted to protect more than anyone.

"Before, when I was talking to the girls, we were talking about you. I just wanted to hear about you in middle school when I didn't know you."

"It was ordinary, wasn't it?"

"I really realized that you were popular! Every time any girl talked about you, she smiled. I think that's really wonderful."

"I'm not so sure.... All I remember is just doing stupid stuff like eating."

"But it was fun, wasn't it?"


"I'm sure the girls thought so too. They remembered having a lot fun spending time with you and smiled like that."

You're incredible, Yuki.

When Kuya-san said that with a blooming smile, I couldn't stand it. When this person told me something like that, I really did feel like I was incredible. I felt like even I could become an exceptional person like Kuya-san. It was a magic only Kuya-san could use.

When I said that, Kuya-san smiled wryly. "What are you saying? You've always been a really good guy."

"No. I, well, I may be an average nice guy, but you're an especially good person, Kuya-san."

"A good person... huh?"

"Yeah. A really good person."

I repeated it and I felt like Kuya-san's expression suddenly clouded. Before I could even think 'huh...?' Kuya-san was leaning forward.

"That's not true."

My foot was lifted up so suddenly I didn't even have time to be surprised at the hardness in his voice. As I looked down at him in shock, Kuya-san scooped up my injured foot with both hands. In the twilight, my bared calf stood out strangely white. Like that, Kuya-san brought his lips close without any hesitation.

No way, I thought, and his tongue ran over the top of my foot. I was too surprised and my face twisted oddly. I couldn't breathe and something like a moan came out of my nose.

"I'm not a good person."

The soft tongue was touching the hard instep. His outstretched tongue was even redder than the spider lilies and glistened wetly.

"Because I think that I want to do this to you."

I shuddered. At Kuya-san's voice more than having my foot licked. That serious voice felt manly, and hearing it so different than normal was kind of... It was just like I was bound, my body couldn't move. Frozen, I looked down and Kuya-san caught my gaze, just looking right back at me.

The tip of his tongue brushed lightly, slowly, from instep to ankle. A buzzing sensation ran up my leg.

As he focused directly on me, Kuya-san's fingers steadily stroked up my calf. Maybe it was because they had been wet before, but his fingertips were really cold. The chilly sensation stirred up something heavy within me.

I felt like the thin ice we were both carefully, carefully crossing would crack beneath our feet. If it cracked and we fell in, something would change. Actually, I always had that feeling. I was anticipating it.


The sounds of the portable shrines were getting closer. I was sure that the parades that were going here and there in town were coming back. I felt the signs of people had really increased along with them. Maybe the flood of people from the shrine grounds were coming this way.

That thought flashed through my mind, but I couldn't move my body. No... I didn't want to move.

Kuya-san's face drew close. His breath touched my lips. His breath was hot. I was sure mine was too.

Before I could even blink, I heard Kuya-san's voice. "I love you. I want you so much I can't stand it, actually... this is driving me crazy."

I felt like I would get sucked into those yearning eyes that watched me.

The tips of our noses touched and I slowly closed my eyes. Our lips met and I opened my mouth. Without knowing who started it first, as our tongues darted out and entwined, Kuya-san and I embraced each other.

He was hot... Kind of really hot. I felt like Kuya-san's body heat that I could feel through the thin yukata would scorch my skin.

It was hard to breathe. I felt I was going crazy like this.

I was jealous of you getting along with your friends.

Because I think that I want to do this to you.

Kuya-san's words swirled around in my head.

I loved Kuya-san, I loved him so much I couldn't stand it, and like this, I loved him so much I didn't care what happened... I wanted him. I wanted and wanted Kuya-san so much I couldn't stand it.

I was sure Kuya-san felt like that about me too.

Our arms that were wrapped around each other, our lips that were pressed together, they communicated unvoiced words. It was sweet and I felt like I would melt from the incredible heat. Just as if my mind was going numb, my body tingled.

But I couldn't take that last step. I was sure someone would come soon and a part of me was relieved and a part of me was disappointed.


He called my name with longing. Instead of a reply, I returned a kiss.

I wanted to stay like this. I didn't want anyone to interrupt. People would end up coming. We had to hurry and stop. All sorts of feelings swirled around as if they were in a mixer and they flowed toward Kuya-san along with a sigh. He accepted all of it and Kuya-san responded with a long deep kiss.

I loved that gentleness, but, frustratingly, it only made my feelings of desire swell.

Please, just a little longer, I don't want anyone to come. Just a little. Even if it's just a little.

Amid the festival music and cheers from the grounds, we just continued to kiss.

"That's why you should have made it a date from the beginning. Just what kind of sex play is this?"

I felt I heard Takato-san's astonished voice echo through my head.

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