valentine's day

twitter short story (2016)

Not much of an event for Valentine's Day 2016, unfortunately! But here it is. This is one of the few mentions of Yuki's mother, so at least we get that much. :3

happy valentine's day!

February 13

Sonoda: Well then, I guess I'll start selling the Valentine's chocolate for people outside the school. I'll be setting up a stand on the bridge in the front of the school, so everyone who wants to buy my special chocolates, come over there.

Yuki: Can I come buy from you too?


February 14

Yuki: The Valentine's package from my mom, after all, it's chocolate horns!

Joker: What should I do with the this chocolate from people outside the school? Melt it and mix it with tabasco, or melt it and put on someone. Which one would be fun♪

Sonoda: I have mixed feelings about getting chocolates that I sold...

Tomo: I also got sent chocolate horns from Yuki's mother.

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