past updates

record of older updates

Not sure if anyone else cares, but I like to keep track of older updates just for fun. :3

2021 updates

June 25, 2021 ~ Oh hey, we're alive! Updated the gallery with GH anime settei scans.

2020 updates

January 23, 2020 ~ Updated the Gakuen Heaven 2 full patch with optimized line breaks, translation tweaks, typo corrections, etc!

January 21, 2020 ~ Added our English translated print-and-play version of the official Gakuen Heaven trading card game (yes, really), the MVP Card Game! Includes reorganized rules, the complete set of cards, and the play mat.

2019 updates

November 4, 2019 ~ Another huge gallery update! Added a total of 81 new magazine scans, split pretty evenly between old issues of Cool-B and a lesser-known magazine called Game Pierce.

September 10, 2019 ~ Added over 70 new magazine scans to the gallery! Magazine scans have been split into two pages, one for B's Log and one for Cool-B. And I forgot to mention that the Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition patch was updated in July to add day two of the common route and compatibility with official download versions! :D

April 30, 2019 ~ Added six eight GH2 Twitter events from 2012/2013 to the GH2 translations! Updated the intro to Gakuen Heaven!

February 21, 2019 ~ BIG update! I've added the rest of the Professor Ito's Special Someone scene translations from GH2, and as a bonus, they are ALL an exact match for the English patch now! And even bigger news - the day one patch for Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition is now available!

January 8, 2019 ~ Happy new year! Added the final (printed) GH2 short story, An Extravagant Day Off, Takato's entry in the C87 book. Work is in progress on the GH Mixed Edition patch project and on transcribing the GH2 preorder drama CDs.

2018 updates

October 26, 2018 ~ Updated the gallery with complete GH2 fanbook scans and reorganized the GH2 events/misc scans page.

September 30, 2018 ~ HUGE update - our GH2 patch project is complete! Try your choice of the GH2 demo patch or the GH2 full version patch and experience Gakuen Heaven 2 fully translated into English! :D

June 27, 2018 ~ Gallery & translation update today! The Marugoto artbook gallery is now complete with scans of all color illustrations from the book. Added two of Keita's bonus scenes from GH2 - Niwa and Shinomiya are now available! Plus two Kazuki/Keita short stories that were found only on trading card inserts! :D

June 8, 2018 ~ Lots of recent additions to the gallery! Added the Winter Heaven sketch book, the Heaven on the Earth full-color book, the Heaven Heaven b&w artbook, the Heaven! combined artbook, AND the Bell Liberty Supporters Club materials to the gallery - whew!

April 6, 2018 ~ Reorganized the gallery - it looks the same on the surface, but the file structure has been redone to make it easier to add new materials. Added the Summer Heaven sketch book, the Gakuen Henbon sketch book, and the GH2 preorder sketches to the gallery!

April 2, 2018 ~ Added nine new Twitter event translations, with many more to come later this week!

March 9, 2018 ~ Long time no see! We've been hard at work behind the scenes on the full English patch for GH2 (currently reviewing a version with all the love endings!) so the site has been on hold for a bit. But! I've redone the character directory to make it easier to read (and update!) and all the GH2 characters are finally done! Well, mostly done... some still need some sections added, but it's a lot closer than it's ever been!

2017 updates

December 6, 2017 ~ New site layout! This should be easier on the eyes. Reorganized the galleries a bit and added the HUGE new magazine scan gallery and the smaller but still very interesting GH musical gallery! In other news, the full patch for GH2 is seeing steady progress - bookmark our project progress page for details and periodic updates!

October 22, 2017 ~ Added the GH2 English demo patch to the site as a direct download! If you haven't played it yet, be sure to check it out! Also added the 2011 Halloween event to the Twitter event translations! :D

September 7, 2017 ~ Added belong to me?, Arata's story from the Comiket 87 book!

