white day

twitter short story (2015)

White Day is a Japanese holiday where you give return gifts, three times the value, for the gifts received on Valentine's Day. Usually, it's boys giving gifts in return for what they received from girls on Valentine's Day, but Yuki gets a lot of gifts because he distributed chocolates in women's clothing on Valentine's. You can read that story here!

White Day event

Yuki: *yawn* I slept great. I wonder what's for breakfast today? ♪ Mph!? Hm? Candy?

Tomo: Morning, Yuki. It's important to get your sugar level up in the morning. And by the way, breakfast is always curry.

Yuki: Oh, Tomo. This one is bigger than the ones you're always eating.

Tomo: Yeah, since it's mostly a return gift for the obligatory chocolate. Since you gave me one, I had to give something back. Since it's three times bigger than usual, it's valuable.

Yuki: Oh right, today is White Day. Thanks, Tomo.

Tomo: Yeah.

Yuki: Oh, darn. While I'm eating candy, I can't eat breakfast...

Sakaki: Oh, Asahina. You're just in time, take this.

Yuki: A workbook.... Is this a return gift for White Day?

Sakaki: What are you talking about? This is homework for Spring Break. I'm giving them to guys with disappointing results on their final exams.

Yuki: Oh, so that's what it is... Neither of those make me happy.

Sakaki: Then, for you, I'll throw this in.

Yuki: Huh, no thank you! ... Wait, it's a macaron!! Time to eat!

Sakaki: Idiot, that's an eraser. Don't suddenly eat it. It was given to me as extra by a stationery vendor who came to the school. I thought it would make you happy.

Yuki: What, I can't eat it...? Oh, but thank you! It's inspired me to study!

Sakaki: You're so simple.


Yuki: It was just obligatory chocolates, but since I'm getting return gifts from the people I gave them to, it was worth wearing the embarrassing women's clothes.

Yuki: I can't wait to see Sonoda-san's return gift... wait, that's right, I just bought a chocolate from Sonoda-san. Darn, I wish I'd thought about the return gift then....

Yuki: Oh, there's a really sweet and fruity smell coming from the cafeteria...

Yuki: Oh! Sonoda-san is selling something that looks delicious!!

Sonoda: Oh, Yuki-kun, did you come to buy some too? I made it specially for White Day, yogurt marshmallows with fruit puree. There's no girl that wouldn't be happy to receive this. (recipe here! (Japanese only))

Yuki: I'll buy it!! Not because I'm giving it to a girl, but because I want to eat it myself.

Sonoda: Well, that's okay too, isn't it? A set is 500 yen, thanks and come again.

Yuki: Munch! Uwaah! They melt the moment I feel the springiness, and the balance of gentle sweetness and tartness is perfect. I can't stop eating these!!

Yuki: Fwaah, I feel like I've enjoyed a blissful White Day.... Wait, but I just bought this myself.

Sonoda: Well then, I also made a portion for Kiyo. I have to go give him a huge return gift.


Joker: Oh, Ace-kun. Are you enjoying White Day? Since you walked around distributing so many obligatory chocolates last month, you must be getting a lot.

Yuki: It's not really a lot. Joker-san, are you also distributing something for White Day?

Joker: Yeah. Even though it's not an event that happens in Russia, I thought it was interesting so I'm giving out sweets.

Yuki: Sweets! Is it the cookies in the can you're holding?

Joker: It's Russian cakes. But why jam-topped cookies are called that in Japan, I don't really know.

Joker: By the way, these are Russian cakes I made Eiji make. The ones for me are mixed with the regular ones. It's like a game, so choose whichever you like.

Yuki: Umm, then, this heart-shaped one! Munch!!

Yuki: Wah! Delicious! The crispiness of the coconut with the plentiful jam, it's a high class flavor I wouldn't expect from a cookie....

Joker: Typical Yuki-kun. Even though 90% of them are to my tastes, you chose the one for you. How would it have turned out if it was 100%? I wish I had tried it.

Yuki: Haha, ... I'm glad I picked the delicious one.


Yuki: Time for lunch, time for lunch ♪

Arata: Yuki, will you drink this?

Yuki: Oh, is it a lassi? Bottoms up!

Arata: It's made with tofu so I hope you like it.

Yuki: Mm! It's delicious! After all, lassis do go with curry... wait, you made this for me, Arata-san!? Thank you!

Arata: You don't really have to thank me. ... It's a return gift.

Yuki: Return gift?

Yagami: It's White Day. Hey, just so you know, you don't really have to give white things on White Day. It could be cookies or candy.

Arata: ... Reo-Reo! Ah, ... r, right. After all, I wish I'd made it cookies to be on the safe side.

Yuki: No, no, it made me happy! Today, I'm really happy I've gotten to eat lots of different things. It's wonderful, White Day!

Yagami: Ha! It may be great for you, but it sucks for me. Every single year, I have to thank my sisters for the junk they send me. And they're so annoying, choosing stupid things.

Arata: Reo-Reo, you're so considerate.

Yuki: Come to think of it, I got beef jerky from Yagami on Valentine's Day itself. If you give me a proper return gift, then maybe I'll give you something next year.

Yagami: Hehe.... Then, for White Day, wanna hear my mightiest metal until your mind goes blank?

Yuki: !! I, I'll pass....!


Yuki: Phew. I'm so full... huh, Chiba-san. Are you going back now? It's really late.

Chiba: Yeah. Since today there was a practice match with another school.

Yuki: Did you win?

Chiba: Of course.

Yuki: Congratulations! Just as I'd expect, Chiba-san!

Chiba: I, I guess. ... Hey, Asahina. Do you like taiyaki?

Yuki: Yes? Of course I love it.

Chiba: Here. In thanks for the chocolate.

Yuki: Huh? Uwah, it's hot! You bought this just for me? And there's so many!

Chiba: There was a taiyaki vendor near that other school and their captain said it was delicious, so I bought it. Have your fill. Bye.

Yuki: Yay! Thank you! Even though I just ate dinner, I'll have it for dessert!

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