valentine's day

twitter story (2015)

Hmm, what's with these new Twitter icons for the student council? :3

larger versions: Takato :: Yuki :: Kuya

happy valentine's day!

Yuki: Hello. Is there any student council work today?

Takato: Asahina, we were waiting for you. Here, this is your costume.

Yuki: ... Takato-san? Why are you wearing a sailor suit!?

Kuya: Because it's Valentine's Day!

Yuki: Even you, Kuya-san!!!!!! What is that hair style? C, could it be... you two like to cross-dress....

Takato: Of course not. We're wearing these and distributing chocolates within the school.

Yuki: We are?

Kuya: Yeah! Even though it's Valentine's Day our school is a boys' school, isn't it? The student council has started a service of answering requests like "I want a chocolate, even if it's just an obligatory chocolate"!

Yuki: That's kind of even more sad. Even if we wear skirts, we'll never....

Kuya: What are you saying? It's really popular.

Yuki: Really...?

Takato: Yes... unfortunately....

Takato: The first year, we distributed them in our normal uniforms, but we got the request "at least wear girly skirts," so the second year, we tried it in women's clothes and it was very popular.

Takato: Being manufactured makes it easy to evaluate as a topic of interest, doesn't it?

Yuki: I see. Well, whether it's obligatory or whatever, it's better to get chocolate than not get it.

Kuya: This year, we've also prepared hair extensions. It suits me pretty well, doesn't it? What do you think of yours?

Yuki: Why are you so enthusiastic, Kuya-san...?

Kuya: Because I'm happy making others happy!

Yuki: Haha, that's the kind of person you are, Kuya-san.

Takato: Well then, Asahina. Please get dressed. Or do you want me to dress you?

Yuki: I, I'm fine! I can dress myself!

Yuki: Urgh... what is this.... My feet are tingling.... The skirt feels really weird....

Yuki: And what is this stuff on my head....

Kuya: Oh! Aren't you cute! Just as I'd expect from Masatsugu's choice. It's perfect on you, Yuki.

Takato: I wondered about a maid outfit, but for you, after all, why not idol-style.

Yuki: (So Takato-san chose this....)

Kuya: Well then, now that we've finished the preparations, let's portion the chocolates and go give them out!

Takato: This is your quota, Asahina. When you're done with the deliveries, please come back to the student council room.

Yuki: Roger. Then, first I'll go to Durak.

Yuki: I wonder if they're here? Hello. ... Huh, there's no one here.

Yuki: Wah, there's a lot of chocolates in this cardboard box. They're addressed to Joker-san and Sonoda-san. Are these all ones they got from people outside the school? It seems like those two would stand out, even outside the school.

Yuki: Maybe if I go to the cafeteria, they'll be there.

Yuki: Oh, there he is. It's Sonoda-san.

Sonoda: That outfit, is it some sort of penalty for a game?

Yuki: Oh, um... it's for distributing obligatory chocolates as part of a student council event....

Sonoda: By the way, Yuki-kun. Won't you buy some chocolates too?

Yuki: You're selling chocolates in the cafeteria?

Sonoda: They're selling surprisingly well. Like to guys who want to increase their chocolate count for bragging rights, and guys who want to give my chocolates to family and friends in return for obligatory chocolates they received.

Sonoda: I've already sold most of them, but there's just one that hasn't been selling well. Won't you buy it? It's one that I'm very proud of, my champagne truffle chocolate.

Yuki: Waah, I want to eat it!

Sonoda: It's one for 1,000 yen.

Yuki: Um... do you mean, by one, that it's just a single piece?

Sonoda: Since I used carefully selected cocoa, and cocoa powder, organic cream and high class champagne, considering the labor and cost of ingredients, it's an exceptional price.

Yuki: 1,000 yen... I could eat an A set three times... no, but if I let this get away, I might not be able to eat it again....

Yuki: Alright! I'll buy it!

Sonoda: Thank you, come again.

