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Bell Liberty is an elite private high school for exceptional young men. Only the most intelligent, most athletic, and most talented students in Japan receive the fabled Platinum Paper, the official papers that allow entry to the school. But one day, a perfectly average boy receives a letter from Bell Liberty...

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Hi! This is welcome to HEAVEN, Rahenna and Marfisa's site for the Gakuen Heaven (aka GH) megaseries. Our ultimate goal is to archive, translate, and present every bit of GH material we can find, but we have to start with something more realistic. The main focus of this site is translations, with an emphasis on game scripts and short stories. We also have general information about plot and characters, plus an extensive image gallery.

The true heart of our site is the Gakuen Heaven 2 game translation and English-language patch project! GH2 is the best visual novel we've ever had the pleasure of playing, and we want to share the joy of its story and characters with you!

Our English-language patch for the GH2 demo is now available! Details and download HERE! :D

latest update

March 9, 2018 ~ Long time no see! We've been hard at work behind the scenes on the full English patch for GH2 (currently reviewing a version with all the love endings!) so the site has been on hold for a bit. But! I've redone the character directory to make it easier to read (and update!) and all the GH2 characters are finally done! Well, mostly done... some still need some sections added, but it's a lot closer than it's ever been!

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