joker's birthday

twitter short story (2012)

Joker is amused by his friends on his birthday.

happy birthday, joker!

Joker: Today, November 22, is my birthday. I'm having a party tonight, so come to BL School to celebrate my birthday.
Joker: Those of you who can't come to the school, entertain me by sending me a tweet, or by showing me an interesting tweet. I might reply with interesting information.
Sonoda: It's not that I can't think of anything, but since I got my fee, I guess I'll just make the food.
Yuki: Joker-san, happy birthday!! Since it seems the requirement to join the party is to entertain you, I wonder what I should do?
Chiba: Joker-sama, happy birthday... I really considered how to entertain you...... but I couldn't think of anything... I'm deeply sorry!
Joker: Since you looked so cute pacing back and forth and agonizing, I was plenty entertained.
Chiba: ......!!!!! You were watching!?
Yuki: Alright, to entertain you, I present getting a series of homerun Chocobat wrappers! *munch munch* [note!]Chocobat ( is a brand of chocolate candy where if you get a wrapper that says 'homerun' inside, you can redeem it for a free Chocobat. Yuki is showing off his luck by getting multiple freebies in a row.
Joker: Хорошо! Ahaha, you really are amazing. Although I get the feeling you just wanted to eat.

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