August 29, 2017 ~ Added Spring Heart Crying In a Cuckoo, the Takato/Yuki story and illustration from Cool-B. With this, the GH2 magazine story collection is 100% complete! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ We also added the adult fun omake scene to the GH2 scripts! :D

July 2, 2017 ~ Takato's love ending is complete! With this, we are done with the love endings for all nine characters! Next up, the last omake, Keita's key scenes, and then...? :)

June 19, 2017 ~ Added June 12-14 to Takato's route! It's the Good Stuff. 8D

June 9, 2017 ~ Happy birthday, Kazuki! Added his Comiket 87 book story, in an adult way, a cute but somewhat sad story about his double life and how it affects his relationship with Keita. Also added June 5-7 to Takato's route!

June 3, 2017 ~ Takato's route is finally here! June 2, 3, and 4 are posted to start, with much more to come. :D

May 31, 2017 ~ Added a missing scene to June 1 of the common route, which is actually the beginning of Takato's route. Next up... more Takato. A ton more - the translation of his entire route is already complete and just needs final review and formatting before we can post it! :3

May 13, 2017 ~ Added another 6500 words to Yagami's route, which completes his love ending! :D Next up... Takato!

May 7, 2017 ~ Big update to Yagami's route today! Over 7000 words added, with more to come very soon. :D

March 21, 2017 ~ Added the GH2 fanbook Twitter Q&A, a selection of questions submitted by fans on Twitter, and the the GH2 fanbook general Q&A, questions included in each main character's profile! :D

January 29, 2017 ~ Added Home & Away, a long Joker/Yuki story from Cool-B magazine. :3

January 26, 2017 ~ Added A Place for You to Return, Yagami's story from the Comiket 87 book!

January 23, 2017 ~ Added Dive!, Joker's story from the Comiket 87 book!

January 21, 2017 ~ Added First Trip, Tomo's story from the Comiket 87 book!

January 17, 2017 ~ Added First Call, Yagami's Stellaworth preorder book story! Several other stories are in the works and just need final checks, so look for a big update soon! :D

January 9, 2017 ~ More stuff! We have GH2 new year's emails and Arata's Stellaworth preorder book story for you today! More to come very soon - be sure to check back later if you're a Yagami fan. :Db

January 2, 2017 ~ Happy new year! Added one looooong day to Yagami's route, plus the translation of Hiroya's profile as shown in the anime, and finally moved the translation of Kazuki's love ending to the GH scripts. Lots more updates coming soon, I have a ton of stuff to format and post!

2016 updates

December 23, 2016 ~ Added Fragment of the happiness, Tomo's short story from the GH2 official fanbook!

December 18, 2016 ~ Big update to Yagami's route! Added three days worth of post-Bell One content. :Db

December 2, 2016 ~ Happy birthday, Kuya-san! His birthday event has been added to the GH2 translations! :D

November 29, 2016 ~ Added the next chunk of the GH: Mixed Edition script! Still on day one...

November 26, 2016 ~ Massive update to Yagami's route! Added five complete days to the story - June 6, 13, 14, 19, and 20 - which finishes up the Bell One and sets us up for the true conflict in Yagami's storyline! :Db

November 21, 2016 ~ Huge update today! Announcing the new GH: Mixed Edition script translation project! This will be a limited-scope project that will cover the common route, Kazuki's true ending, and the bonus content! :3

November 2, 2016 ~ Happy birthday, Sonoda-san! Added his birthday event to the GH2 translations, and I also added Yagami's 2016 birthday event to the list. :Db

October 26, 2016 ~ Big update to the gallery this time! I added a ton of bromide scans - 64 to the GH section and 9 to the GH2 section. More soon. :3

October 10, 2016 ~ Added too sensitive, Sonoda's very sexy short story from the GH2 official fanbook! (Potentially NSFW, depending on how you feel about reading sex at work. :3)

September 28, 2016 ~ Added the complete translation of the third omake scene to the GH2 translations! Go go ninja traininggg~~~

September 19, 2016 ~ Added the complete translation of the second omake scene to the GH2 translations! The omake scenes are fun bonuses unlocked by finishing the entire game, but don't really contain spoilers, so feel free to enjoy! :D

August 31, 2016 ~ Added the GH2 fanbook release to the Twitter event translations! :D

August 28, 2016 ~ Arata's route is COMPLETE! As I suspected, his is the longest route so far. :Db (FYI, total word count for the GH2 script so far is about 340k. Kill me now, haha.)

