takato's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

WOW THIS IS SO CUTE! Poor Kuya, haha. XD

happy birthday, takato!

Yuki: Kuya-san... Takato-san still hasn't come out of his room....

Kuya: Because today is the deadline. I tried knocking on his door in the evening, but he only cursed at me.

Yuki: He doesn't have to work even on his birthday. But, isn't it already time for dinner? We even got him cake. I wonder if he's okay.

Kuya: Alright, Yuki! We'll wait one more hour and if he doesn't come out, we'll ambush him! I'll stuff the cake right in his mouth!

Yuki: Yeah, let's do that! I'll wait to eat until then.

Takato: I thought I heard Asahina and Kuya talking happily just outside the door... urk...

Takato: Finished... this should do....

Takato: (I never imagined that I would be so preoccupied with a lover that everything I write ends up being about Asahina, so I nearly didn't write the manuscript... )

Takato: Food... no, before that, a shower... I'm sleepy....

Yuki: An hour is almost up, but he hasn't come to the cafeteria. I wonder if it's still taking time.

Kuya: But, at this rate, today will be over! Are you ready, Yuki?

Yuki: Yes. The cake and present are all set! We may be interrupting his work, but it's okay to say at least a few words to congratulate him on his birthday!

Kuya: That's right. Okay, I'm knocking.... Masatsugu! Do you have a minute?

Yuki: We only need a short time. Please open up.

Takato: Oh, yes... I'm coming...

Yuki: Happy birthday, Takato-san!

Kuya: Look, Masatsugu, it's cake! Eat it!

Takato: Urg.

Takato: (Kuya! You put too much cake in my mouth! I can't talk!)

Kuya: Hahaha! Delicious, isn't it, Masatsugu!

Yuki: Huh, Takato-san. Did you take a shower? Are you done with your work?

Takato: *munch munch* ...Y, yes. Sorry to keep you waiting. I finally finished just now. I didn't want show myself to you while I was dirty.

Kuya: I see, you finished! Then, now we can....

Takato: Thank you, Kuya. But I'm very sorry, it will have to wait for another time. Asahina, over here. Then, excuse me. *shuts door*

Kuya: ...I got left out!?

Kuya: But this is the first time I've seen Masatsugu so desperate! Yeah, I hope it's a good birthday for Masatsugu!

Yuki: T, Takato-san... that was so sudden....

Takato: Sorry... But I haven't seen you for three days... please let me resupply a little. ...May I kiss you?

Yuki: ...Okay.

Takato: *sigh* ...I feel revived.

Yuki: You're exaggerating. Happy birthday. There may not be much of the day left, but let's spend it together.

Takato: Thank you, Asahina. ...Embracing you like this is very soothing.

Yuki: Yeah, I love being hugged by you too, Takato-san. Oh, but, let's apologize to Kuya-san later. He was waiting all day today because he wanted to congratulate you.

Takato: Yes, I'll definitely apologize to Kuya. But tomorrow. Until the date changes, I want to just think about you.

Yuki: ...T, Takato-san, you're kind of different than usual when you're sleepy. Or rather, honest...

Takato: Is that so?

Yuki: Yeah. ...But, I love you like this too, Takato-san. Since today is your birthday, please feel free to make the most of me!

Takato: Hehe, you say such cute things. Then, I'll take you up on your kind offer.

Yuki: Wah. Then, turn off the lights...

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