new year's

twitter short story (2012)

A short story about shrine visits!

happy new year!

Kuya: Happy New Year, ladies and gentlemen! I'm about to go make my first shrine visit of the new year! If you have something you want me to pray for, tell me! But you have just one hour.
Kuya: Felichan novjaron! I look forward to working with you this year too, Student Council President!
Kuya: I went outside, but it's cold!
Kuya: Done with my first shrine visit! I prayed for everyone's health and safety! And I also prayed for Yuki not to go hungry, that he may always get food at any time and any place! Because food is basic for survival! Eat! Sleep! And work! That's humanity! Which means I snuck a bunch of the new year's food earlier, so now I'm going to sleep! I look forward to my first dream of the new year!
Yagami: It's New Year, so my mom, dad, older brother, and older sisters all being annoying. We're too old for sitting in a happy family circle.
Arata: Happy New Year. Reo-Reo, didn't you spend this year's New Year's Eve in the magic kingdom?
Yagami: ...Idiot, don't talk about that! Besides, I went to sleep at dawn because of this year's live countdown. I'm sleepy, so I'm going to bed now.
Arata: What? What a shame. I wanted to see the picture of Reo-Reo with the mouse.
Sakaki: It's fine to get carried away during New Year, but don't forget your winter break homework.
Yuki: Happy New Year! This year my first shrine visit was at the shrine near my house. I've been getting fortunes there for a long time, but I wonder if that shrine doesn't have anything but big luck fortunes.

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