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Tomo manga announcement

Yuki: Tomooo, our comic “Gakuen Heaven Double Scramble Kasahara Edition” is on sale today. Let’s go to the bookstore together to buy it.

Tomo: It’s too annoying, so I’ll pass. Instead of going to buy it, you should mail order it.

Yuki: But there’s no mail ordering allowed at the BL School dorm.

Tomo: There’s not? Okaken is always sending off for weird things, so it’s okay, I think?

Yuki: Besides, if it was delivered to the dorm, everyone would find out.

Tomo: Since it’s about what happened at the school, I don’t really mind. Everyone else is in it too.

Yuki: What are you saying!? There’s that scene that you and I didn’t show in the game, and that whooole adult scene got printed!

Tomo: Oh, come to think of it, you’re right…. Libre Publishing prints those sorts of scenes. And at the bookstore, they’re in that corner…. Hey, let’s not go.

Yuki: Come to think of it, this morning, Joker-san and his friends said they were going to the bookstore.

Tomo: Seriously!? If they get their hands on it, who knows what they’ll do. I’m going to the bookstore right now to stop them, at a dash!

Yuki: Huh, a dash!?

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