sakaki's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

Tomo, you are the greatest friend/brother ever. ;______;

happy birthday, Professor Sakaki!

Tomo: Professor Sakaki, happy birthday.

Sakaki: It's unusual that you remember it.

Tomo: Anyway, since you gave me a present, I couldn't really ignore it. Here, your present.

Sakaki: A large sake cup of Kiyomizu ware, huh. That's pretty thoughtful for you.

Tomo: I went to Kyoto over winter break, so it's a souvenir. Since you did all the school stuff for me that whole time.

Yuki: Professor Sakaki! Happy birthday! wait, oh!! Tomo beat me to it!!

Tomo: Yuki, you still haven't given him a present? Did you not prepare anything until today?

Yuki: Well, the student council work just kept going on forever. And it took time to get the contents ready.

Sakaki: Well? What you're holding is awfully big, so what are you giving me?

Yuki: Tada, it's an oden pot! And I had Sonoda-san make the contents!

Yuki: With this, even when the food stall doesn't come to the school, you can eat oden anywhere, anytime! Isn't it awesome!!?

Sakaki: It's true I brought you to the oden stall, but that doesn't mean I especially like oden.

Yuki: That's true, but since I had a lot of fun that time, I thought it would be nice to savor that mood again with you.

Sakaki: I see, then your ulterior motive was you being able to eat the oden too.

Yuki: I wasn't really after the oden! Being with you is the important part! Well, since you don't eat in the cafeteria like we do, I wanted to make more opportunities to eat together.

Sakaki: Thank you, I appreciate the thought. Do you guys want to come to my room after this?

Yuki: Woohoo!

Tomo: I'll pass. That's sized for two.

Tomo: Bye, be back by curfew.

Yuki: Yeah.

Yuki: By the way, the contents are a birthday present from Sonoda-san. The fried tofu pouches don't just have mochi, oh god, there's foie gras and truffles inside!!

Yuki: Oh, I can't wait to find out what it tastes like.

Sakaki: After all, you're after the contents.

Yuki: It's both! Oden with Professor Sakaki♪ I can't wait♪

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