tomo's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

A cute short story posted for Tomo's birthday in 2015! Of course, Nao manages to creep in as usual... ♥
Sakaki/Nao confirmed omg

happy birthday, tomo!

Yuki: Tomo, are you there?

Tomo: Hm? What is it?

Yuki: Happy birthday, Tomo!

Tomo: Oh, it's today....

Yuki: You forgot your own birthday again, didn't you? Oh well.

Yuki: We all had a birthday party for you in the game. So today, maybe we could have it be just the two of us... I was thinking. I brought a birthday cake; let's eat it together.

Tomo: You just went meta.

Tomo: Oh well. Did you get that cake from Sonoda-san?

Yuki: Yeah, he sold it to me at a budget price for helping wash pots. I watched him make it and it looks really delicious. Something or other cream with something or other liqueur, and you use something or other method...

Tomo: You don't have to explain, so hurry and take it out of the box.

Yuki: I'm opening it. Ta-daaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Tomo: ........................................

Tomo: Yuki? What are all these candles stuck on top of the cake? Rather than a birthday cake, this looks more like a tofu for Hari-Kuyo.

Yuki: Tomo, you said you'd never celebrated a birthday just for yourself, didn't you? So I thought I'd put on enough to make up for all the birthdays you haven't celebrated. I stuck in all the candles you would have had up until now.

Tomo: So that's why there's so many candles.... Thanks.

Tomo: But isn't Sonoda-san crying that you covered his special cake in candles?

(aside) Sonoda: I am crying...

Yuki: Yeah... since he decorated it so prettily, I did think it would be bad, so I put the candles on in my own room.

Yuki: In my mental image, I planned for it to become prettier when I stuck them in, but there were so many. It ended up like this.

Yuki: Then, let's light them.

Yuki: Uwaaah! That's an incredible fire! Tomo, hurry and blow them out!!

Tomo: No, I can't blow this out!!

Tomo: Go get something that can smother it!

Yuki: I brought a bucket!!

Yuki: Eih!

Tomo: Is it out?

Yuki: It's out... it looks like.

Tomo: The cake got completely burned black.

Yuki: I'll take off the candles, maybe we can eat the inside, or something....

Tomo: And it was the cake you brought me special. I guess I can eat it, imagining what it looked like before this happened. *munch*

Yuki: I'll eat it too! *munch*

Tomo: .............

Yuki: .............

Yuki: I'm sorry, Mr. Cake....

Tomo: No, it's okay. This much isn't inedible. I guess I could consider a char-grilled tasting cake something new...

Yuki: Tomo, you don't have to force yourself. I'll apologize to Sonoda-san and ask him to make another cake.

Tomo: If you want to, how about we go eat cake off the school island? Since today is Saturday.

Yuki: Then, how about we eat a strawberry cream danish at my house?

Tomo: Oh, that sounds delicious.

Yuki: Alright! It's decided! Let's spend the night at my house. I think my mom and dad would celebrate your birthday.

Tomo: Yeah. Thanks, Yuki. Then, I'll send notice that we're staying out.

Sakaki: Kasahara, are you going out now?

Tomo: Oh, yes. I'm going to Yuki's house. You too, Professor, what are you doing coming to the student dorm on your day off?

Sakaki: Yeah, I thought I would give this to you.

Tomo: A jar of konpeito...? Professor Sakaki, why are you giving me this?

Sakaki: To be exact, it's from your older brother. Before, when I tried to quit smoking, he gave them to me. Think of it as something like sharing a memento.

Tomo: But isn't it wrong to give me something that Brother gave you...?

Sakaki: Don't worry about it. I still have several others like it. And in the end, I didn't quit smoking.

Tomo: Thank you. I accept it gratefully.

Sakaki: Yeah.

Yuki: How nice, Tomo. You got something good.

Tomo: That's right, I never thought I would get something from Brother. Oh, that means this isn't something that Professor Sakaki bought. I wish I had asked for something expensive....

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