sonoda's birthday

twitter short story (2013)

In which Sonoda continues to be the butt monkey. :D

happy birthday, sonoda!

Sonoda: *sigh*....
Yuki: Sonoda-san, happy birthday!
Sonoda: Did you remember my birthday...?
Yuki: Of course I did. But, what's the matter?
Sonoda: Well, these last two years, you've kept ignoring my birthday. It's made me paranoid...
Sonoda: Ah, I'm kind of majorly touched right now. Even before the game is out and I rush into the route with you, I feel like the flag has already been set and I want to marry you.
Yuki: Flag? Route?
Joker: Eiji. Stop making meta comments like that. You're confusing Ace-kun.
Sonoda: You ignored my birthday for two years, so I don't want to hear anything from you.
Joker: It's simply that you didn't have any popularity or presence. It's disgraceful, making it someone else's fault.
Yuki: Now, now, both of you. Today is Sonoda-san's birthday, so be friends.
Yuki: So, what are we going to eat today?
Sonoda: Eat?
Yuki: It's your birthday, so you're going to hold a party, right? So, I thought I would get to eat some food.
Sonoda: This food, am I making it?
Yuki: Huh, you're not? I think you're the only one who can make food fit to entertain you, though....
Sonoda: What? I feel like I lost this year too....
Yuki: I'm kidding! We've got a proper party set up for you! Look, here it is!
Sonoda: Thank you!! It looks like you randomly got party food from a convenience store, but I'm really happy.
Joker: Good for you, Eiji. You've got such a nice underclassman.
Sonoda: I kind of feel like I can forgive things now....
Joker: Everyone, today's party is all Eiji's treat, he says.
Yuki: Yay, woohoo!!
Sonoda: I kind of get the feeling I got one step closer to adulthood today....

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