chiba's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

Chiba's birthday was skipped, but a cute intro appeared a couple of days afterward and was quickly followed by a longer, more detailed story. Was the delay intentional or not? There's no way to be sure. (But if I had to bet, I'd say that someone forgot and then there was a rush to get something posted...)

part one: April 14

Chiba: For the last few days, I've sensed the presence of Joker-sama and Asahina. Like they've been watching me from the shadows... why? And there have been several suspicious incidents....

Chiba: It can't be... is this a test!?

Chiba: Is Joker-sama testing myself?

Chiba: In that case... I have to get through this test by myself, no matter what it takes!

Chiba: Asahina is definitely counting on it too.

Chiba: Just wait, Asahina. Myself will absolutely accomplish it...!

part two: April 15

Chiba: I feel someone watching me....

Yuki: .............

Yuki: Joker-san, Joker-san. It looks like Chiba-san hasn't noticed yet, but... after all, he didn't remember his own birthday, did he? He hasn't found the invitation to his birthday party I made yet.

Joker: Even though we tried several times to encourage him to notice it. Well, it looks like he misunderstood. It looks like Hayato thinks I set something up to train him.

Yuki: Right.... I just wanted him to find the invitation I hid in the roof beams of the martial arts dojo. After all, it was bad to make spears fall from the ceiling, wasn't it?

Joker: Really? But, Hayato sure is something. Slashing them all with his wooden sword.

Yuki: That was so cool! I was fascinated. But, just as I expected, he cringed at all the snakes that came next, though....

Joker: That sort of thing is standard. But I thought he would go take a look if there was something in the roof beams the second time.

Yuki: But we just made him cautious....

Joker: I'd say that was over-excitement rather than caution.

Joker: Ummm, I wonder what we should do.

Yuki: It seems like he holed up in the martial arts dojo and kept guard all through the night yesterday. Hey, Joker-san... shouldn't we tell him now? That we're preparing a party for Chiba-san's birthday?

Kuya: Hey, you two! Perfect timing. Have you seen Ninosuke?

Joker: That kind of sounds like deja vu. Naturally, I haven't seen him.

Yuki: Is he gone again?

Kuya: Yeah! "I'm scattering with the cherry blossoms"... he left a note saying, and he's been missing for the last few days. Let me know if you see him! I'll be looking in the school for now. Ciao!

Yuki: They never change.

Joker: I have the feeling I can tell how this will develop.

Yuki: Huh? What does that mean....

Chiba: Joker-sama! Asahina! I caught a thief!

Yuki: Huh!? A thief... wah, Hattori-san!? What happened? You're all tied up!

Chiba: I captured him sneaking into the dojo. I've passed my test, haven't I!!!!

Yuki: Huh, what test!?

Chiba: What test... This was a trial of "show me you can catch the thief" set by Joker-sama for myself. So I looked for signs of him and I caught him sneaking in by digging a hole under the dojo.

Yuki: Whaaa, but we wanted you to look up, not down.......

Joker: You really are at the wrong place at the wrong time, or rather you have some bad luck, ex-Ace-kun.

Chiba: Joker-sama. What should I do with him? After all, interrogate him while he's hanging out the window.......

Yuki: Waah! You can't do that. Right, Joker-san!?

Joker: Yeah. It's enough that you caught him. More importantly, well done. Just as I expect, Hayato. Then, let's have a party to celebrate you passing the test. It's already prepared.

Yuki: Th, that's right! Let's have a party, not an interrogation! We've got presents for you too!

Chiba: Asahina. Joker-sama. Both of you even having a celebration... myself is so happy that you counted on me that much!

Yuki: Also... if anything, this is the real point... happy birthday, Chiba-san!

Chiba: Birthday?

Yuki: Chiba-san, your birthday is April 12, isn't it? I planned to have a part for you if you remembered!

Chiba: I see... I completely forgot. With all the commotion of a crowd of new members joining.

Yuki: I knew it. But forget about your work as captain now and have fun celebrating your birthday with us! And let's go on a date this weekend!

Chiba: ...Yeah!

Joker: Then, let's go. Eiji is waiting.

Chiba: Yes. Thank you!

Yuki: (texting to Kuya) Hattori-san found. Please come back to where you met us before.

Yuki: That should do it. Wait, Chiba-san. I'm coming too!

Kuya: I'm glad Yuki told me and I found Ninosuke successfully, but even when I untied him, he wouldn't tell me what happened, or how he got a rope wound all around him. But it looks like he's kind of reflected and had a change of heart, so it turned out okay!

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