tomo's birthday

twitter short story (2013)

Tomo ends up napping in an unlikely spot...

happy birthday, tomo!

Tomo: It's raining, so I can't take a nap on the roof. I wonder if there's another good spot.
Yuki: Tomo, happy birthday! Hey, I wanted to congratulate him, but he's not here!! Is he somewhere skipping class? Everyone, have you seen @KasaharaTomo anywhere?
Tomo: Oh, this is a cool spot, it's perfect. I'll sleep here. Zzzzzz...
Yuki: I even got a cake for Tomo, just where did he go? If I whisper 'I'll eat the cake first,' I might really want to eat it. For now, I'll go leave it in a cool place.
Yuki: Oh, Tomo, here you are. What are you doing in the cafeteria's fridge?
Tomo: It's a nice place to take a nap.
Yuki: A nap... You sleep too much and you'll catch a cold in a place like this.
Yuki: Oh well, anyway, happy birthday, Tomo. Here's your birthday cake.
Tomo: Oh, thanks. I was just getting hungry. Eat it with me.
Yuki: Yay, woohoo! ...Wait, what am I doing being all excited? Can't you do something about your lack of enthusiasm?

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