christmas 2014

twitter short long story (2014)

Here's a sweet story involving all the characters sharing Christmas Eve together... and a tiny bit of magic on Christmas morning too. :)

Christmas at Bell Liberty!

Yuki: I hope it gets dark soon~

Yuki: Jingle bells, jingle bells ♪

Yuki: Since today is Christmas Eve, we're holding a Christmas party organized by the student council! Did everyone bring presents to exchange?

Joker: I thought I would make it a shocking present that would leave trauma, but since the reaction could be troubling if anyone other than Yuki-kun got it, I made it a normal present.

Sonoda: Since Yuki-kun and not you is organizing the Christmas event this year, I'm glad it seems like a decent event....

Arata: I didn't know what kind of present would be good, so I tried something related to food. Everyone's pretty gourmet.

Tomo: It's been a long time since we've had a party....

Yagami: I took choosing a present seriously. Since it had to be 1,500 yen or less, I was at a loss. If it had been 3,000 yen, I wanted to add this or that....

Sakaki: I came here today to monitor so that you all don't get out of control. And to eat the food.

Yuki: The student council prepared the party decorations and promotion, and everyone in Durak collaborated with the tree and food.

Kuya: The venue is the cafeteria! We worked hard to make the ornaments, so look forward to it. We used beautiful flowers as the highlight this time!

Takato: The scene of us making artificial flowers in the student council room, it was just like a Showa-era cottage industry.

Kuya: But, finishing couldn't have been better! After all, Christmas in Japan has to be flashy!

Joker: I had this yolka (Russian for spruce tree) sent from home. Splendid, isn't it?

Sonoda: I'm glad I was able to use up the leftover ingredients in the cafeteria thanks to this party. After, I can make good money selling Christmas cake to the participants as an add on.

Yuki: First, let's all eat the meal! Merry Christmas! Cheers!

Yuki: Hmm, there's fewer participants than I thought. Was one meal ticket as an entry fee too high? Or was it because they couldn't get presents ready?

Tomo: It's already winter vacation so some people have already gone back home, and the ones with lovers outside the school have gone out. The ones who are left are just the people who still have business to take care of and the ones who aren't going back home.

Kuya: I postponed going to my parents' for this Christmas party.

Arata: Reo-Reo, you're not going home?

Yagami: Christmas is a profitable time. So even if I went home, no one's there.

Yuki: Aaah, I'm so happy. I'm so glad I planned it so I can eat Sonoda's food even after the cafeteria has closed! The chicken and the cake are extremely delicious.

Sonoda: Of course it's delicious.

Yuki: Has everyone gotten full? After this is the main event of the Christmas party, we're having a present exchange!

Yuki: Then everyone please make a circle. Pass the presents around in time to the song.

Yuki: Here we go. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer ♪

Takato: I haven't done this sort of present exchange since kindergarten.... I can't believe I'm doing something like this at this age.

Kuya: Even though you say that, Masatsugu, you seem to really be enjoying yourself!

Yuki: All of the other reindeer, used to laugh and call him names ♪

Yuki: Then one foggy Christmas Eve ♪

Yuki: Santa came to say ♪

Yuki: Rudolph with your nose so bright ♪

Yuki: Won't you guide my sleigh tonight ♪

Yuki: Then all the reindeer loved him ♪

Yuki: As they shouted out with glee ♪

Yuki: Stop! Now, open the present you're holding!

Kuya: My present is kind of big!

Arata: Ok!

Chiba: Yeah.

Yagami: Alright...!

Tomo: It's pretty heavy.

Yuki: My package is kind of small. But as the saying goes, good things come in small packages, so I'm sure it's something good!

Yuki: What is this? It's a rod with a switch. There's an empty hole at the end... Anyway, I'll switch it on!

Yuki: ... The hole is rotating oddly. Just what is this?

Tomo: Oh, that. It's mine. It's an automatic candy licking device. You insert a lollipop into the hole and you can lick it evenly while it spins.

Yuki: I see! What an amazing function. ... So, Tomo, where is the candy?

Tomo: Buy it yourself.

Yuki: Oh no....

Sakaki: Is this a CD? Judging from the jacket, it's metal...?

Yagami: It's a Christmas metal CD I really recommend. The good part is Jingle Bells being shredded at ultra high speed!

Sakaki: Yagami, you chose this present thinking the person who got it would be happy?

Yagami: *gasp*! Of course. I guess there's some people who hate metal without hearing it. If you try hearing that explosive sound once, you'll realize how good it is.

Sakaki: It's true it's not good to have complaints about other people's preferences. Since I got it, I'll listen to it.