Yuki: I went to distribute chocolates, but I ended up buying a chocolate.... Sonoda-san's salesmanship is fearsome.

Yuki: Alright, I'll eat it! Munch!

Yuki: Fwaaaaaaaah. It melts just having it on my tongue, and the scent of cocoa wafts to my nose! From inside this creamy, thick chocolate, the adult flavor of champagne slowly melts out; it's bliss in my mouth!!

Yuki: That was a happy mouthful.... Well, no more eating, I have to make deliveries. I wonder if there's anyone here?

Joker: S dnjom Svjatogo Valentina! (Happy Valentine’s Day!) That's a cute outfit, Ace-kun. Here, I'll give you a chocolate. Don't worry, it's one Eiji made for the general public.

Yuki: Oh, this is a champagne truffle I got from Sonoda-san before! If I knew that I'd get one from you, I would have been patient.... No, but if I consider that I can taste that bliss again....

Joker: So you bought one from Eiji too. Was it delicious?

Yuki: Yes! It's a masterpiece! ... Wait, Joker-san, you're giving out chocolates too?

Joker: In Russia, on Valentine's Day, both boys and girls exchange presents with the people they like.

Yuki: So that's it. Besides, you must be rich giving out ones that cost 1,000 yen each.

Joker: I don't really have an unlimited supply of them. I'm only giving them to people I like. You're special♪ See you.

Yuki: Th, thank you.... That wink made my heart pound. Maybe it's because of this outfit.

Yuki: For Durak, there's just Chiba-san left. I'll try going to the dojo.

Yuki: Hello! Chiba-saaan, here's a chocolate.

Chiba: That outfit... what's with that, Asahina?

Yuki: I'm distributing chocolates in women's clothing as part of student council activites!

Chiba: ............................

Yuki: Uuugh... I know it doesn't suit me, so please don't stare at me like that. Here, a chocolate.

Chiba: No thanks. You're not getting any mercy, because you're from the student council.

Yuki: Now, don't say that. It's not from the student council, it's from me. Besides, I got one from Joker-san too.

Chiba: I see. Then....

Chiba: ............. *munch munch*

Yuki: Bye, sorry to interrupt.

Chiba: Asahina.

Chiba: Um... it was good. And, that outfit, it suits you. Bye.

Yuki: Um, did Chiba-san just praise me? I don't know whether to feel happy or not for being praised about women's clothes.... Oh well.

Yuki: Here's some for everyone in the kendo club. Good work in your club!

Yuki: Alright! Next, I'll take the plunge into the light music appreciation group's room!

Yuki: Yaaagami! I've brought chocolate!!

Yagami: Uwah, what's with that ridiculous outfit?

Yuki: Don't look at me so coldly! It's the student council's customary event for Valentine's and I'm just wearing it because Kuya-san and Takato-san told me to!

Yagami: Oh... they did something like that? I don't remember. Anyway, I'm not interested in Valentine's.

Yuki: Yagami, you like meat! over chocolate, don't you. But since today is special, please take it.

Yagami: Yeah, I'll take it. Yonezawa-san will happily eat all the ones for the light music appreciation group. Hey, take this.

Yuki: Beef jerky? Thank you! Eating sweet things makes me want to eat something salty. Munch munch. Yummy.

Yagami: Now we're even.

Yuki: Huh, is this a return gift for white day? A Valentine's and White Day that's over with cheap candy and snacks... well, it does seem very boys' school-like!

Yuki: Well, is there anyone else?

Yuki: Oh, Arata-saaan! Happy Valentine's!

Arata: Wow, this year the student council has put even more spirit into it. So cute, so cute.

Yuki: Th, thanks.... Getting praised directly makes me blush kind of....

Arata: I don't really have anything to do with Valentine's so I forgot.

Yuki: Arata-san, you like sweet things, don't you? Here!

Arata: Thanks. But it would be dangerous if Maro mistakenly ate chocolate, so I can't take it to my room.

