chiba's birthday

twitter short story (2013)

Chiba receives all sorts of gifts for his birthday. :)

happy birthday, chiba!

Yuki: Chiba-san, happy birthday!
Chiba: Yeah....
Sonoda: Oh, Hayato, happy birthday. If you're looking for Kiyo, he went out somewhere saying he was buying you a birthday present.
Yuki: (...Chiba-san is really fidgety.)
Yuki: (Oh, he suddenly started doing practice swings.)
Joker: С днём рождения! Happy birthday, Hayato. Your present is an eel plush. When I asked about your favorite things, the only answers I got were eel and training, so I went through a lot of trouble to find it.
Yuki: It looks like a plush of Unagi-inu to me, though... I wonder if I should tell him? But he looks really touched... [note!]Unagi-inu (eel-dog) is an unusual animal from the manga and anime series 'Tensai Bakabon' that is a cross between an eel and a dog.
Joker: And that eel is a rare species that grows legs by training hard.
Chiba: Myself will also train hard to be like this eel!
Joker: Really, Hayato, your honesty is so cute.
Sonoda: Kiyo, you shouldn't trick a trusting boy like Hayato so much.
Sakaki: (to Sonoda) If you see Chiba, give him this.
Sonoda: My present is eel sushi. And this is from Professor Sakaki, an invitation to attend remedial classes.

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