Joker: Umm, mine is... a jar? ... Wait, it's shuto. This is unmistakably from Professor Sakaki.

Sakaki: Good guess. It's best when you have it with Japanese sake. Although you're all a bit young for alcohol, it's worth it to get a taste of this.

Joker: But I think it's a miss for me to get this.

Sonoda: Right, right. Professor Sakaki, this is a high grade shuto. If you give it to Kiyo, it will be an absolute waste.

Sakaki: You may be surprised and like it. Try it.

Joker: Eh, I think it's a waste, but. ... *munch*

Joker: Oh, it's pretty good. It tastes like mayonnaise. It would be delicious spread on toast. Yuki-kun, will you try it?

Sonoda: Shuto absolutely doesn't taste like that, but if you can eat it, Kiyo, it's ok... I guess?

Yuki: I don't really get it, but if it's something edible, I'll eat it! *munch*!

Yuki: ......

Sakaki: Asahina, try it again when you're an adult.

Takato: A matryoshka... this is a present from Joker, isn't it?

Joker: It's from the most popular shop in Russia. If I'm going to give something, it ought to have a Russian flair.

Takato: If it's going to be a Russian present, then I'd rather have a theremin.

Joker: Playing for laughs like that would have also been good.

Takato: Oh... is there Snegurochka (the Snow Maiden) inside?

Joker: Just as I'd expect, Takato-sempai, good guess. It's the daughter of the Russian Santa, Ded Moroz (Father Frost).

Takato: The beautiful daughter of Santa Claus who was made of snow, that's a setting I can use.

Joker: What do you mean "use?"

Takato: Nothing. I'm talking to myself.

Sonoda: Mine is a bento box? It's on the small side though.

Yuki: Oh, that's my present, a case for Chinese meat buns! If you have this, even if you buy them from a convenience store far away, if you put it in the microwave, you'll be able to eat fluffy meat buns!! Don't you think it's amazing!?

Sonoda: So it's a meat bun steamer. I see. That choice is just like you. And it's really cute.

Yuki: Isn't it? So much that I want it.

Sonoda: Then, next time, I'll make you a delivery of handmade meat buns in it. Of course, it will still cost.

Yagami: Is this... a blanket?

Kuya: I tried to make it match the Chinese zodiac year so it's a fluffy blanket with a pattern of sheep! (note: He must be referring to the year of the goat, but it doesn't match the in-game date or current date)

Yagami: That sense is very like you, vice president. Apart from the pattern, it feels nice, and if I put it in my room, someone would use it. Thank you. I appreciate it.

Kuya: Definitely feel how fuzzy it is!

Tomo: Um, mine is... a book?

Takato: It's a novel for adults that I recommend.

Tomo: Hey, Takato-san.... Stop giving presents that you can't explain what they are.

Takato: I thought you might need it, since you're a high school student about to become an adult.

Tomo: Even if I become an adult, I have the feeling the day will never come when I need what's in here....

Yuki: Tomo, what book did you get from Takato-san?

Tomo: ... Something about delicious ways to tie up grilled pork. Probably.

Yuki: Wow, a cookbook? That's really nice.

Tomo: ... Let's go with that.

Chiba: A pot...?

Arata: This is a pot for cheese fondue. Hayaya, do you know about cheese fondue?

Chiba: No.

Arata: You melt cheese and eat it with bread and vegetables. If you ask Sono-Sono, I'm sure he'll make you some that's delicious.

Chiba: Hey, Minase. Can I boil ramen in this?

Arata: Mm, it's too small, I think? By ramen, do you mean fresh noodles? Instant?

Chiba: Chikin Ramen with 2 raw eggs.

Arata: Oh, then I think it will be ok! Then this can be your personal ramen pot for snacks.

Arata: Oh, what a cute cake. But this is fake? ... *sniff sniff* Oh, this is a candle?

Sonoda: It's a dessert candle. Cute, isn't it?

Arata: So this is what you chose, Sono-Sono. Thank you. You have surprisingly high feminine abilities.

Arata: If I put this in my room, Maro might mistakenly eat it, so I'll use it now. For the flame... Professor Sakaki, do you have a lighter?

Sakaki: Be sure to return it.

Arata: Thanks. Wow, it's very Christmas-y, isn't it, Maro? (Kuku!)

Kuya: Ooooooooh! What a big caramel custard!

Chiba: ... Hey. Give it back.

Kuya: So this is a present from Chiba-sempai! Thank you! I'm so happy. That I can enjoy such a big caramel custard, I love it!

Chiba: ... Big things are better.

Kuya: Yeah. But, I can't eat something so big like this by myself. Chiba-sempai, why don't I call Yuki and three of us eat it together?

