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Bell Liberty is an elite private high school for exceptional young men. Only the most intelligent, most athletic, and most talented students in Japan receive the fabled Platinum Paper, the official papers that allow entry to the school. But one day, a perfectly average boy receives a letter from Bell Liberty...


Hi! This is welcome to HEAVEN, Rahenna and Marfisa's site for the visual novel series Gakuen Heaven (aka GH). GH seems to be pretty familiar to English-speaking BL fans, but it's not very popular, probably because the games aren't available in English. And so...

The main focus of this site is Gakuen Heaven 2 game scripts and translations. GH2 is the best visual novel we've ever had the pleasure of playing, and we want to share the joy of its story and characters with you! :D

Gakuen Heaven is a romance series focused on male/male relationships. This site features some sexual content.
Most of the main characters are high school students. If this bothers you, you may not enjoy the GH series.

Our English-language patch for the GH2 demo is now available!
A download and installation guide is available on our programming partner's site: Danmei @ VK

latest update

March 21, 2017 ~ Added the GH2 fanbook Twitter Q&A, a selection of questions submitted by fans on Twitter, and the the GH2 fanbook general Q&A, questions included in each main character's profile! :D

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