joker's birthday

twitter short story (2014)

Well, it seems like harem Yuki is official, at least on Twitter. And I LIKE IT.

happy birthday, joker!

Yuki: Joker-san, happy birthday!! (at midnight)
Joker: Exactly on the hour. Were you waiting in front of my room?
Yuki: Yes. I thought, this way I can congratulate you before anyone else.
Yuki: Sonoda-san said you're ending up planning your own party to celebrate, and I wanted to give you my present before all that.
Joker: Does that mean, that after midnight tonight, I can do whatever I want to you? You're my present, aren't you?
Yuki: N, no. I have an actual present. O, of course, if it's you, Joker-san, you can always do what you want to me... I don't mind....
Yuki: This is my present!! It's a blintz cake. I made it flavored so you should find it delicious.
Yuki: I wanted to try making you food you enjoy like Sonoda-san, and Sonoda-san gave me a lesson.
Joker: Yeah, it's delicious. Since it was made with your love, it's many times more delicious than what Eiji makes.
Yuki: I'm glad. I tried tasting it, but since I didn't know how it was supposed to taste, I was worried until you ate it.
Joker: It's perfect. Maybe I should give Eiji the sack and make you my personal chef from now on.
Yuki: Y, you can't!! It would really bother me if Sonoda-san didn't cook anymore. Besides, I only learned how to make this, and I don't know anymore if I could make it taste the same.
Joker: Hmm, then in that case, I won't sack him, and I'll make Eiji cook lots for you.
Joker: But, before that, satisy my craving that's not my appetite.
Yuki: Joker-san... mh....
Joker: Well then, everyone who is reading this timeline. What's about to happen is private between me and Yuki-kun, I'm not showing you.

Yuki: Hm? What's the matter?
Joker: Don't pay any attention. Right now, just pay attention to me.
Yuki: Yes.... mmh....
Joker: *in Russian* Good night! (note: Joker seems to to be using a less common phrasing. See responses 3 and 5 here.)

Joker: Good morning, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: ... Good morning.
Joker: You were really cute last night.
Yuki: Oh, um.... thank... you. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
Yuki: *stomach growling* ... Oh.
Joker: Are you hungry? You got a lot of exercise last night. Let's eat something.

Sonoda: Yesterday, I took a long time giving Yuki-kun a lesson about how to season food to Kiyo's tastes. Maybe I don't have to give him a present this year.
Sonoda: After all, I didn't get a present from Kiyo on my birthday.
Sonoda: Hayato, did you get him something?
Chiba: This. It's a cool eyepatch that would might suit Joker-sama.
Sonoda: Bwhaha. What is that? If Kiyo put that on, he'd look like he's cosplaying a foreign tourist who's a wannabe samurai.
Sonoda: Well, if it's something you give him, Kiyo would probably be happy with anything.
Sonoda: But if you give him something and I don't, Kiyo will absolutely complain....
Joker: Oh, Eiji? Make a Manchu Han Imperial Feast now and bring it to my room. Season it to suit Yuki-kun.
Sonoda: Huh!? What are you talking about, today's a day off, isn't it? Are you going to make me make a delivery even on my day off? Besides, I can't make a Manchu Han Imperial Feast right away like making ramen.
Joker: Oh, right, right. Then make what you can. And in addition, for lunch, we'll have a French course, sweets at 3, and a Japanese course for dinner.
Sonoda: Hey, Kiyo. I'm not your maid.
Joker: But it's my birthday. I'll pay properly, and I'll consider it a present from you so you don't owe me.
Sonoda: Alright. ... Damn. I'm cursed with a weak disposition when it comes to paid orders.
Chiba: Joker-sama, happy birthday! This year, I have ceased being reckless and making something myself, and bought you a present. Please accept it!
Joker: Thank you, Hayato. What is this?
Chiba: It's an eye-patch!
Joker: Is this a sword guard? (note: part of a Japanese sword, often ornate)
Chiba: I thought if you put it on, Joker-sama, you'd look really cool... but maybe you don't like it.
Joker: That's not it. Something like this? How is it? Does it suit me?
Chiba: Just as I expected, Joker-sama.
Joker: *in Russian* Thank you, Hayato. See you next week.

Yuki: Oh, you look cool, Joker-san! It's like you stepped out of a Hollywood movie!
Joker: Really? Since it has holes, it's not really useful as an eye-patch, but since you admired it, I'm glad I put it on.
Joker: I know, why don't we continue to enjoy ourselves in cosplay? We'll wear Japanese clothes.
Yuki: If I can see you looking beautiful, Joker-san...
Joker: Then, even though you're looking forward to the continuation, I'm not showing everyone, as I said.

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