Here's the stuff we don't have and would love to get!

Please contact us if you're interested in selling some books, or if you have any leads. :D

other wanted books!

Even if they're not on this wishlist, we're interested in books featuring our favorite characters and/or created by our favorite circles! Of course, we only want things we don't already have, haha.

Top priority will always be any GH2 books we don't already have!
Seriously, we don't care if they suck, if they're copy books, if they're short stories, if our fave characters aren't included. Gimme.

Favorite characters & pairings:
~ GH: Kazuki/Keita, Omi/Kaoru, Hiroya/Matsuoka
~ GH2: Sakaki/Yuki, Sakaki/Nao, Sakaki/Sonoda, Sakaki/Tomo, Joker/Sonoda, Kuya/Yuki, Yuki/Arata, Kazuki/Keita, Tomo/Yuki

And favorite circles:
~ GH: Paralysis/Kazuma☆Yuni
~ GH2: anco, mijinko☆knight, Emotional Engine, Sugar Powder, Akiguritei, Kiyomoriyorimoyoki

detailed wishlist

Server Tou no Yuurei by Kiyomoriyorimoyoki

From the title THIS IS CLEARLY A BOOK ABOUT NAO and it's also by one of our favorite circles so yeah. I NEED DIS.

Love and Love by Paralysis

none yet! :)

Love Me, I Love You by Paralysis