August 20, 2016 ~ MASSIVE update to Arata's route today! Scenes 'later 2-8' are now available, more than doubling the size of the route so far - with more to come soon! :D

August 10, 2016 ~ Added I'm into you, Takato's sexy short story from the Stellaworth preorder booklet! :D

August 6, 2016 ~ *fanfare!!* Chiba's route is COMPLETE! Next up, more Arata! :D

August 2, 2016 ~ Happy birthday, Yuki! :D His short Twitter event has been added to the GH2 translations!

July 22, 2016 ~ A small update to Chiba's route today! Added June 20 & 23. :3

July 18, 2016 ~ Huge update to Arata's route! June 6-20 (and beyond!) now available! :3

July 8, 2016 ~ Added A Place to Relax, Tomo's short story from the Stellaworth preorder booklet! :D (Yes, completing this book is our current focus... more soon!)

July 6, 2016 ~ Added Lying Lover, Joker's short story from the Stellaworth preorder booklet! :D

July 3, 2016 ~ Added So Cute!, Sonoda's Cool-B magazine story With this, all of Sonoda's short stories are complete! :D

June 27, 2016 ~ Huge update to Chiba's route! June 6-15 are now available, with more to come soon! I also added two new CG packs to the gallery... they're not GH-related, though. XD

June 20, 2016 ~ Happy birthday, Tomo! His short but adorable Twitter event has been added to the GH2 translations!

June 14, 2016 ~ Added the beginning of Chiba's route to the GH2 scripts (June 2-4)!

June 1, 2016 ~ Added another day of Arata's route to the GH2 scripts! :D

May 20, 2016 ~ Added the first part of Arata's route to the GH2 scripts! :D

May 4, 2016 ~ Redesigned and rearranged the site a bit. There may be some broken links, but I'll be updating more over the next few days. In 'real' news, there's a huge update to the GH2 scripts - Tomo's route is complete! :D

April 30, 2016 ~ Chiba's Stellaworth booklet story has been to the GH2 translations!

April 22, 2016 ~ More GH2 scripts! June 14-16 have been added to Tomo's route! So close now! :D

April 18, 2016 ~ Script time! June 6-13 have been added to Tomo's route!

April 16, 2016 ~ Happy birthday to Chiba-san! His belated Twitter event has been added to the GH2 translations! :D

April 7, 2016 ~ Joker's route is COMPLETE! Well, his love ending, anyway. Our next projects will be Tomo and Arata! :D

March 30, 2016 ~ Added a ton more to Joker's route, which is now complete up through June 20! There's still about a third of the text remaining, but it will make an appearance very soon!

March 26, 2016 ~ Time for more scripts! This time, we have the beginning of Joker's route, complete through June 9 in-game! More coming VERY soon! :D

March 16, 2016 ~ *slams a massive stack of paper on the table* Sonoda's route has been added. YES, THE ENTIRE THING.

March 13, 2016 ~ Happy birthday to Arata-san! His Twitter event has been added to the GH2 translations! Oh, and this year's Valentine's event has been up for a while, but I forgot to mention it here. Oops!

February 29, 2016 ~ More scripts! Posted the first two days of Tomo's route, revealing the connection between Tomo & Yuki. :3

February 21, 2016 ~ Kuya's route is complete! Well, to be precise, it's the route with all the choices and variations leading to his love ending! We will be moving on to another character route now, probably Sonoda, or maybe Joker...

February 10, 2016 ~ Another big update! Kuya's route is complete up through June 19, doubling the size of his route so far!

