twitter short story (2012)

Rather than trying to explain Setsubun myself, I'll direct you to the Wikipedia article so you can read up on your own. :3

And yes, there are some "incorrect" names in here! Yuki is calling Kuya "Sagimori-san" (instead of Kuya) and Kuya calls Takato, er, "Takato" (instead of Masatsugu). Keep in mind that this event is from February 2012, almost two and a half years before the game was released!

so many beans

Joker: We're holding a bean throwing event for Setsubun! All the students are participating. I'll be the first hunter throwing beans, so everyone playing oni, run so you don't get hit, okay?
Yuki: Oh, today is February 3rd. That seems more like tag than bean throwing.
Yagami: Tch, seriously? How annoying.
Takato: It looks like Durak is starting something again.
Kuya: Oh, it sounds like fun! Of course I'll participate with all my might!
Arata: That kind of sounds like fun.
Joker: By the way, the weapons will be pea-shooters. Those who get hit can turn around and become snipers or bean gatherers.
Yagami: Hey, a pea-shooter? No matter how you look at it, what you're holding's a rifle!
Sakaki: You guys, having an event is fine, but don't skip class.
Joker: This gun is well-made. The Paintball Association[1]Note: It's actually airsoft, which is similar. customized it for me, so it's fine, it's fine. It shouldn't hurt any more than Professor Sakaki's chalk throw.
Sakaki: Jokawa, I haven't thrown chalk at you.
Joker: Eiji, you work to supply weapons and beans in the cafeteria, okay?
Sonoda: Roger. I'm behind-the-scenes again, huh.
Chiba: Joker-sama, what should myself do?
Joker: This time, you should run, Hayato. It's interesting to be enemies sometimes.
Chiba: Understood.
Joker: The time limit is six hours from now. Classes take priority for the boys who have class, so no meddling during class. It ends when there is one person left.
Joker: Well then, let the game begin. Out with the ogres!!
Yuki: Uwaaah, it's started! Hey Tomo, this isn't the time to be sleeping, run.
Tomo: Huh, what? Uwah, beans!? Is this a Durak event??
Yagami: Can't be helped, if it's a one on one match, I accept the challenge!
Arata: Hey, Maro, let's run somewhere.
Joker: Those who are hit with beans, receive your weapons from Eiji who is supplying them in the cafeteria.
Tomo: I see. There are rifles, handguns, and even machine guns. The ones shooting from over there are members of the shooting club.
Yuki: Tomo, don't just sit there analyzing, run.
Takato: Let's run. I've had more than enough of being hit with beans. To survive this, it seems we'll have to devise a proper strategy.
Joker: Ahaha, everyone is running, running desperately away. I'll have to take this seriously after all.
Tomo: This isn't bean throwing anymore, it's just paintball....
Joker: It's nice to aim and shoot ducks from here, but I guess the game will be more interesting if I move.
Sonoda: "Additional information. The shooters who defeat a lot of enemies will get a reward from me."
Kuya: Oh! There's more ogres now. Interesting, this makes it worth fighting! Eih, yah, toh![2]Note: Traditional martial arts shouts/kiai associated with different movements, for example, eih=cutting, yah=throwing, toh=striking or defending, hah=finishing strike.
Arata: I came to the pool thinking that beans couldn't hit me in the water, but there's no one around. Oh well, I'll have fun diving into the water.
Yagami: Dammit. There's enemies everywhere. How do I escape this?
Yuki: *huff huff* There's lots of shooters this way and that way. Tomo, which way should we run? Wait, huh? Tomo isn't here....
Tomo: It's annoying to run.
Tomo: Oh, I could hide and take a nap over there. Hup.
Yuki: Everyone seeing these tweets, if you know where Tomo is, could you tell me?
Yuki: Thank you for telling me! I'll try looking over there!!
Yuki: Wah, there's a lot of people with guns. I have to run.
Yuki: Run to the right? Or to the left?
Sakaki: There's fewer people attending class. I should focus the problems on the next test on the contents of today's class.
Arata: This is boring.
Yuki: Alright, then I'll go "right," everyone's majority opinion!
Yuki: Uwaaah! I'm caught in a pincer attack!! I'm gonna die!!!
Yuki: Huh? It doesn't hurt.
Chiba: Are you okay, Asahina?
Yuki: Chiba-san! Did you knock down the flying beans?
Chiba: The reason is that Joker-sama and myself are enemies right now. So, until myself is defeated, I intend to aid the survivors with all my strength.
Yuki: It's really reassuring to have you on my side, Chiba-san. But how are we going to escape this situation?
Chiba: I didn't really think about it.
Takato: Both of you, over here.
Yuki: Takato-san and Sagimori-san!!
Kuya: We came to help! Leave this to us and go on ahead!
Chiba: Myself will stay here.
Kuya: Yeah, a united front!
Tomo: zzzz...
Chiba: Go, Ace. I will reluctantly defend this man and this place to the death.
Takato: So, please get away from here before it's too late.
Yuki: Thank you!
Joker: Hmm, so Sagimori & Hayato have formed a defensive line. It's gotten interesting.
Joker: "Notice to shooters. Let's have the elites of the shooting club gather in front of the student council room. We'll crush those two there."
Sonoda: Everyone seems like they're having fun. Why do I feel alienated...?
Yagami: What? Suddenly there's less enemies?
Kuya: Hahahaha! You won't defeat me with those pea-shooters!
Chiba: Damn you, don't flick the beans you're repelling towards me.
Kuya: How's this? Try catching my beans! Toryah![3]Note: Another martial arts shout.
