tomo's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

This is an adorable short story posted for Tomo's 2016 birthday!

happy birthday, tomo!

Tomo: *knock knock* Yuki, are you there?

Tomo: He's not here... Even though he said come to my room later.

Tomo: Oh well. I'll take a nap. He should be here soon.

Yuki: Tomo, Tomo! Wake up.

Tomo: *yaaawn* What a good sleep.

Yuki: Tomo, happy birthday!

Tomo: ...Oh, Yuki. Good morning.

Yuki: Tomo, you're not supposed to answer good morning, it should be thank you. Besides, it's already dark.

Tomo: You're right. Why aren't the lights on?

Yuki: Close your eyes for a second. I'll release them into the room.

Yuki: Alright, open your eyes!

Tomo: Fireflies!? Wow, they're really pretty. And there's so many.

Yuki: I even went off campus to go catch them as a present for you.

Tomo: Thanks. It must have been hard to catch this many.

Yuki: Ehehehe. I'm glad they make you happy.

Tomo: But why fireflies?

Yuki: When we were in grade school, we only got to play together until dusk, so we never did stuff like watch fireflies at night. So I thought something like this might be nice.

Yuki: And I just heard about a really great spot for fireflies from Okaken. I went to a famous spiritual spot (although if I had to say, it seemed more like a haunted spot).

Tomo: I'm glad you got back safely.

Yuki: It would have been scary if it had gotten a little darker.

Yuki: Then, since the place I caught them at was near my house, I stopped by and bought strawberry and cream danishes! Let's eat them instead of cake.

Yuki: Actually, I tried asking Sonoda-san for a cake, but for some reason he turned me down.

Tomo: Really? Well, but these are delicious, so it's plenty. I'm really grateful, Yuki.

Yuki: You're welcome. Let's eat!

Tomo: Yuki, you have cream on your lips. ......*smooch*

Yuki: I, idiot. Tomo, suddenly... kissing me...

Tomo: Was it bad?

Yuki: Uh-uh. I'm happy.

Tomo: Yuki, I love you.

Yuki: Me too...... mh......

Tomo: Later, let's release the fireflies outside.

Yuki: Then maybe we can see them next year too.

Tomo: Probably. Let's watch them together again.

Yuki: Yeah.

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