yagami's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

The birthday events are getting shorter and shorter... here's Yagami's for 2015.

happy birthday, Yagami!

Yuki: Yaaagami! Good morning! It’s morning!

Yuki: He’s not up yet? I sent him an email at midnight but he didn’t reply. Maybe he stayed up till late practicing again.

Yuki: Heeey, wake uuup!

Yuki: …………

Yuki: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to youuuuuu! Happy birthday, dear……

Yagami: Shut up! What’re you doing, starting to sing all of a sudden!?

Yuki: Oh, good morning. You’re finally up. Yagami, happy birthday!

Yagami: Huh? My birthday? I forgot.

Yuki: I knew it! Hey, we promised to go on a date today, didn’t we? Let’s hurry and go! Tonight everyone is having a party and there’s a lot planned!

Yagami: Arright, stop pulling! Geez, why are you the one who’s all excited? What the hell, I’ll let you make a big fuss celebrating. Thanks.

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