Yuki: Then, can't you eat it right now? Here, say ah?

Arata: ... I'm not going to be taken in by you again.

Yuki: But Arata-san, you're using both hands to hold Maro, you don't have to hesitate, do you?

Arata: Then, hold Maro.

Yuki: Alright, come here, Maro. Here, Arata-san, have a chocolate.

Arata: Thanks. Munch. ... Yuki was holding it, so it was melting, and sweet.

Yuki: Phew, I distributed a lot. They were surprisingly happy to receive them. After all, just getting chocolate makes you kind of happy.

Yuki: Besides, it's kind of scary how much I've gotten used to this skirt. ... I'll hurry and finish giving them out and change!

Yuki: Oh, it's Professor Sakaki and Tomo! Here, chocolates!

Tomo: Why are you in that outfit?

Sakaki: Even if you flirt in that outfit, it's not going to change the result of your final exam.

Yuki: I'm part of the obligatory chocolate distribution group for a student council event.

Tomo: It must be hard being in the student council. In various senses.

Tomo: Is Durak going to start taking bets soon on how many return gifts you're going to get on White Day? ... No, it may have started already.

Yuki: No way.

Tomo: If you sell the costume too cheaply, I won't care if it gets annoying later.

Yuki: I'll be careful.

Tomo: Then, thank you for the chocolate.

Yuki: Yeah. ... Wait, Tomo, you're kind of blunt.

Sakaki: Well, in this season, it can't be helped. Have some sympathy.[note]Note: Tomo is in a bad mood around Valentine's Day because Feb 13 is Nao's birthday.

Yuki: Tomo....

Yuki: Ummm, there's not many people at the school. I still have some chocolate left, but, well, this much doesn't matter. My feet are cold, I'm going back.

Yuki: I'm back! Huh, it's just you, Takato-san?

Takato: Welcome back. Good work. Kuya should be back soon. How did the chocolate distribution go?

Yuki: It was fun. Just as you said, in women's clothes, everyone took it as a joke, so it was easy to talk.

Takato: Really? Then, Asahina, after all, a ponytail.

Yuki: I refuse!

Kuya: I'm back! Oh, everyone's back! I'm the last one.

Yuki: Welcome back, Kuya-san. Huh? What's with that box?

Kuya: Yeah. This is from me and Masatsugu and Ninosuke, it's a Valentine's present for you! It's chocolate cake.

Yuki: Yay! Thank you! I was getting hungry. Then, this is from me... here. It's just the remaining chocolates, but, Happy Valentine's!

Kuya: Thank you! I'm happy to get something from you!

Takato: Thank you very much, Asahina. I'll have it tonight as a snack.

Yuki: Then, even though it's before dinner, let's all eat the cake! Wait, come to think of it, where did Hattori-san go?

Kuya: He didn't want to wear women's clothes so he ran away.

Yuki: Not fair!

Takato: Good grief. Even though last year, he said "this will restore the popularity of the student council!" and eagerly got us involved.

Kuya: No, I think it's that he didn't like the sexy micro mini skirt police outfit you prepared for him, Masatsugu.

Yuki: Yeah. With that, even I would run away.

Takato: I see. Although I wanted the outfits that suited you to stand out.

Yuki: Then, not just mine, but did you also choose Kuya-san's outfit, Takato-san?

Takato: Of course. This time, I produced.

Yuki: (In short, the sailor suit he's wearing too is like "I chose it because I thought it suited me." ... That Takato-san...)

Takato: What's the matter, Asahina?

Yuki: N, nothing! Huh, someone's coming... Oh! It's Hattori-san! Welcome back! You're just in time, we're all going to eat cake.

Takato: There's no cake for people who didn't work.

Kuya: Since it's been such a long time since the four of us have been together, don't be so stingy, Masatsugu!

Yuki: Then, let's eat! Ah, this year's Valentine's was delicious and fun!

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