February 2, 2016 ~ Happy birthday to Takato-san! His Twitter event has been added to the GH2 translations! :D

February 1, 2016 ~ It's GH2 character route time! First up is the beginning of Kuya's route, covering from June 2 to June 10!

January 17, 2016 ~ AHEM. The GH2 common route script is COMPLETE! That's about 100k words total, covering the in-game dates of May 12 to June 2! Character routes will be coming next, and Kuya's will probably be the first to appear. :3

January 12, 2016 ~ Happy birthday to Professor Sakaki! ♥ Added his Twitter event to the GH2 translations, and I added Konpeito, a short Sakaki/Nao birthday story, to my Sakaki shrine/ficdump site. Oh, and I added Keita's birthday message to Shinomiya to the GH translations!

January 11, 2016 ~ Another update to the GH2 scripts! The first two sections of June 1 have been posted, adding another 8k words to the script total. This is the beginning of the main story of the game, so don't miss it!

2015 updates

December 30, 2015 ~ We have yet another HUGE update to the GH2 scripts! May 26-29 have been added to the common route, which completes the ball tournament arc! There's about 18-19k new words, bringing the total script so far to just about 90k words!

December 14, 2015 ~ Another BIG update to the GH2 scripts! May 22-24 have been added to the common route, with more to come soon! Also reorganized the route selection a bit and highlighted the items that are available. It's pretty obvious if you look at the page. :3 Also added Keita's birthday message to Naruse to the GH translations!

December 5, 2015 ~ HUGE update to the GH2 scripts! May 14-20 have been added to the common route, more than doubling the word count of the common route so far! We should be able to keep up a good pace now that we've started to hit sections that are more character-specific, and many of those already been translated for my LP videos. :D

December 2, 2015 ~ Happy birthday, Kuya! :D Added his birthday event to the GH2 translations! Did they really...?!?

November 30, 2015 ~ New layout featuring Nao-nii! ♥ Though, to be honest, it's a modification of another layout I made ages ago. Got tired of using someone else's premade on this site, and I wanted to try improve the readability of the GH2 scripts before they get totally out of hand. This font should be easier on the eyes, and now you can click to expand the decision points and splits in the scripts! This allows you to read exactly what you want and ignore the options that you're not interested in. :3 (I still need to update Sakaki's script with this feature, though...)

November 26, 2015 ~ Started a page for Twitter birthday messages under the GH translations!

November 23, 2015 ~ Common route, day TWO is complete and posted under the GH2 scripts!

November 22, 2015 ~ Added Joker's birthday event to the GH2 translations! It's amazing. :D

November 21, 2015 ~ *sob* Added Chiba's birthday event to the GH2 translations! I posted it over six months ago on Tumblr, but I forgot to add it to the site. *sigh* BUT NOW IT'S HERE \o/ Joker's birthday event coming soon as well! :D

November 3, 2015 ~ Added a large piece of the common route to the GH2 scripts! Still on day one, though... I forgot how freakishly LONG the common route is. (FYI, the first game was just as wordy...)

November 2, 2015 ~ Added Sonoda's birthday event to the GH2 translations! SO ADORABLE :D

October 22, 2015 ~ Added another chunk of the common route to the GH2 scripts!

October 15, 2015 ~ It's finally here! Added the GH2 scripts section as a top-level link (look up!) and crossposted it on the GH2 translations page as well. Please note that this is a work in progress, and will be for quite some time. Right now, the prologues and the common route up to the opening movie are available. And Sakaki's route. Just cuz.

October 5, 2015 ~ Added A Lover's Domain, Sonoda's Stellaworth preorder booklet story, to the GH2 translations!

October 3, 2015 ~ Added THREE new stories to the GH2 translations! This finishes up the B's Log "coupling short story" series from 2014, a set of five cute and romantic stories featuring Joker, Kuya, Arata, Tomo, and Chiba! :D

September 28, 2015 ~ Added FOUR new stories and events to the GH2 translations! There's a mini Joker/Yuki story, two Twitter events featuring all the characters, and the secrets from the Animate summer event! (And I still have three short stories to format and two videos to finish subbing... aaaa!)

