yuki's birthday

twitter short story (2012)

It seems like Yuki's luck isn't quite working on his birthday. :D

happy birthday, yuki!

Sonoda: Happy birthday, Yuki-kun! This is my special birthday cake that Kiyo ordered for you. The quality is more than a match for the ones made by the famous patissiers around here, so eat it carefully. Oh, right, right, here is the bill. You can pay it later, thanks!
Yuki: Thank you! Wait... um, I'm paying?
Joker: In Russia, a birthday is a day you hold a party and give thanks to everyone. Did you know?
Joker: Then, to start off, С Днем Рождения, Yuki-kun. It seems today is the day that Wild Bill Hickok died, so I'll give you a wild west show at the party you're holding. How about you put the birthday cake candles on your head and I do some trick shooting to light them? It think that would be exciting.
Yuki: Huh? I don't really know anymore if you're congratulating me, or using me to have fun...
Tomo: Oh, Yuki, so it's your birthday. That reminds me, it's underwear day. It's a good opportunity. I've got some extra underwear I've absolutely never worn, so I'll give them to you. Don't worry, they're still in the package.
Yuki: Yeah, thanks...
Sakaki: Asahina, I heard today's your birthday. Then, have a special present from me. It's an applied mathematics drill. It will be useful. It's due at the beginning of September, so don't forget.
Yuki: Professor, is this really a present?
Yuki: Celebrating my birthday has gotten pretty sad...
Yagami: You look so gloomy! Want me to play you a song for your birthday to cheer you up?
Yuki: Huh! Really!? I'm so happy!
Yagami: Yeah! Listen to the awesomest death metal!!
Yuki: Aaargh!! Y, you broke my ears!!
Arata: Ace-kun, happy birthday. Have this leftover meal ticket.
Yuki: Can I really!? Woohoo!!
Arata: Wait a minute, I put it in my pocket...
Arata: Oh, Maro chewed on it and got it all messed up. (Kukyu!)
Yuki: ...Thank you. ...It's a mess, but I guess I can use it.
Takato: Happy birthday, President. Here is something truly useful from me. These are my test notes for every class during my third year. If you study these carefully, tests won't be a problem. If there's something you don't understand, I'll teach you, so please be sure not to get any failing grades by mistake.
Yuki: ...Crap. Getting the notebook is nice, but I can't understand what's written in it....
Chiba: Hey, Asahina. This is a birthday present. Take it.
Yuki: Thank you, hey... it's heavy!? What is this, a dumbbell??
Kuya: Oooh!? So it's that time already! Happy birthday, Yuki! I'm giving you DQX that came out today as a present. I've been playing it since this morning so I got you to a pretty high level and you can go to a new town now!
Yuki: You kind of gave the character a weird name though!!??

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