arata's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

Arata's birthday event for 2016 features a nice mix of characters, all giving cute gifts. :D

happy birthday, arata!

Yuki: Arata-san, happy birthday! I had a lot of your favorite things made, so please eat a lot!

Arata: ...Mm. Thanks.... Though having a birthday party at this age is embarrassing.

Yagami: Hey, everything's white. You should have made something like a steak dripping with blood. Well, I'll let it pass for today. Congrats.[note]Note: Yagami congratulates Arata in Kansai-ben, which shows that he is close friends with Arata, who generally hides his Kansai accent at school.

Yuki: Now, now. I thought you might get embarrassed at getting attention, so let's be all mellow and laid back about it.

Arata: Every day is like an event, I don't really need anything special. ...I'm plenty happy just that you're here.

Kuya: Happy birthday, Aratan! I made a fluffy cheesecake for you! You like fermented foods, don't you? I recommend this cheesecake. It's so soft it melts when you put it in your mouth. You have to try it!

Takato: Happy birthday. Mine is a boiled tofu set. Please eat it with Asahina. Thank you for taking care of Asahina, Kuya, and the cats this year too.

Joker: This is from me. Smetana. If I remember correctly, you like yogurt. Since it was ready-made, it's probably normally delicious.

Sonoda: This is what I made.

Sonoda: Vichyssoise and sea bream poêlé with meringue and white asparagus. The concept was to tie it all together with the color white.

Yagami: That reminds me, I was so distracted by the food that I forgot to give it to you, but mine is yogurt flavored protein powder. If you have a lot of this, you'll be set.

Chiba: So it was your birthday. Myself didn't prepare anything, but I'll join you when you're strength training, so give me a call. See you.

Yuki: Huh, what, I guess now the cat party is becoming a training party.

Tomo: Oh, I started kind of late.

Tomo: Then, my present is a limited edition milk candy.

Arata: Thanks everyone. This is the first time I've gotten congratulations from so many people, it's kind of embarrassing. I didn't know there were so many flavors of fermented foods to enjoy. I feel like when I'm with Yuki, delicous things are all around....

Yuki: Hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed it, Arata-san. I'm happy I was allowed to share it too! That was delicious!

Yuki: Arata-san, this is my birthday present. A fluffy bath towel! You said you were looking for one that felt nice, so I found one that was organic cotton!

Arata: Wah..., you're right. It's fluffy and feels nice.... Thanks. I'm really happy.

Yuki: When I looked at shops, there was a bath robe too. Since you always wander around in a single towel when you get out of the bath, I thought it might be nice! But the price was too much of a stretch for a high school student...! Someday, we'll wear them and match!

Arata: ...Idiot, mind your own business.

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