welcome to book mountain

Please enjoy my futile attempt to catalog our massive and still-growing GH doujin collection. oh god why

January 15, 2017 ~ Added everything we have! Well, except for anthologies. And copy books. And...
August 5, 2016 ~ Put the site together! There's nothing listed yet, though. :p

a little info

One thing that's really nice about Gakuen Heaven is that there's a ton of doujinshi available. Most of it's for the first game, which makes sense because it came out in 2002 and was mega-popular, meaning there's a mountain of older books to be had. But there's a good amount for Gakuen Heaven 2, and some artists and authors are still creating works for the original too!

about our collection

Our collection is split pretty well between the two main games. We like GH2 a lot more than the original game, but since GH doujin is far more plentiful, it's easy to impulse buy a ton of it, haha.

Our collecting philosophy or whatever is basically this:
~ GH: grab stuff by favorite circles or any Kazuki/Keita manga that looks good
~ GH2: hoard alllll the things, including short stories/novels, bonus points for fave characters/pairings

Speaking of favorite circles, they are:
~ GH: Paralysis/Kazuma☆Yuni
~ GH2: Akiguritei, anco, Emotional Engine, Kiyomoriyorimoyoki, mijinko☆knight, Natural Terrorism, Sugar Powder