lunar eclipse

twitter short story (2014)

A short story posted on October 8, 2014 for the total lunar eclipse!

eclipse viewing

Yuki: There's a lunar eclipse today, they said. It seems like Okaken has been up on the roof for a while doing something to make the clouds clear.

Tomo: That looked to me like he was trying to summon something rather than making the clouds clear.

Sonoda: There's people gathering on the roof to see the eclipse. Maybe I'll sell moon viewing soba. With a high class brand egg, each one over 500 yen.

Yuki: Moon viewing soba!!!

Sonoda: 1,500 yen for one bowl.

Yuki: Expensive!! Ummm, but no worries.

Yuki: Yay! It's amazing.

Chiba: Is this the eclipse?

Chiba: The moon is just getting red, it's not eclipsed.

Yuki: It's eclipsed on the bottom. Look.

Joker: The devil put the moon in his pocket.

Chiba: D, devil!? What devil, Joker-sama!?

Takato: Gogol, is it? I wouldn't have thought you a romantic. (read more: Christmas Eve by Gogol - Wikipedia)

Joker: Just as I'd expect from you, Takato-sempai. I'm surprised you knew.

Tomo: Yuki, if you look with your mouth gaping like that, a bug will fly in. At least have a candy.

Chiba: ............ What is a gogol?

Joker: It's a gory gorilla.

Yuki: !!?

Chiba: A gory gorilla devil hid the moon in his pocket...... is that it......?

Chiba: Joker-sama, the things you say are too deep, someone like myself can't understand it.

Joker: I'm lying★

Joker: Boys who believe honestly are so cute.

Chiba: Huh!!!???

Takato: (to Joker about his pun) I can't believe that joke makes you laugh.....

Sonoda: It's not really selling. Did I make a mistake in setting the price?

Sonoda: But these are really delicious.

Yuki: Maybe if it were half price...

Chiba: I'll eat it if it's 300 yen.

Sonoda: (to Yuki) Then, if you bring along three more customers, just you can have it for half price.

Yuki: Tomooo, Professor Sakaki, won't you eat soba with me!?

Sakaki: Oh, you're using pretty good buckwheat flour and eggs.

Tomo: Come of think of it, I'm hungry.

Yuki: Sonoda-saaan, I brought customers!

Sonoda: Just one more.

Yuki: It's gotten cold out, so how about you too, Kuya-san?

Kuya: Sorry, I'm a bit busy right now. But later, I want to take some to Ninosuke, so I'll have one to go.

Yuki: I got all three! Sonoda-saaan, four moon viewing sobas pleeease!!

Sonoda: Thanks for drawing customers.

Yuki: The moon viewing soba is soooo delicious!! The rich egg yolk and the broth are in perfect harmony!!

Tomo: It is good, but 1,500 yen......

Sakaki: Don't overdo the pseudo-pyramid scheme. Well, with a flavor like this, it's within reasonable bounds.

Sonoda: I guess I should be closing up shop now.

Yagami: One soba. I don't want the egg, so make it half price. So, if you have to put in something, make it meat.

Yuki: Yagamiii, you're forgetting the whole point!

Arata: Sono-Sono, is there still moon viewing soba left? Everyone in the swim club wants to eat it too, they said.

Sonoda: Thanks and come again.

Arata: It looks delicious. *blow* *blow* Hot.... My mouth burns easily so it might take some time to finish eating.

Yuki: Since it's special, let's all take our time eating as we watch the moon!

Yagami: Don't let the noodles get soggy!

Yuki: I'm done, I'm done. Huh? Come to think of it, where is Okaken?

--- (half an hour later)

Kuya: Masatsugu.......

Takato: What's the matter? You look gloomy. After all, is it that you didn't find Ninosuke?

Kuya: Yeah....... Even the soba is completley cold. Even though this was the last chance for all of us in the student council to be able to see a lunar eclipse.

Takato: It's fine. I'm sure Ninosuke is somewhere looking at the same moon. He might even be around Okazaki, enjoying UFO observations.

Kuya: I hope so.

Takato: More importantly, please hand me that bowl. Since it's Sonoda's special soba, let's reheat it and eat.

Kuya: Haha, it's gotten completely soggy and it has a taste even Yuki wouldn't eat.

Takato: But doesn't it make you a little bit nostalgic, remembering the time of plain udon?

Kuya: ... Yeah, that's right! Alright, I'll put in a bunch of seven spice powder! I'll put it in yours too, Masatsugu!

Takato: ... You put in too much.

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