chiba's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

A very sweet story posted on April 12, 2015. Aww, sometimes Joker can be nice... sort of. :D

happy birthday, Chiba!

Yuki: Chiba-san, good morning! You work so hard, even doing practice on Sunday!

Chiba: Asahina? Coming to the dojo so early in the morning, what’s the matter?

Yuki: Well, today is your birthday. Happy birthday! Here, take this. It’s a towel as a present. I thought you might want to use it to wipe off the sweat after practice, so I chose one that had a nice feel to it.

Chiba: This is for myself.... Thank you. I’ll use it with care.

Yuki: That, and, do you have a little time today?

Chiba: Yeah. Practice is over at 3, so after that is fine.

Yuki: Then, I’ll come pick you up after practice, so please wait in the courtyard. There’s somewhere I want to take you. See you later!

Chiba: Somewhere he wants to take me? He can’t mean, a date...?

Chiba: ...Alright!!!


Chiba: It’s almost 3....

Chiba: .......

Arata: Huh, huh? Hayaya, what are you doing here? You look kind of excited.

Chiba: Wah! M, Minase... don’t startle me! What are you doing here?

Arata: Club is over, so I’m going back now. Are you waiting for someone?

Chiba: W, well....

Yuki: Chiba-saaan!

Chiba: He’s here!

Arata: Oh, it’s Ace-kun.

Yuki: Sorry, I’m a little late. Were you waiting?

Chiba: N, no. Not at all, I wasn’t waiting or anything.

Yuki: Oh. I’m glad. Then, shall we go?

Arata: What, what? Are the two of you on a date?

Chiba: ......!!!!

Yuki: Hehehe, not quite. Arata-san, do you want to come too?

Chiba: It’s not a date!?

Yuki: Huh?

Chiba: Oh... n, no, myself was not really hoping....

Yuki: Um... t, today I have something else prepared so, well... anyway, let’s go! You too, Arata-san!

Joker: You’re finally here. You’re late, you two.

Sonoda: Huh, Minase came too.

Chiba: Joker-sama, this....

Yuki: One, two...

Yuki: Chiba-san, happy birthday!

Joker: Hayato, happy birthday.

Sonoda: Hayato, happy birthday!

Chiba: Thank you, Joker-sama! Asahina. Sonoda.

Arata: Oh, could this be a birthday party? Happy birthday, Hayaya.

Yuki: That’s right. I found some late-blooming cherry trees, so to celebrate Chiba-san’s birthday, it’s a birthday flower viewing party!

Sonoda: I put all my skill into making some perfect flower viewing bentos, so eat up.

Arata: Are these the bentos that you were selling for 10 meal tickets?

Yuki: Giving such a high class present, that’s being a member of Durak for you!

Joker: Of course not. I paid the tickets.

Sonoda: Actually, I was sold out on pre-orders, so I want some gratitude for making extra specially for Hayato. Besides, I made the contents to suit Hayato, so try it.

Chiba: It looks delicious. ... This rolled omelette has eel in it?

Sonoda: That’s right, it’s umaki. It’s your favorite, isn’t it? It’s your birthday, so I used wild eel special, so be sure to savor it as you eat.

Chiba: *munch munch* I’m savoring it. It’s delicious.

Yuki: This really is delicious, Sonoda-san! This egg seasoned with strong dashi, with eel delicately rolled in has an awesome balance. It’s like having a flower viewing in my mouth!

Sonoda: Thanks for the wonderful impression. Wait, now I can’t tell if it was a present for Yuki-kun or Hayato.

Joker: Wow, so it’s that delicious. But, it doesn’t matter which, does it? If Yuki-kun is pleased, Hayato is happy too.

Chiba: Urk... *cough cough*!

Yuki: Chiba-san, are you okay? Some tea, some tea!

Arata: Hayaya, you’re all red.

Sonoda: I have a present for you like that too. Here.

Chiba: Thank you... these are amusement park tickets?

Joker: Right. After all, for high school students, a date in school uniform is standard. Have a date in a land of dreams with both of you wearing school uniforms.

Sonoda: Is that okay? If they go on a date in these uniforms, they might get everyone’s attention.

Yuki: Oh! That would be a bit embarrassing....

Chiba: Thank you, Joker-sama!!!!!

Joker: It looks like Hayato is really eager, but Ace-kun, you don’t want to?

Chiba: Asahina... you don’t want to...?

Yuki: I, it’s not that I don’t want to! Well, it’s just a bit embarrassing so... aaaah. So please don’t look so dejected, Chiba-san!

Chiba: M, myself is not dejected...

Yuki: Then, next week! Let’s go a date with these tickets!

Chiba: Yeah!

Joker: Then as a souvenir, I want a picture of you in front of the castle with matching ear headbands, arm in arm.

Chiba: Leave it to me, Joker-sama!

Yuki: Joker-san! Please don’t put up hurdles!

Arata: Ace-kun, don’t be shy, don’t be shy. Do your best.

Yuki: Urgh... you guys don’t have to deal with it.... But, well, this is his birthday, and besides...

Yuki: (Chiba-san is smiling. I guess he’s looking forward to going on a date in uniform with me. I see, I see...)

Yuki: (Oh no. I’m kind of excited and my face is turning red.)

Chiba: Asahina, I look forward to it!


Note: The amusement park may be Tokyo Disneyland based on the mention of the castle, unless it’s standard for Japanese amusement parks to have castles?

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