Chiba: Myself too?

Kuya: I'd be happier sharing with everyone, and that makes it more delicious, right? Yuki! Let's make it a Christmas custard party! You'll eat it, won't you?

Yuki: I'll eat it!

Yuki: Then, now that the present exchange is over, let's all make fruit baskets!

Tomo: Seriously? Give me a break.

Sonoda: We're not in primary school. Let's not do fruit baskets.

Takato: I refuse.

Yuki: Then, why don't we sing Christmas songs?

Yagami: Only if it's Christmas metal.

Joker: Eh, no.

Chiba: I won't sing either.

Takato: I refuse.

Yuki: ... Then, how about we play Mario Kart, or Wii Play?

Sakaki: Do that in your own rooms.

Kuya: They all sound fun to me.

Arata: Wouldn't it be okay to do something in the student council room next?

Takato: I refuse.

Yuki: Then maybe watch a movie...?

Kuya: The Hobbit!

Takato: The Walking Dead.

Joker: Frozen.

Sonoda: Les Saveurs du Palais.

Chiba: Chushingura.

Arata: Gremlins.

Tomo: A Christmas Carol.

Yagami: .... Fantasia.

Sakaki: The Godfather.

Yuki: Huh? Dora-chan, what movie is that? A popular Indian movie you recommend? Student of the Year?

Yuki: !!!! Somehow this makes me want to dance!

Yuki: I really got into it while watching. Bollywood movies are amazing!

Yuki: While we're all excited, let's start the Christmas party!

Yuki: I'm glad everyone had fun today. In the end, all that I'm left with is the image of the Indian movie, but I had fun!

Joker: Kasahara, take care of that one thing, ok?

Tomo: Right, right.


Tomo: Yuki, are you in your room?

Yuki: Hm? Tomo, what's the matter?

Tomo: I'm coming in. I forgot my mechanical pencil in your room before.

Tomo: Huh, it looks like I didn't forget it in your place. Sorry to intrude. Bye, good night.

Yuki: Yeah, good night to you too, Tomo. I wonder what that was about...? Oh, well. I should get to bed early tonight.

Tomo: That finishes my part. I left Yuki's room unlocked, so later you can go through from my room as much as you like.

Joker: Spasibo (thanks) ♪


Joker: Then, let's go, all Santas!

Sonoda: If you're not quieter, Yuki-kun will find out.

Kuya: What happened to Chiba-sempai? Isn't he going to be Santa with us?

Joker: Hayato is waiting for Santa's arrival, so right now, he's hanging a stocking and sleeping.

Sonoda: Since he actually believes it....

Kuya: Just as I'd expect from Chiba-sempai!

Takato: Be quiet. I'm opening it.

Arata: Excuse us.

Yagami: Arata, why are you acting like this is a wake-up prank?

Takato: Shh!

Joker: He looks so cute asleep.

Sonoda: Can we put this many on the headboard?

Kuya: Let's put the ones that don't fit on that table and desk!

Arata: Maybe we should put the ones that can fall over or break on the table.

Takato: How about hanging them from the ceiling?

Yuki: ... Oh, smells nice. I can't eat anymore... *murmur*

Yagami: What, he's sleep talking. I thought he woke up and was seriously nervous. He drools in his sleep, gross.

Sonoda: We all brought too many. We'll have to leave them on the floor.

Joker: Our Ace-kun worked hard, so isn't it okay to give him this many?

Takato: Well, let's leave then and go back. Hurry.

Arata: Riiight! He looks like he's having pleasant dreams. Good night, Ace-kun.

Kuya: I'm sure he'll be surprised when he wakes up tomorrow!

Takato: Then, please go back to your rooms before Dora-chan finds out.

Sonoda: Kiyo and I will go back after we stop by Hayato's.

Kuya: Yeah! Well then, everyone, Merry Christmas!

Joker: Schastlivogo Rozhdestva! (Merry Christmas)


Chiba: ...! It's Christmas morning!

Chiba: What's my present from Santa....

Chiba: "The essential item for men with ten functions including blade, scissors, bottle opener, magnetic screwdriver, retractable ball point pen, white LED and file" (If you look up the description, it's lifted nearly wholesale from the Japanese description for the Victorinox Swiss Army Midnite Manager.)


Chiba: Alright, I'll work hard during today's morning training!

Chiba: Merry Christmas.


Yuki: *yawn* I slept well. And I had nothing but dreams of eating lots of delicious food. Huh, what's this!!!!

Yuki: My room is filled with food! Waaaah, it's like heaven! Thank you, Santa!!!!

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