psp/vita release mini stories

from twitter & email

These are two short "stories" posted to celebrate the release of the PSP and Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2. The first is a collection of character tweets from the official Twitter accounts, and the second is a mini story from the official Spray newsletter.

character tweets

Kuya: Moi! (Hi in Finnish) Everyone must be playing the PSP and PS Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2 that was released today! As for the minigame with me and Yuki, I can't even put my reaction to skewering the ingredients into words, it's a pleasant game. It's absolutely more fun to have both of us cooperate and it's easy! Do your best!

Takato: Well, it seems today is the release date for the console version of Gakuen Heaven 2. There have been various improvements from the PC version, and I especially take pride in the many amenties added for user-friendliness. From the speeding up rewinding and fast-forwarding, to the color correction on the screen, I hope enthusiasts will enjoy it. Well then, please continue to support the student council.

Chiba: This is an advertisement. Today is the release date of the PSP & PS Vita version of Gakuen Heaven 2. The first pressing version includes a drama CD with an intense joint struggle with Joker-sama, Asahina, and myself, so I'd like you to listen to it. That's all.

Arata: Sorry to keep everyone waiting. The PSP Vita and PSP versions of Gakuen Heaven 2 are on sale. I guess I'll lie on the ground and enjoy the newly added minigame while snuggled up with Maro. Just don't let Maro see the story parts!

Yagami: The PSP Vita and PSP versions of Gakuen Heaven 2 are on sale today. Of course, I guess you already got it. So, be entranced by my guitar in the minigame. When you beat the game, it adds a bonus track. What kind of track? Of course it's called Heaven, so it's definitely that track!

Sonoda: Are you playing the PSP or PS Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2? My recommendation is the numerous awesome dishes made by the genius cook, Sonoda Eiji! I think you can tell their flavor by the expressions Yuki-kun makes, but if you want to eat them, come anytime to the BL School cafeteria. I'll give you something of a freebie.

Joker: The PSP and PS Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2 have been released so you can do this and that with Yuki-kun any time and any place. It doesn't matter if it's Eiji's route or what, every Yuki-kun is really cute. Of course, the cutest one is Yuki-kun in my route. I guess I'll invite Yuki-kun to do it together with me.

Sakaki: I thought it was noisy, so today is the release date of the console versions of Gakuen Heaven 2. I should make an effort and keep those noisy guys company. Put off coming to see me. Because adults should be left for last.

Tomo: So today is the release date for the PSP and PS Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2. Oh no, I carelessly overslept. Well, even if you're like me and overslept and the game shop is closed, with the download version, you can buy it anytime even while you're lying down. Alright, since I've saved myself the time it would take to go buy it, I'll sleep a little more.

Yuki: I guess everyone is enjoying the PSP and PS Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2. I recommend the food at the cafeteria, and curry at the dorm, and the yakisoba bread, and the ramen, and the soba rice, and the special sandwich, and then, and then, oh there's too many I can't even write them all! I've ended up wanting to eat them again, so I'll play one more time!

official newsletter

Keita: Professor Sakaki, today is the release day for the PSP and PSP Vita versions of Gakuen Heaven 2 that Asahina-kun and his friends played a role in!

Sakaki: You're a hard worker, advertising it in the students' place.

Keita: Since Asahina-kun and his friends worked so hard in the main story, I thought I had to do what I could behind the scenes.

Matsuoka: But Professor Ito, you appear in it too, don't you? I heard rumors that stories of the people precious to you from your time as a student are included.

Keita: Oh, that's, well, I guess you could say that's an extra... I never thought anyone would see it.... Speaking of which, there's even Professor Sakaki, look...

Rajendra: What is everyone doing?

Keita: Dora-chan! Huh? What's this strange smell?

Rajendra: I made a yaminabe where I put everyone's favorite foods to celebrate the release. What wonderful Japanese culture that brings everyone's hearts together, yaminabe. I wanted to try it. (tr note: a yaminabe is a surprise soup, eaten as a party dish where everyone brings ingredients that might not normally go together, then eat it as a game in the dark).

Sakaki: Hey, who taught this guy something wrong?

Rajendra: I made it with yakisoba bread, gratin, coffee, blintzes, eel, freshwater prawns, cheese, candy, beef, strawberries, sake, herb tea, chai, and curry. Would you professors like a taste?

Keita: The eels are in there whole.... Oh, I guess I'll pass.

Rajendra: Don't hold back, it's what's bad about Japanese people. It's fun to eat everything.

Sakaki: Professor Ito, I leave the rest to you.

Keita: ... Umm.

Matsuoka: Anyway, it looks like I should get some stomach medicine ready in the nurse's office.

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