halloween puzzle

twitter short story (2011)

In 2011, Spray had a cute interactive Halloween story with the GH2 boys. By gathering clues on Twitter and using them to solve puzzles, you could get access to Halloween wallpaper downloads! If you want to skip to the good stuff, go to this page and enter the password: TRICKY :D

october 30, 2011

Yuki: Do you know what day 10/31 is? Joker-san's saying let's have an event on that date. You join us too! You'll be able to get something really nice at the end, he said. Go see @JokawaKiyotada for the details!
Joker: Welcome. So you're participating in the game too. The rules are simple. All you have to do is gather the keywords in the order that we tell you. Easy, isn't it? Anyway, @ChibaHayato will give you the first instruction, so go talk to him.
Joker: If you enjoy this, play a serious game with me next time. Bet something important to you.
Chiba: I'll tell you Joker-sama's instruction. "Search the bottom of our lineage."
Chiba: If you need a hint, talk to @SonodaEiji.
Sonoda: Hayato's hint? Um, I guess I can tell you. What, did you think I would tell you for free? Life isn't that easy.
Sonoda: ...That was a joke. I don't want to get stuck with the image of a cheapskate right from the beginning. Today's event is special. Anyway, why don't you try searching every nook and cranny of http://gakuenheaven.jp/? (note: The letter T is at the bottom of the history page.)
Tomo: Hm? What? Sorry, I'm having a nap right now, see you later.
Tomo: ZZZ...
Tomo: Tomo, hey Tomo, wake up. Huh? He's not here... Um, oh, this is Yuki tweeting for Tomo. It looks like Tomo is goofing off somewhere, so could you find him for me?
Tomo: I think he's probably around here... http://prot.co.jp/. By the way, Tomo's "Z"s are not part of the keyword. -Asahina Yuki. (note: This gets you the letter R.)
Yagami: What, do you want something from me? A game? Tch, that's too annoying. The keyword is "I".
Yagami: Wha!? Not love, I'm saying the letter of the alphabet "I". I'd never say something something so embarrassing. If you've got it, get out of here. Next is @TakatoMasatsugu.
Takato: Welcome to the student council room. I'm Takato the secretary. Since you've stopped by, why don't you do a crossword puzzle?
Takato: The crossword puzzle was created in America. Therefore, let's put the questions in English.
Takato: Excuse me? No English? ...Oh well. Then I'll make the questions in Japanese. They're easy questions so you don't have to be so nervous. Then, let's begin.
Takato: 1: How do you say "gakusei" in English?
Takato: 2: This game is called "Gakuen Heaven *".
Takato: 3: What is my favorite thing?
Takato: 4: What instrument is Yagami often playing?
Takato: 5: I can't read books without these.
Takato: 6: Sakaki Sojiro-san and Ito Keita-san are this, from my point of view.
Takato: 7: A must-have for Halloween.
Takato: 8: The setting for this game.
Takato: 9: A person who makes food.
Takato: 10: Kasahara seems to like "lolli***" candy.
Takato: 11: Our school is called "** School" for short.
Takato: 12: For this item, ask him for the hint. @SagimoriKuya
Kuya: What, what? Takato's issued a crossword? That guy's always doing something in his spare time! Alright, I won't be stingy with the hints, so I'll tell you the answer.
Kuya: Hm... It seems you should put what our student council president-kun is called within the school!
Kuya: Durak's top is Joker. Which means the student council's top is of course "Ace!" That's "ACE" in the English alphabet! In hiragana it's "e-su."
Kuya: Now that you know the right answer, go back to @TakatoMasatsugu. When you've finished the crossword, come back here. I'll be waiting! (note: The completed crossword has the letter C highlighted.)
Takato: Well done. Then please leave the student council room and go to the next place. @SagimoriKuya will tell you the destination. Good luck.
Kuya: Congratulations! I knew you'd reach the best answer. So, once again, I'll tell you the next place to go. The person you should meet is Aratan! Your goal is near. Get revved up and go!
Arata: Huh? You're looking along with Ace-kun? Maro dropped the magic staff for his costume in the pool. Shall we dive in together to find it? If we don't hurry, Halloween will be over. (note: Arata has the letter K and Maro has the letter Y)
Sakaki: Did you finish your assignment? Write the answer in here -> http://www.gakuenheaven.jp/gh2/halloween/pass.html
(note: The password is "tricky.")

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