Chiba: If you're going to do that, I won't show any mercy either. Hah!
Joker: Sagimori-sempai, Hayatooo, even if you're hit with repelled beans, it's still a hit.
Kuya: What! Really!!?
Hayato: Alas....
Joker: Well then, those two tough ones have been taken care of. I wonder how many ogres have survived♪
Chiba: Joker-sama, myself intends to commit to hunting the remnants from here.
Joker: Yeah, I'm counting on you.
Yuki: I wonder if Chiba-san and Sagimori-san are okay.
Takato: They will buy us some time.
Yuki: But if we just run, eventually there will be nowhere to run to.
Takato: Those who have no fighting skills should survive using their heads. The basics of shooting is to take an elevated position where you can survey the surroundings.
Takato: In short, many of the shooters are keeping watch below them. If we go to somewhere higher than they are, we will be hard to find.
Arata: I'm so bored. Maro, let's swim together.
Takato: Go out from the window of this room, and along the roof until you're directly above Durak's room. It will buy us a lot of time.
Yuki: Somewhere higher, you mean on the roof?
Takato: That's right. Go out from the window of this room, and along the roof until you're directly above Durak's room. Judging by Joker's personality, there shouldn't be very many people near his base.
Takato: Of course, if Joker finds you, it will be the end, so be careful.
Yuki: What will you do, Takato-san?
Takato: I'll buy enough time for you to escape.
Takato: "I am a liar. What I am about to say is a lie. If you open this door, nothing bad will happen."
Takato: "Moreoever, the bad thing is that opening this door is an event you will deeply regret. So, what will you do? Open it? Not open it?"
Yuki: Just as Takato-san said, no one's coming after me.
Yuki: I'm glad no one came after me, but this is dangerous if I lose my footing. Oh, Tomo is over there.
Tomo: *yaaaaawn* What a nice sleep.
Tomo: Crap. While I slept up in the tree because it was too annoying to run, the area around the trees has gotten full of enemies.
Yuki: I wonder how Tomo is going to get out of there...?
Tomo: Umm, at a time like this....
Tomo: First year, Kasahara Tomo. I surrender.
Tomo: Ow! I surrendered, don't hit me, ow! Ow! I'm telling you, I've already been hit! Ow!
Yagami: There's nowhere left to hide. In the first place, running and hiding doesn't fit my personality. Come to think of it, where is that Arata?
Arata: Reo-Reooo, there's no one at the pool. Come here. I'm really bored.
Yagami: The pool, huh. I'll try going.
Yagami: Wah! I've been hit. Dammit, that's it for me....
Yagami: Hey, dumbass, only cowards attack from behind, get out here, hey!
Yuki: Oooh, it looks like both Yagami and Tomo got hit. I wonder who's left?
Sonoda: "Umm, this is a notice to everyone who is participating in bean throwing. I'm giving ehomaki to the best shooters in the cafeteria. If you want to eat them, do your best to hunt down the remaining students. That's all."
Sonoda: Ah, I wanted to hunt too. Can't be helped. Well then, I'll make dishes with soy flour from the leftover beans.
Yuki: Ehomaki sounds nice.... I want to eat it too. Now that I've thought of that, I've gotten really hungry....
Yuki: Uwah, it's all shooters. I wonder if there's any survivors left....
Joker: (to Sonoda) Eiji, let's put on the pressure now.
Sonoda: "Notice to all participants. Right now, special soy-flour fried bread and special soy-flour creme caramel is on sale in the cafeteria. I'm not selling to those playing ogres, so those who want to eat should surrender."
Yuki: Aaah, fried bread and creme caramel....... Maybe I should give up now. I'm so hungry I'll die before getting hit by a bean.
Yuki: No, no, what am I thinking? Everyone made a special effort for me to escape, so I have to hang on just a little longer.
Arata: Huh, it's Ace-kun over by that window. Hey, come here.
Yuki: Oh, Arata-san! You're still safe?
Yuki: Ah, dammit! The shooters found me!! Oh no, I'm going to get shot. Wah, ah! Uwaaah!
Arata: Uwah! I said come here, but wow, you're diving from there.
Yuki: To be exact, I didn't dive, I fell.... But, I'm glad the pool was below.
Arata: Maro got scared and ran away with that just now. Hey, Marooo. Come heeere. Huh? Oh, it's people.
Yuki: Arata-san, please run. Those are shooters!
Arata: Nyahaha, I got shot.
Yuki: In that case, at least I have to run!
Joker: There, that's far enough, Ace-kun.
Yuki: *siiigh* Is this it for me too?
Joker: Congratulations, you're the last person.
Yuki: Huuuh!? Really!? Alright!!!
Kuya: Oh!? The Ace is the winner! Congratulations! That's our student council president!
Tomo: He survived? Just as I expected.
Takato: I'm glad you escaped sucessfully. Congratulations.
Kuya: Come to think of it, when did you get hit, Takato? That was a subdued exit!
Takato: It was about fifteen minutes after the Ace escaped. By the way, Kuya. You didn't put on the hashtag.[4]Note: Kuya forgot to put #gh2mame at the end of his previous post!
Kuya: Oh, excuse me! I forgot! Is this okay? Congratulations, Yuki!
Joker: Well then, let's hear the winner's wish. What is your desire?
Yuki: Ummm, then, can I eat all of these bean-throwing beans?
Tomo: You're unbelievable... There's other stuff you could ask for.
Joker: Ahahahaha. You really are interesting.
Joker: Which means, this bean throwing event is over! Ah, that was fun.
Yuki: Thank you to all our followers for reading these tweets!
Takato: (to Yuki) You worked hard too. Let's leave today's student council work for tomorrow.

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