dog days of summer

twitter short story (2014)

A cute little story posted on July 29, 2014!

yuki & durak

Yuki: Eel♪ Eel♪ Sonoda-san's eel lunch today was sooo delicious! I want to eat it again after school.

Sonoda: The eel lunch sold pretty well. Though it's a drawback that the profits are slim since the cost price was high.

Joker: Eiji, I'm hungry. Bring an eel lunch.

Sonoda: It's already sold out because it was popular.

Yuki: Wha, really!!? But I was thinking I would eat it again since it was so delicious....

Joker: Look, even Ace-kun is saying he wants to eat it.

Sonoda: I'm telling you, there's no more eel. If you got it from somewhere for me, then it would be a different story.

Joker: Alright. Hayatooo. Go catch some eels somewhere.

Chiba: Understood. Um, Joker-sama. Where are there eels?

Joker: Rivers and oceans, isn't it? I don't really know either.

Yuki: Oh, in that case, I know a place to fish for eels on the school island! I don't know who it belongs to, but there was a notebook in the student council room with fishing spots on the school island written in it.

Joker: Then let's all go fishing♪


Chiba: I did it, Joker-sama! I caught a big eel!

Joker: Well done, Hayato. Good boy, good boy.

Yuki: Incredible! It's the first time I've ever seen an eel so big! This has to be at least 2 meters long, isn't it!?

Chiba: It's thanks to your notebook. Thank you.

Yuki: Sonoda-saaan, we caught an eel! Please make lots of eel and rice bowls with this!!

Joker: With this, you should be able to make it, Eiji. Hayato did a really good job.

Sonoda: Ummm, you guys. I hate to burst your bubble, but... that's not a Japanese eel, that's a moray.

Yuki: Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

Joker: I thought it was a bit too big, so it's different.

Chiba: Hey, Sonoda. You can make delicious eel and rice bowls even out of moray, can't you? Asahina and Joker-sama are both looking forward to it. Do it.

Sonoda: It's impossible.

Chiba: How disappointing....

Sonoda: Since morays have a lot of bones, they're not suited for broiling. It can't be helped, I'll fry, parboil, and stew it. Is that okay?

Yuki: Alright! As long as I can eat Sonoda-san's cooking, anything is fine!

Joker: Then, take care of my portion too, thanks♪

Chiba: Make mine fried.

Sonoda: Oh, right, right, I won't charge for the ingredients, but I will take a cooking fee.

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