kuya's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

LOOK AT THESE DORKS. Also... does the ending mean what I think it means?!? ♥♥♥

happy birthday, Kuya!

Yuki: Alright, it's after school!

Yuki: Kuya-saaan, happy birthday! I came to pick you up.

Kuya: Oh, Yuki, thanks! My preparations are complete!

Yuki: Then, let's go! Today it's a date with me escorting!

Yuki: Tada, first is this restaurant. It's all you can eat fried chicken!
You can eat as much fried chicken as you want for 500 yen. Amazing, isn't it!!? And they have 20 types of sauces in all, like chili sauce, mayonnaise, lemon, and you can use as much as you want!

Kuya: That's kind of amazing!

Yuki: Isn't it? I wanted to try coming here!
......But, is really okay? Taking you to a place I want to go as a present.

Kuya: Of course!
I want to learn lots and lots more about what you like and how you like it. Spending time like this is, to me, the best present!

Yuki: Hehe, then I'm glad.
Anyway, let's go! I'm going to pig out on fried chicken!

Kuya: Yeah!

Yuki: Aaah, that was delicious! It's the first time I've eaten so much fried chicken.

Kuya: I ate a whole chicken's worth! Eating it with the sweet chili was delicious.

Yuki: I guess I liked the cheese powder the best.
Then, now that our bellies are full, next, let's go bowling!

Kuya: Bowling! Heh heh, fine. I'm pretty good at it. Only, I didn't know you liked bowling.

Yuki: Earlier, I went with everyone and got addicted. Since I've only done it once I'm clumsy, but I want to practice.

Kuya: Huh!? With everyone??? But I didn't go!?

Yuki: Yeah. Well, because I went with Okaken and Tomo, and guys from my class. Kuya-san, you're a third year.

Kuya: Th, that's true, but............ you.......

Yuki: What?

Kuya: No! It's nothing! Alright, let's go bowling! I'll show you first years how it's done! And I'll teach you so you really improve! They should be surprised!

Yuki: .........Oh!

Kuya: What's the matter, Yuki?

Yuki: Could it be, Kuya-san, before you were jealous? You were jealous I left you behind and went bowling with everyone?

Kuya: .........!!!!!!!!! You're slow!

Yuki: Sorry! But, I didn't know!

Kuya: No, it's okay. Sorry, I'm the one who just got a little jealous. You don't have to apologize!

Kuya: I was just thinking it would be really fun to be able to be with you for three years and study in the same class, and go hang out after school. You didn't do anything wrong, Yuki, so you don't have to apologize!

Yuki: ......Well. I'm really sorry.

Kuya: You're really wrong, Yuki! I'm impressed!

Yuki: Impressed? Why?

Kuya: You realized I was jealous! That's amazing! Before, you would never, never have realized! I'm so happy about it I can't stand it!

Yuki: Well of course. We're, well...... l, lovers... that's why.......

Kuya: Yuki!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuki: Wah, Kuya-san, this is the bowling alley! Calm down! Don't hug me!! Look, it's your turn next!

Kuya: Alright! Just watch, Yuki! From now on, I'm going to get all strikes! I'll show you my love for you!

--- an hour later ---

Kuya: Bowling was fun!

Yuki: Aaah, that was amazing, Kuya-san. I didn't really think you would get all strikes.
For me, it was all I could do to throw the ball without getting it into the gutter.

Kuya: So you saw it, my love for you!
So next time you guys go bowling, you should call me. I think I would be pretty handy as a coach.

Yuki: Yeah. Please.

Kuya: Leave it to me!

Kuya: Yeah. It was a nice birthday this year too!

Kuya: Then, let's go home, Yuki. It's about dinner time. Although I'm full!

Yuki: Wait, Kuya-san! Um, one more place! There's, well, just one more place I want to go.......

Kuya: I see! Then, let's go! Were are you going to take me?

Yuki: ......I asked Takato-san.

Kuya: ? Masatsugu? For what?

Yuki: To send notice of staying out. I asked him if he would send it for both of us. Then, if we come back in time for first period tomorrow, if he would manage Dora-chan somehow.

Kuya: Yuki...... that's..........

Yuki: Happy birthday, Kuya-san.
I also feel like I'm happy when you're happy, have fun when you have fun, and I want to know lots and lots more about you, Kuya-san.

Yuki: I love you, Kuya-san. So, well, today, the place I want to go with you is..........

Yuki: .........Kuya-san. ......L, ...let's go to a hotel............... Can we?

Kuya: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll go! Of course I'll go!!

Yuki: Hehe, I see. ............I'm glad.

Kuya: What'll I do? Right now, I'm so happy I could cry.

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