gakuen heaven: mixed edition

localized in English! :D

This is the unofficial Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition English patch, featuring translations by Marfisa and editing/graphics by Rahenna. This patch will update Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition with English text and graphics.

This patch is not complete. It will be regularly updated with more content.
I strongly recommend following our Tumblr blog for status updates and other project information.

Current status: 2020 July 01 - Common route days 1, 2, and 3 are 100% complete!

about gh:me

Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition is the 2014 rerelease of Spray's famous school life PC game, Gakuen Heaven. It's called Mixed Edition because it combines the extra content from the handheld versions of the game (extra characters, scenes, and CGs) with the adult content of the original. The game has been remastered from the ancient 640x480 standard to a slightly better but still small 800x600, and borrows background art and some system improvements from Gakuen Heaven 2.

What Mixed Edition does NOT have is character voice. The adult scenes were never voiced - only the handheld versions had voice, and the 18+ content was cut from those - so as a result, this version with the adult content has no voice acting.

If you're familiar with the Gakuen Heaven anime or the Revolution manga, expect the unexpected! The original story is much more detailed and some storylines are very different. The game is also quite a bit darker in some ways (abuse and non-con), so please be aware before diving in!

sample screenshots!

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info & download

Please read carefully and use the link at the bottom to download the patch.

This patch for is ALL versions of the 2014 PC game Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition.
Works with DMM version, DLSite version, and physical disc version!

2020 July 01 update features:
~ 100% English translation of common route days 1, 2, 3.
~ 97/127 text-containing graphics edited to new English versions.
~ Installation instructions, intro to GH, route notes, and content warnings.
~ Compatibility with DMM & DLSite download versions.

download: Gakuen Heaven: Mixed Edition - English patch for PC!

Full installation instructions are included in the patch notes.