welcome to our heaven!

And stuff. Hello there. This is a tiny semi-secret Gakuen Heaven puzzle TCG, mainly because my wife and I wanted to collect GH cards without annoying the entire world with it. Updates will be posted below!

Be sure to check out the info page for more details. Need a starter pack?

update #9 - 02.08.2016

Added 9 new decks... not a ton, but hey, it's something. :p

update #8 - 11.29.2015

Added 35 new decks, mostly Okawari and GH2 CGs! This time, I'll be helpful and show which ones are new.

update #7 - 11.14.2015

Added fourteen new decks, because I'm crazy.

update #6 - 10.28.2015

Added sixteen new decks, mostly GH black and white art, plus a few CGs for each game. Also replaced applet games with new ones that are friendly in all browsers.

update #5 - 10.10.2015

Added twelve new card decks, mostly CG images and GH color artwork. :D

update #4 - 09.19.2015

Added five new card decks! More to come soon. :3

update #3 - 08.11.2015

Added some more decks! Most are in the Okawari and GH2 color art sections, but there's a few others scattered around as well. :3

update #2 - 06.07.2015

I've been adding a bunch of new decks over the last couple of weeks, so you'll see fresh stuff in the randomizer. Other than that, nothing else is going on. This is a mini TCG after all. :p

update #1 - 05.24.2015

Open for business! Snag a starter pack and enjoy the games!

If you'd like to trade or chat about this tiny TCG, please join the Trading Academy forum. There is a small subforum there just for Secret Heaven, where you can post your wishlists or request new decks, etc.

Or just nerd out about GH. I'm not picky. :p