kuya's birthday

twitter short story (2014)

More harem Yuki! :)

happy birthday, Kuya!

Yuki: Kuya-san, happy birthday! I think you're already asleep so you'll probably read this in the morning, but I might be too embarrassed to say this to your face, so I'll say it ahead of time.
Yuki: I want to be with you all this year too. With you, Kuya-san, as my fellow student council member, as my sempai, as my friend, as my best friend, and as my dearest, beloved lover. I want to do all sorts of stuff with you.
Yuki: I love you.
Yuki: ... Ah, it's so embarrassing! After all, I should erase this before morning!
Kuya: I'm awake!
Yuki: Waaaaah????!!!!!!!!!!!! This is sleep-talk! Good night! See you in the morning!

Yuki: Good morning, Kuya-san.
Kuya: What's the matter, Yuki? It's rare for you to come pick me up.
Yuki: Hehe, today, I'm escorting you, Kuya-san! You're always working on student council chores and stuff for everyone, aren't you? So at least on your birthday, please let me give you the VIP treatment.
Kuya: I see. So today I'll be pampered by you!
Yuki: Yes. Please enjoy yourself all day long.

Yuki: Kuya-saan! It's lunch time! Let's eat together!
Kuya: What's with that big basket?
Yuki: These are sandwiches. It's a bit cold, but I thought we could eat with Wakasama and everyone in the courtyard or on the beach. I even put a call out to Hattori-san.
Kuya: A birthday picnic! That sounds like fun!
Yuki: Doesn't it? Come on, let's hurry and go. Dora-chan is waiting too.
Kuya: I'm so full! Yuki, thank you for having such a wonderful birthday party for me!
Yuki: What are you saying, Kuya-san? The party is later.
Takato: Yes. Please come to the student council room at 5.
Yuki: Until then, absolutely don't peek.

Takato: Oh my, Kuya. You're carrying a lot.
Kuya: I got birthday presents. This is from Saito, and this one's from Takahashi. And this box is Yoshida.
Takato: Oh, they're all heads of the associations.
Kuya: Yeah. It seems it's because I helped them with various things. Even though they didn't have to mind, since I did the chores because I liked to.
Takato: There's a grin on your face as you say that however.
Kuya: There's no way I'd be unhappy celebrating my birthday, right? I've been really happy since last night!
Takato: That is so like you....
Takato: Look, Kuya. Your cellphone is ringing again. I'm sure it's a call to congratulate you.
Kuya: Oh, sorry. Bye, Masatsugu. See you at 5 in the student council room!
Takato: He's smiling so happily.... Well, it makes it worth celebrating for someone like that.

Yuki: Kuya-san, happy birthday!
Takato: Happy birthday.
Kuya: Thank you, both of you! Oh, the student council room looks pretty gorgeous, doesn't it!? Did you get these roses?
Yuki: Yeah. I thought you seem to like roses, so we got them from the gardening association.

Takato: Asahina made this cake.
Kuya: What a beautiful sky blue!
Yuki: I tried making it in your image! Even though he said I made it, Sonoda-san baked the cake as the foundation. All I did was the decoration.
Yuki: But I think it came out really delicious. Try it. Here, say ah.
Kuya: Ah.
Kuya: ... It's delicious, Yuki! This is the flavor of happiness. It's so sweet, I could melt.
Kuya: You eat it with me too! Here. Open your mouth.
Yuki: Ah.... Yeah! This sponge and fresh cream feel so fluffy. After all, it's just like you.
Yuki: If you say this is the flavor of happiness, to me, you're the flavor of happiness.
Kuya: Yuki...!
Yuki: Wah, Kuya-san! Wait! Takato-san is here!
Kuya: Just a kiss! Masatsugu, turn around!
Takato: Right right. It's a birthday privilege, is it?
Kuya: ... Today's kiss is sweet, isn't it?
Yuki: W, well, Kuya-san, we taste the same.... It's really... sweet....
Kuya: Yeah. ... I love you, Yuki.
Yuki: Me too.
Kuya: Can I have another?
Yuki: Don't ask that....
Yuki: ...... Ok.
Takato: .......
Takato: (...... It's a long time......)
Takato: May I turn around now?
Yuki: Yes! It's ok!
Kuya: Sorry to keep you waiting, Masatsugu!
Takato: Well, I'll tolerate it just for today.
Takato: Here is a present from me. It's a muffler. It's not a bother if you have several of these, is it?
Kuya: Thank you! Can I open it?
Takato: Go ahead.
Kuya: Oh. It's fluffy and warm!
Yuki: That muffler suits you too!
Kuya: Yeah, I like it! Thank you for the wonderful present!
Takato: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Yuki: Well then, let's continue eating the cake... oh!
Kuya: What's the matter, Yuki?
Yuki: By the window...!
Kuya: What's this... a present?
Kuya: It's from Ninosuke!
Yuki: But when I invited him before, he said "you didn't have a birthday party for me, so I'm not coming"....
Takato: Party nothing, he was missing back then, wasn't he? Instead, we spent the whole day looking for him.
Yuki: Rather, if he's going to leave a present in a place like that, I wish he had given it to you before when we were eating lunch. What was he going to do if we didn't notice it?
Takato: Indeed.
Takato: ... Well. You could say that's just like him, or something.
Kuya: That's right.
Kuya: Yeah. I'm happy. Very.
Yuki: Really? I'm glad, Kuya-san.
Kuya: I really had a wonderful birthday this year! With my lover and my best friend telling me congratulations on the day I was born, I'm really happy.
Kuya: I'll remember this day for the rest of my life!

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