twitter short story (2013)

I think Yuki understands the meaning of Halloween perfectly well... heh. :)

happy halloween!

Yuki: It's Halloween tomorrow! It's the day I fill up on candy from everyone. I'm looking forward to it.
Yuki: Trick or treat! Candy please if you don't want me to play a trick on you!
Sonoda: You're here at just the right time. Do you want to taste test the pumpkin tart I'm selling in the cafeteria tomorrow?
Joker: Ace-kun, come to my room.
Yuki: Trick or treat!
Tomo: Hm? You have a huge amount of candy.
Yuki: But I got hungry going around the school, so I've already eaten half of it.
Tomo: Wait, that means that candy is going to disappear today.
Yuki: I see! You mean I have to get more candy.
Yuki: Trick or treat! Everyone please give me more candy!
Tomo: I have the feeling he really doesn't understand what Halloween is...
Kuya: Phew... I'm finally done!
Yuki: Ah, that was delicious! I'm glad no zombies or anything showed up in the student council.
Yuki: That ends Halloween! Thanks everyone for the candy. In thanks, I'll give you a wallpaper that I only used yesterday. It will be limited for 24 hours.
[note: Here's the link to the wallpaper (alternate link), but it no longer works.]

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