gakuen heaven 2 fanbook announcement (part two)

twitter event

Here's the follow up to the question gathering mini event! All the characters had a brief comment in response to their questions. They're just generic responses, though... I can't imagine how they'd react to some of the crazy questions the fans asked! I guess we'll have to wait for the fanbook to find out what the boys thought!

I hope at least one of my questions gets picked... ( ˘ ³˘)♥

character tweets

Yuki: Everyone, thanks for all the questions! Which questions should I answer?

Sakaki: Good job contributing questions. I'll have the targets of the questions answer as much as the space on the pages allows. However, you may not necessarily get the answers back you were hoping for.

Kuya: I kind of got a lot of questions! Thanks! I'm excited to just read the questions we gathered like this. I see, so everyone is interested in how Yuki and I turn out. That's kind of embarrassing! Recently, Masatsugu won't listen to me when I tell him, so there's a lot of stuff

Kuya: Oops, I ran out of characters! Which means, when I've decided things, I'll let you know. And by the way, sorry, but I won't tell what pertains to Yuki if he doesn't want me to! Ciao!

Sonoda: Thanks for the questions, everyone. I don't mind that I got fewer questions than Kiyo, but I'll answer them keeping in mind that I'm answering for free.

Tomo: Thanks for the questions. ... Although, there are kind of a ton of them. Since it's annoying to choose, I'll decide by rolling a pencil.

Takato: Thank you for the various questions. After all, other people have many viewpoints and I find it extraordinarily interesting. I think I will enjoy replying, so please wait a while.

Takato: Oh. By the way, here is one that I don't think will be used in the VFB. About the cross-dressing on Valentine's, I think the one it suited was Kuya, and the one who was infatuating was Asahina. That difference was due to the presence or absence of shyness, but that conversation would get long so I'll omit it. And, I think my outfit was a required funny stereotype for cross-dressing at a boy's school. See you later.

Joker: I got a lot of amusing questions. It'll be very interesting to answer the questions about Yuki-kun in front of him♪

Chiba: I'm grateful for the many questions. It may be hard to think about questions like this. Sorry for causing trouble. There are also a lot of difficult questions, but I intend to make an effort. Please look forward to it.

Chiba: But... for some reason, there's a question from Sagimori? I'm not going to eat with you. If you come along like before, be prepared for a beating next time. Okay.

Arata: Thanks for the questions everyone. They're all difficult, but I'll do my best to read and answer them. It should be an interesting fanbook thanks to everyone. (Kuku!) Maro says he's looking forward to it too.

Yagami: Thanks for the questions. Now that I'm asked, they're pretty thought provoking. There are some where "I don't care!" but.... Well, that's about it. I'll think about it seriously in my own way, so look forward to the VFB!

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