September 12, 2015 ~ Happy birthday, Yagami! Added Back to Back Approach, a cute Yuki/Yagami story from Cool-B, plus the very brief Twitter birthday event, to the GH2 translations!

September 6, 2015 ~ Added Moon Viewing, a cute Twitter story, and My Feelings That Time: Joker, Joker's bonus monologue (Youtube link, subbed video) to the GH2 translations!

August 10, 2015 ~ Added Fall Festival, a sweet and sexy Kuya/Yuki story, to the GH2 translations!

August 5, 2015 ~ Added Summer-Tinged Bare Skin, a sexy Yuki/Arata story, to the GH2 translations!

August 4, 2015 ~ Added another short Twitter event to the GH2 translations!

August 2, 2015 ~ Happy birthday, Yuki! Added Yuki's 2015 birthday event to the GH2 translations! I have three other stories to proofread and post this week, so look forward to those as well! :D

July 1, 2015 ~ Added Kuya's (also hot!) C87 story to the GH2 translations!

June 25, 2015 ~ Added Chiba's (hot and hilarious) C87 story to the GH2 translations!

June 20, 2015 ~ Happy birthday, Tomo! Added Tomo's birthday event (from Twitter) to the GH2 translations!

June 18, 2015 ~ The GH2 translations have been updated again! This time, we have the adorable Sonoda story from the C87 book, plus the two Twitter events for the upcoming GH2 fanbook. :D

June 9, 2015 ~ Happy birthday, Kazuki! Added the script of Kazuki's love ending to the GH translations, Kazuki's key scene to the GH2 translations, and a short Kazuki/Keita GH2 era story to the fanworks section! I've also been adding new GH2 scans to the gallery, including the C87 book illustrations and a few new magazine spreads.

May 25, 2015 ~ Added a HUGE series of 16 B's Log shorts to the GH2 translations!

May 13, 2015 ~ Added the Valentine's Day can badge stories to the GH translations!

Apr 30, 2015 ~ New, easier to read layout! Now I just have to format the subpages...

Apr 24, 2015 ~ Ahaha, this has been a HUGE week for translations. My wife's off from work this week, so she's been working like crazy on some of her half-finished projects and stuff. Added a collection of EIGHT short, sexy stories from B's Log to the GH2 translations! I've also updated the gallery a bit. :3

Apr 23, 2015 ~ Added two short PSP/Vita release mini "stories" to the GH2 translations!

Apr 22, 2015 ~ Added a new Cool-B short story to the GH2 translations!

Apr 20, 2015 ~ IT'S FINALLY HERE! We added the fifth and FINAL manga chapter scanlation to the GH2 translations! :D

Apr 18, 2015 ~ Added some images to the gallery and reorganized it a bit.

Apr 6, 2015 ~ Added a detailed introduction to BL School to the GH translations! There's a ton of info about the curriculum and school life that isn't really explained in the game, so it's a nice reference.

Mar 22, 2015 ~ Added two GH2 fics to the fanworks page. Both are Valentine's stories by me: Chocolate Mountain featuring Chiba/Yuki (PG) and You're My Idol for Takato/Yuki (explicit).

Mar 15, 2015 ~ Big update! Added the White Day event from Twitter and the fourth manga chapter scanlation to the GH2 translations!

Mar 13, 2015 ~ I've decided to begin transitioning this site from a general fansite to one that is focused mainly on translations and game summaries. I don't have the time or drive to create massive amounts of content, and the info part is what I enjoy most. Things will start shifting around when I have time, but for now there's a new intro page for the site that links directly to the translations instead of a generic index page.

Mar 12, 2015 ~ Added Arata's birthday event from Twitter to the GH2 translations!

Feb 14, 2015 ~ Added the Valentine's Day event from Twitter to the GH2 translations!

