yuki's birthday

twitter short story (2013)

A long and detailed event for Yuki's birthday, plus Yuki's participation in a real life event! :D

happy birthday, yuki!

Yuki: Today is my birthday!!
Yuki: There's no one from the school here....
Yuki: ...That's right! They're not here because it's summer break.
Yuki: Maybe someone will come back in the morning?
Yuki: I'll go to bed. Good night! Don't everyone stay up late.
Yuki: Good morning!
Yuki: There's no one here?
Yuki: It's lonely, but I guess I'll celebrate by myself...
Kuya: Paljon onnea, Yuki! [note!]Happy birthday in Finnish. Let's do our best with student council activities this year too. <333
Takato: Happy birthday. It's hot today, so be careful not to upset your stomach by eating too much watermelon and ice cream.
Yagami: What are you all depressed for? You're the star today.
Arata: Happy birthday. Sorry we're late.
Yuki: Everyone! You remembered my birthday!
Kuya: Of course. Look, here's a present. Since it's hot this year, it's a mini electric fan. It also sprays mist so it's refreshing.
Yuki: Thank you! Oh... peh! Kind of a lot of water came out though!?
Kuya: Sorry! I thought it would be more refreshing if a lot came out, so I tried modding it, but it looks like I overdid it! But... you don't look half bad soaked.
Yuki: Kuya-san... What are you talking about?
Takato: Honestly. I thought something like this might happen, so I tried getting you a t-shirt as a present this year...
Yuki: Oooh! It's a sports jersey! It's so cool! Can I try it on?
Takato: Of course, go ahead. How is the size?
Yuki: Yeah, it's perfect. Thanks, Takato-san!
Takato: I'm glad. After all, it seems that women's size medium was correct.
Yuki: Wh, what did you say!? Women's size! Why did you get me women's clothes!?
Chiba: It's because you're a runt.
Yuki: You're one to talk...
Chiba: ...You don't seem to need my present.
Yuki: I lied! It was a lie! It wasn't about you, you're strong and amazing!
Chiba: ...Humph.
Yuki: Th, thank you! Hey, he left... What is this? My birthday present... I guess... is this staff...? I wonder if he's telling me to train with it...
Yagami: Hey. Here's your birthday present.
Yuki: Wow! It's a perfectly wrapped present! Inside is... a brand name handkerchief?
Yagami: What's with that face? Picking out a present is a pain in the ass and those are all over during the summer. You got a problem with it?
Yuki: Uh-uh!! Thanks! I'll use it! (I'm just surprised he did it up so nice!)
Arata: Ace-kun, a present. Here.
Yuki: Oh! It's a meal set with a hamburger and a toy! I was just getting hungry. Thank you, I'll dig in!
Arata: I'm always buying them for Maro since he likes the pocket sized monster toys that come with it. [note!]Probably a reference to Pokemon Happy Meal toys from 2013. See below for a link!
Maro: Kuku.
Yuki: ...Maro's staring over here like he wants it! ...Um, you can have the toy, Maro!
Arata: Huh, is that okay!? Thanks! Isn't that nice, Maro?
Maro: Kuku!!
Joker: С днём рождения![note!]Happy birthday in Russian. Happy birthday, Ace-kun. Here, I'm giving you this.
Yuki: Playing cards? ...Wait, the pictures on these are all jokers!! You can't even play Old Maid with these!
Joker: Those aren't playing cards, it's spot the difference. When you find the right one, I'll trade you your present.
Yuki: Alright, I'll try it right now! Umm, this is hard.
Joker: Yeah, those are the ultimate difficulty, so it might take you a year to find the right one.
Yuki: That means I'm not getting my present this year...
Sonoda: Ace-kun, happy birthday. Here, a cake.
Yuki: Yay, a delicious looking cake! Then, I'll dig right in! *gnaw gnaw gnaw*.... This is a plastic food model...!!
Sonoda: Since you're a gourmand, I thought it would be better to get something you can look at, rather than something that disappears after you eat it.
Yuki: Oh no... I wish it had been edible... I thought I was going to get to eat your special cake... *sob sob sob sob*
Sonoda: I'm just messing with you a bit. Try opening the bottom.
Yuki: Oh! It's full of ice cream!! Aaah, it's so delicious... I'm in heaven.
Tomo: Oh, happy birthday. This is my present. Be grateful, I went through the trouble of getting it during these hot midsummer days.
Yuki: Thanks, Tomo. I never thought you would remember. This is the candy you're always eating. Uwah, there's so many inside.
Yuki: I'll start eating them right away. Huh? They're all stuck together.
Tomo: Yeah, because it's hot. It's fine, even if they're all stuck together, someone like you should be able to eat them in one bite.
Yuki: ...No, I really can't.
Yuki: I thought it was going to be a lonely birthday by myself, but I'm so happy everyone remembered! Thanks! I'll do my best as student council president from now on!
Yuki: Balse!
Yuki: I got to tweet 'balse!' on my birthday. It makes me kind of happy. [note!]This was part of the 3rd Balse Festival when Castle in the Sky was aired on Nippon TV's Friday Roadshow. See below for a link!

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