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Bell Liberty is an elite private high school for exceptional young men. Only the most intelligent, most athletic, and most talented students in Japan receive the fabled Platinum Paper, the official papers that allow entry to the school. But one day, a perfectly average boy receives a letter from Bell Liberty...

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Hi! This is welcome to HEAVEN, Rahenna and Marfisa's site for the Gakuen Heaven (aka GH) megaseries. Our ultimate goal is to archive, translate, and present every bit of GH material we can find. The main focus of this site is translations, with an emphasis on game scripts and short stories. We also have general information about plot and characters, plus an extensive image gallery.

We proudly present our complete GH2 English patch and our in-progress GH:ME English patch for your gaming enjoyment! ♥

latest update

January 23, 2020 ~ Updated the Gakuen Heaven 2 full patch with optimized line breaks, translation tweaks, typo corrections, etc!

January 21, 2020 ~ Added our English translated print-and-play version of the official Gakuen Heaven trading card game (yes, really), the MVP Card Game! Includes reorganized rules, the complete set of cards, and the play mat.

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