Feb 10, 2015 ~ Added more GH2 magazine scans to the gallery, and updated the GH2 translations with the FAQ and notes from the official materials collection CD, plus the scanlation of the third manga chapter! Also tweaked the layout for improved readability. Whew. I want a prize. XD

Feb 2, 2015 ~ Updated the scans gallery with some GH2 magazine scans and the GH artbook. More to come soon! Also added two Twitter birthday stories to the GH2 translations. :D

Jan 16, 2015 ~ I started a LP of GH for PSP, even though I swore I'd never do it, so there's a link and embedded video on the GH translations now. More GH2 translations coming soon! Like, once I format them in HTML...

Jan 12, 2015 ~ Another big update! Added the GH2 chapter two scanlation to the GH2 translations! Well, okay, it's been up for a few days, but I forgot to post it here, haha...

Jan 1, 2015 ~ Happy new year! We added Yuki's 2014 birthday story from Twitter to the GH2 translations. :D

2014 updates

Dec 30, 2014 ~ Ahhh, vacation time means lots of updates! Added Joker's AGF2014 short story to the GH2 translations! And if anyone's reading my Sakaki/Yuki fics, I just added Adult Time, a loooong continuation of Sakaki's good ending... complete with all the adult stuff. Ahem.

Dec 29, 2014 ~ Added Kuya's AGF2014 short story to the GH2 translations! :D

Dec 25, 2014 ~ Merry Christmas! We added the GH2 Christmas story from Twitter to the GH2 translations, and updated the Let's Play link. The common route is now complete and I've continued into Tomo's story. :D

Dec 23, 2014 ~ Yooo, added a mini-comic scanlation to the GH2 translations! and happy anniversary to my boo ♥

Dec 21, 2014 ~ BIG UPDATE! Added the GH2 chapter one scanlation to the GH2 translations! I also started a scans gallery for all the stuff I've only been posting on Tumblr... of course it should all be here too! :D

Dec 15, 2014 ~ The Okawari summary and character routes are COMPLETE! :D

Dec 11, 2014 ~ Big day for us! Added the scanlation of the GH2 manga prologue to the GH2 translations! It's our very first scanlation, so I hope it's enjoyable! Marfisa and I worked really hard to do a good job for our first scanlation effort. :D

Dec 4, 2014 ~ Added Kuya's birthday event to the GH2 translations, plus five more Okawari character routes!

Dec 1, 2014 ~ Started the Okawari summary and character routes. I also added CG downloads for Okawari!

Nov 28, 2014 ~ Added two new short stories to the GH2 translations (one Chiba/Yuki and one Tomo/Yuki) and started the GH translations with the opening song. Whew.

Nov 23, 2014 ~ Added Joker's birthday event (from Twitter) to the GH2 translations, plus CGs/extras for the original PC version of GH. :D

Nov 17, 2014 ~ Added Keita's GH2 character profile and info on how to unlock his bonus scenes! :D

Nov 10, 2014 ~ Reorganized the GH2 translations and added four new translations - two short stories and two Twitter conversations for special events. I also added CG downloads for GH:ME and GH2!

Oct 21, 2014 ~ I should probably mention that the GH2 translations page is up! Includes the opening, an interview with Tamaru Atsushi (Yuki), and my Let's Play videos. :3

Oct 14, 2014 ~ Finally finished writing up Sakaki's spoilers. *happy blush* Sorry it's so long, I got REALLY carried away toward the end there. OTP feels ♥

Oct 7, 2014 ~ Started the GH1 intro/story page. Mixed Edition woohoo! :D

Sep 25, 2014 ~ Finally put something on the index page. The only pages that exist so far are under GH2 - intro & story (which is actually complete!), and characters. The only character page with info is Sakaki's cuz I'm a fangirl, so suck it up. Next update will probably be the GH1 story since Mixed Edition is OUT TOMORROW and we are gonna play the fuck outta that!